Illinois: New Gas Tax Bill introduced in Senate –

Springfield, IL. (ECWd) –

Illinois State Senator Bill Cunningham has introduced a new gas tax bill in the Senate.

Senate Bill 2978, filed on February 4, 2020, seeks to permit all municipalities to impose a new municipal motor fuel tax (gas tax)  in one-cent increments, not to exceed three cents per gallon.

Current law only permits this in counties of more than 3,000,000 inhabitants.

This bill would permit a gas tax in every municipality in this state.

For those not aware, Villages are considered Municipalities.

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  1. My town I buy gas from has raised and raised gas tax and then here come Pitzgers tax and now permission to do it again. NO WAY!!! very sick of paying taxes. You are running people out of Illinois and also businesses. When will you see that!!!!!

  2. Enough gas Taxs. Totally ridiculous. You must remember the average person learns less then 40,000 a yr. with out rages property taxes and already Illinois has double the gasoline tax,, just how many people need leave this State before you politicians wait up. Cut wasteful spending and corruption. Cut pension. Live like the people lives. Don’t have double standards.

  3. Stop voting democrat folks, the tax hikes are to pay for all of the so called free stuff people get, just stop already. Lower taxes, cut government spending, end career politicians and entice big b uisiness to come back to Illinois. One practice that needs to end is goverment offices spending every bit of their budget out of fear of loosing their budget. I remember a government office that purchased 4 $500 ultimate game chairs from me in order to spend their budget to not loose their budget. Reward offices that save money, penalize offices that do not save money.

  4. Democrats again trying to drive us out of Illinois. We just had a double raise in our gas taxes in July 2019. You would think that those in Springfield with these dumb ideas of raising taxes and making it illegal to pump our own gas could be creative to make Illinois live within it’s means. We need to replace all those who just keep raiding earmarked funds for road repairs, education, etc.. This state cannot continue to keep raising taxes and robbing Peter to pay Paul and expect to keep residents from fleeing. Wake up Illinois

    • There’s nothing attractive about a legislative authorization to be as Cook County collars, especially with regard to motor vehicle fuel taxation. In other mid-west states, the notion that a tax increase may be earmarked good for goodness sake is against the backdrop of an administrative “pay to play” scheme and various other forms of want not here in Illinois, recently declined from 4th to rank 5th in population.

  5. This could be a win for fuel efficient vehicles and/or linking alternate forms of transportation outside of Cook County, Illinois. Other than that, a truly boring approach to Representative Lilly’s companion bill.