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July 13, 2024

Response to “Rev.” Teddy Jenson – FIPHD –

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On July 13, 2013


During the Ford County Board meeting last Monday, the Chairman asked for FIPHD Board member Teddy Jenson, aka Preacher Man, to share what he has learned about all the issues taking place at the health department.  The most recent document supported articles are here, here, and here.  More can be found with a simple search on our site but I warn you, get a cup of coffee and a soft chair as there is a lot to read.

Ford County Board members continue to claim they have not seen any evidence of wrong doing, so I guess they thought they were going to see something from Preacher Man’s presentation.

I spent a whopping 4 minutes and found factual proof that an Illinois based health department cannot operate in Indiana.  For the Ford County Board members that can’t get answers from the Preacher Man, read these short statutes from Indiana, and then see if you accept the BS spewing from these people’s mouths : 12,3,   Primary link here.

Even though the Chairman wanted facts from Preacher Man and not personal opinions, it was pretty clear that didn’t happen.  In fact even the Chairman saw how off point the speech was and directed him to get back on the topic at hand.

We can’t allow a public official to stand there and makes up things in a conversation, which is exactly what this guy did, and the paper trail proves it!  Since the Ford County Board wanted evidence of any wrong doing, what they heard that night should have been enough but only if they are smart enough to break down the wordsmithing by Mr. Jenson.  His own words prove that he too should be removed!

A couple of “facts” of the abuse being distributed by Mr. Corbett in the work place that the Preacher Man failed to present to the board we included in this short article.  It would have been in the video response but we didn’t have it in our hands until after we created the video response.

What would you think if your boss handed only you this document at the work place?  It’s appalling enough, that I think anyone in any profession would insist Mr. Corbett be fired for such actions.  As if misleading the public of his credentials is not enough. 

The other document is the Smoking Grant as it relates to fraud.  Their own documents reported to the state reflect a list of employees working on the project. Claiming a person is working on that project and allotting a certain amount of that grant money to go towards their salary, when in fact that didn’t happen, is fraud.  That same document shows none other than Julie Clark as the Contractor, of which this response to my FOIA shows they have no contract for that project, which is not what they told the state and yet again, no bid notice for the contract they gave Julie Clark.

Mr. Nuss, since you won’t tell the public your connection to the FIPHD, we will.  It is our understanding from multiple sources that your nephew’s fiance works at the FIPHD and is quite close to Cary Hagen.

Get your coffee and prepare yourself!  Plastic see-through cover over the computer screen and key board may be necessary!  Enjoy!

Indiana Code – YOU CANT DO IT!  Now that was hard to find!

Jurisdiction Statute

Powers and Duties of Health Board – Read item 12!

Jenson e-mail regarding family member arrest to be used as a way to influence.

Aging Grant Audit/gift cards

2011 Tobacco Grant

Cary Hagen Pay

 Sea Sponge Tampon

 “Butt-Pirate” Handwritten Note



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  • The Other Foot
    Posted at 20:14h, 13 July Reply

    There are two boys and enough pie left in the pan for each to have a piece. How do you fairly give each boy some of the pie? The solution is simple enough. The first boy cuts, the second boy chooses.
    Some of the Ford County Board and their appointees to the Health Board have chosen to ignore the many documented problems at the FIPHD. Worse yet, not only have some of these members continued to support the administrator and his financial/support services coordinator, but they’ve also elected to sabotage any efforts to hold them accountable.
    Maybe a good way to help them focus is to put the shoe on the other (Ford County) foot:
    What if your State’s Attorney were to take some of his female employees to a training meeting and pass them a piece of paper with gay slurs in his handwriting?
    What if your County Clerk emailed her staff through the courthouse computers encouraging them to vote online in a contest to win her son-in-law $57000, and then accessed email accounts on those computers and voted for the staff that chose not to participate?
    What if your Sheriff called his employee’s doctor, under the pretense of the employee’s permission, for the purpose of having the employee’s driver’s license suspended for two weeks?
    What if your Circuit Clerk covered up her theft of merchandise worth hundreds of dollars for personal use out of the county’s stockpile?
    What if your County Engineer bid out a highway project with only a few days notice and awarded the contract to his employee’s family who had entered a non sealed bid after the deadline?
    What if your County Treasurer had given her favorite deputy clerk a 69% pay raise over four years while the other employees got small increases or none?
    AND, What if one of your board members came up behind a female before a meeting, brushed aside her hair and breathed on her neck?
    It’s pretty nauseating to even think of your good county leaders doing any of those illegal/immoral acts. That’s the point. Would you want your mother, daughter or sister working under the current leadership of the FIPHD in Watseka?
    Rod Copas has fairly cut the FIPHD pie into two pieces. One piece clearly defines the numerous disturbing acts that have taken place. The second piece overlooks all of the wrong doing and retains and rewards the status quo. There’s still time to choose your piece of pie, Ford County.
    Here’s one last question for you. Do you think Judge Pacey would condone even one of these behaviors in the Ford County courthouse? Not for one instant.

