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September 21, 2023


Parliamentary Procedure – Roberts Rules of Order- Tool or Weapon?

Illinois (ECWd) – Parliamentary procedure, commonly referred to as Roberts Rules of Order, is designed to be a tool to ensure meetings are conducted in a fashion that follows recognized procedures and with some sense of decorum. What it is not intended to be used

Watchdog Training In Dolton, IL. – Oct 7th –

Dolton, Ill. (ECWd) – Feel free to join us for a Watchdog Training Session in Dolton, Ill. on October 7, 2023, from 8:00 am until Noon. This is a four-hour session where we will discuss local government, open meetings, public records, and how you can

Shelby County Board Meeting Video

Shelby Co. (ECWd) – The Shelby County Board held their September regular meeting last night. The video can be viewed at this link or below.

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Watchdog Training In Franklin, WI –

Franklin, WI. (ECWd) – Feel free to join us for a Watchdog Training Session in Franklin, WI. on Sep 30, 2023. Click below for tickets and more information: Citizen Watchdog Training – Free Tickets, Sat, Sep 30, 2023 at 1:00 PM | Eventbrite

Shelby County Quo Warranto Case Resolved

Shelby Co. (ECWd)- The Quo Warranto case filed pertaining to the Shelby County Board member Teresa Boehm and her holding the office of Rose Township Cemetery Board member was resolved in yesterday’s court hearing by Judge Hantla. Boehm was holding the two offices in violation

Tower Hill Alleged Child Rapist Update

Shelby Co. (ECWd) – In our first article on the alleged child rapist, I closed it out with one statement. “The only information we have at this point is the case was administratively closed yet no one even questioned the alleged perpetrator of the crime