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May 18, 2024

Teddie Jensen: “The Next Guy Could Be Even Worse” –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On July 11, 2013


In what turned out to be 30 minutes of lies, admissions of corruption, violations of the law, and evasion of truth to questions asked, Mr. Jensen, a Ford-Iroquois Public Health Department board member for 27 years, summarized his statements supporting the embattled Director, Doug Corbett, by stating: “The next guy could be even worse.”

He thinks that should justify keeping Corbett around sucking payroll from the good citizens of Iroquois and Ford Counties. I have to ask what chemicals must a person take to think that is justification?

Here is a short video clip, we are working on an in depth article of the Ford County board meeting and will publish it in the next day or two.


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  • CaseIH 2388
    Posted at 11:47h, 11 July

    I’m looking forward to the full length video of the meeting. I hope it includes the tirade by one of the board members. Ford County can be proud of him!!! Not!! It’s that kind of conduct that goes a long way to explain why the Ford County Board won’t look at all the documentation that’s down in black and white. Do we want the administrator of the bi-county health department writing pornographic notes on napkins at educational seminars? Do we want him to pass out office memos to female employees that are sexually disgusting? And these items are there for the Ford County Board members to see for themselves. But they will not consider this evidence of his misconduct. And then there is all the evidence of illegal activity in his administration of the health department. Along with that are the completely dumb decisions he has made, like purchasing a solar electric generating system for each office building. That money is gone and won’t ever be even close to recovered in electricity savings.

    After Reverend Jensen’s presentation I was sure he would request an offering. It seemed like it was mostly composed of a sermon with just a small amount of pertinent information with his opinions included.

    This board meeting was certainly an eye opener about how the Ford County Board thinks. There was only one member who asked hard questions of Mr. Jensen, and I highly applaud him for that. Another board member asked some hard questions at the May meeting and I applaud him. I’m certain there are a few board members with integrity. I hope they have the strength and courage to speak up. They will be the heroes if this controversy is resolved. I can’t imagine that the good people of Ford County wouldn’t fully support them.

  • bill davis
    Posted at 15:47h, 18 July

    T T T G……………..Teddy, time to go. I Don’t think they could get somebody that’s even worse than you.