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July 24, 2024

Over the Top

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On July 6, 2013


OK, if this is not enough to wake up the Ford County chairman ……oh wait, he was a party to it!

For a County Board Chairman to be a party to this kind of activity should be met with serious repercussions, if not from the law, at least from the voters!

 You will not believe it, even though the PROOF is attached!

 Need more evidence of collusion and total unprofessional conduct, to include what may well turn into Official Misconduct by Mr. Corbett, as well as a Illinois State Bar Complaint against Mr. Boyer?

“Let’s get the Board members (other than Copas and the new
appointees) on board and do that through a press release, once you have verification that the AG is backing out”.

“Okay Mr. Boyer – I’ll forward this email to those board members
and have them contact me. It’s vital that the Ford County Board is also supportive of a public media press release. The two counties may wish to send out separate notices once the official word comes from the AG. My personal opinion is that the message (if that action is decided) should be one coordinated and united message.  Board of health members please ‘Reply to all’ –Thank you, Doug


Any county administrator of any kind that selectively provides information to those he reports to, or in this case, intentionally keeps information from them, should be fired on the spot!

Any board member on any board that participated in this illegal act should resign immediately  This action not only violates the OMA laws of our state but it clearly proves you can’t be trusted to represent the people.

And Yes, it gets worse!  

Come to the Ford County Board Meeting

7 PM Monday July 8th 2013


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  • Sick of dirty government
    Posted at 23:52h, 06 July Reply

    You stated, “This action not only violates the OMA laws of our state but it clearly proves you can’t be trusted to represent the people.” How true! It is very clear to anyone who can read that Mr. Corbett only represents himself, his paycheck, his interests and those that support him. He obviously has proven that over and over and over again! And he will continue to do so until someone with morals stands up to him! The Iroquois County Board has members with morals! Let’s see if the Ford County Board does.

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