Bill introduced to mandate electric car charging stations for new and renovated homes, businesses –

Springfield (ECWd) –

Not satisfied with increased gas taxes, prohibitions on pumping your own gas, or $500 fines for using a gas leaf blower, or even having to have $1,000,000.00 in liability insurance just to apply for a FOID card and a carryout bag tax, we now have a new winner in creative thought for new laws.

Illinois Representative Robyn Gabel has introduced HB4284- ELECTRIC VEHICLE CHARGING ACT.

“Provides that the Act applies to new or renovated residential or nonresidential buildings with parking. Provides that a new or renovated residential building is required to have a certain percentage, based on the number of units in the residential building, of its total parking spaces either electric vehicle ready or electric vehicle capable.”

Applicability. This Act applies to new or renovated residential or non-residential buildings that have parking spaces and are constructed or renovated after the effective date of this Act.

“Renovated” means any building with alterations and additions involving the removal of interior finishes and significant proposed upgrades to structural, mechanical, electrical, or plumbing systems.”

What makes this bill so absolutely nuts are the second part of the definition of “Renovated“.

Significant “proposed” upgrades..…LOL

So if you have an alteration (alteration not defined), and addition involving the removal of interior finishes (interior finishes not defined), and include significant “proposed” upgrades, you will be mandated to comply with the Electric Vehicle Charging Act.

So are we to assume as long as no one has “proposed upgrades” the law will not apply?

I wonder if anyone has done a carbon footprint analysis of the energy being wasted in Springfield on bills like this?

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  1. Follow the money. None of these morons come up with any of this on their own. I’d bet this one is to benefit electrical unions, especially in Chicagoland. Can’t imagine what they will charge in Cook and the collar counties to install this “upgrade”.

  2. would someone please explain to the democraps that electricity is not an energy source but the product of an energy source.

  3. If there is no government small enough to live inside its Constitution, then how do we demonstrate the necessity of government to live inside its constituent issued Constitution? After all, the Constitution of every American government is delivered terms of use, issued TO the Government BY its constituents, not the other way around. “We the People, in order to form a more perfect Union” Not “We the government, in order to form a more perfect people”.

  4. With all of this stupidity “reigning” down on all of us, I think it’s high time that you and John do a bit more research, so as to account for every foolish bill, and take this bunch of crap national…starting with Fox News Channel and the conservative outlets. MSNBC, CNN, and those communist lovers won’t care to cover it. Let the spotlight shine on all these fools and their stupidity.

  5. Yikes! Scanned for forms of relief to the residential ownership such as a one time real estate tax allowance or tax credit, amortized over the charging stations useful life, say 10 years. Alas.