    • Patient
      Posted at 07:22h, 14 July Reply

      Well said! Hopefully, the Ford County Board still has a few members with integrity, respect, common sense, dignity, ethical values and plain old human decency.

  • Gentleman
    Posted at 21:19h, 13 July Reply

    If I was Doug Corbett I would be running & hiding out about now. When the fathers, husbands, boyfriends, uncles, sons, newphews and cousins find out what he has done to some of the female employees it probably won’t be very pretty. I wonder if Ted Jensen would support this if someone did that to his wife or his daughter?

  • Robert O. Bogue
    Posted at 21:31h, 13 July Reply

    After viewing the video and of course, after following the events in regards to the Ford-Iroquois Health Department for many weeks, I’m wondering if a distant observer’s point of view will concern you in the slightest. But it’s free. Certainly, you realize that not only are your counties residents viewing this post, but many residents from across Illinois are as well.
    I’m from Edgar County and have been caught up in a similar situation in regards to county officials operating outside the law. In my situation and perhaps in yours, the first response from our elected officials and county employees seems based completely on the social connections that have been established over the years. Regardless of how damning the evidence is or how wicked the crime, the messenger is immediately and relentlessly attacked without consideration of the facts.
    Politicians are, after all, super sales men and highly skilled at gaining the support of many followers. The most troubling part about this; it often propagates into some kind of blind allegiance regardless of the facts at hand. Just as a pick pocket depends on this concept, so do a very few of our political friends. For some of us, I guess it’s easier to remain friends and acquaintances rather than simply deal with the truth.
    Naturally some of the accused rally their followers into emotional testimonials rather than to truthfully deal with the facts and explain any innocent errors they might have made. They could do that you know. After all, who really wants a misunderstanding? But they don’t seem to do this because, all too often the errors weren’t as innocent as first thought and the defense of rallying the troops is in itself, rather incriminating. Providing the facts works far better, that is, if the facts are on your side.
    My understanding of the comments’ made by the ‘Preacher Man’ simply reinforce this theory. He’s clearly speaking from an emotional point of view and one quite a distance from the facts at hand. Contrary to his position, Mr. Kraft and Mr. Allen have refined the art of finding and providing factual information; via public documents; that clearly refute the emotions and miss-information on which the ‘Preacher Man’ based his comments.
    As noted earlier, I am from Edgar County and know both Mr. Kraft and Mr. Allen. The comments and innuendos made by the ‘Preacher Man’ during the meeting, and most particularly those regarding Mr. Kraft were totally unwarranted, without merit and baseless. Rude and crass are the words that come to mind. John has responded with an honest accounting and truth; something few preachers have difficulty with. It appears to me, you are the exception in this particular case.
    As far as Mr. Corbett’s record, it should stand on its own merits and it appears as though it has. Given the documents presented, the facts and the logic of removing him from his position, I’m certain the counties residents will find the decision very difficult but necessary. Enforcing our laws and the rules that we live by isn’t always an easy thing to do. But it’s important that we do the hard work right along with the easy stuff. The health department will survive and be better off.

  • Citizen
    Posted at 22:06h, 13 July Reply

    Hey Mr. Nuss! You said “innocent until proven guilty”. Well, here’s your proof! (Some of it is even in Mr. Corbett’s own handwritting.) Now please stop saying that he hasn’t done anything wrong!

  • Patient
    Posted at 07:13h, 14 July Reply

    I have a few questions: Does Dr. Ray support this man? Does Dr. Brucker support him? What are they doing about this?

    • jmkraft
      Posted at 07:17h, 14 July Reply

      We don’t know that answer yet, but there is supposed to be a meeting Monday evening – and restoring Corbett’s powers is an agenda item – so it appears that yes, they do support his discusting antics…

  • Kirk Allen
    Posted at 07:39h, 14 July Reply

    With a Grandfather who invented the Gold Foil process and a Mother who was head of ICU for 20+ years I have been around both MD and Dental Dr.’s my whole life. I can’t imagine for a second that the two Dr’s on this board would support Mr. Corbett and I think their votes last time support that.

    The question now is who makes the agenda? If it’s Corbett then we have a problem as he is not on the board and has no business setting the agenda. That is a job for the board members. Yes, the administrator has input but it’s not something you let him do, because we saw what happen before. No accountability!

    IF they have their meeting, I do not believe Brucker or Ray will support this and if they are smart they will motion to have him removed ASAP!

    Lawsuits are coming and they have a duty to protect the financial interests of the health department. Letting this guy stay opens them up big time!

    Just wait for the first person to be let go and watch how ugly it gets for them!

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