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February 9, 2023


Judge Tosses Rantoul Referendum Off Ballot –

Champaign Co., IL. (ECWd) – Champaign Circuit Court issued an Order overturning the Rantoul Electoral Board’s Decision and tossed the Rantoul Referendum off the ballot during Judicial Review. It was a citizen initiated referendum to eliminate Village Trustee election by District. The language in the

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Reconvened Meetings: What Does The Open Meetings Act Require?

ILLINOIS (ECWd) – After receiving and reading several complaints and questions on the propriety of Shelby County’s upcoming meeting, which will be reconvened tonight, we thought it prudent to get this information out to the public. Open Meetings Act, Section 2.02: “[…] The requirement of

Misleading Information From National News May Land You In Jail If Followed

Illinois (ECWd) РAfter the Illinois Fifth District Appellate Court issued its ruling on the gun ban Temporary Restraining Order case, the mainstream media and national news went to print and airways with factually incorrect information.  That information may well get people in trouble if