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For your reading pleasure we are providing links to sites that share our purpose. Enjoy!     Disclosure News Online – “If you aren’t outraged by now, you haven’t been paying attention”  This […]

More 911 OMA Violations:

After confirmed violations of the Open Meetings Act from the Attorney General’s office, the 911 board Chairman sent this letter to Mr. Allen. I think his response letter below that explains everything. […]

911 OMA Violation

Another example of total disregard for the law. Under Illinois law no final action may be taken at a closed meeting, commonly referred to as an Executive session. For referance (5 […]

911 FOIA Info

Aug 9, 2011:   Interestingly when Mr. Allen specifically asked if the 911 attorney’s bill was for handling his Freedom of Information requests not a single board member answered. Not even the […]

More 911 Info

  August 1, 2011 E911 Meeting      **Kirk Allen requested information pertaining to what services Craig Smith provided and was paid for at the last meeting. Does anyone find it odd […]