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April 12, 2024

Ford County Chairman Missing in Action…or Afraid?

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On June 25, 2013

By all indications, the Ford County Board is missing in action and if the words cited in recent reports from the Paxton Record are accurate, there might be a need to have the Chairman resign.

Reported June 19th in the Paxton Record as it relates to Chairman Bowen, “Ford County Chairman Rick Bowen has told Iroquois County Officials that his board would meet “sooner rather than later” to vote on the proposed firing of FIPHD Administrator Doug Corbett.”

5 Days later Mr. Bowen states:  “We chose not to spend additional money for a special meeting, but we will discuss it further in July at our regular meeting,”

So, sooner rather than later means we will wait another month to fix the problem………oh, wait, Mr. Bowen doesn’t see a problem worthy of firing Mr. Corbett.   In that same report he stated: “at this time, we don’t have any facts of wrongdoing, of such nature that would result in our recommendation for removal.”

To save us all a lot of time, why doesn’t Mr. Bowen, in his great wisdom, let the people know what exactly would be an action by Mr. Corbett worthy of his removal?

No “facts” of wrongdoing of such a nature that would result in his removal?  Please, tell me your not that stupid!

When I spoke before the Ford County Board in May, I challenged them to prove our reporting wrong and to date, not a single person has stepped up to refute a single thing. That’s because it’s not possible to do when all the paperwork is laid out proving everything we reported.  Many of those articles are listed below and since Mr. Bowen doesn’t seem to think any of those “facts” rise to the level of removing this thug from his job, one must ask why on earth would you allow this kind of crap to go on?

Maybe it’s as simple as him not wanting to remove the guy since there are a few questionable actions taking place right their on his own board?

Do we have board members with relatives, or soon to be relatives working at the health department?  Is there some influence and/or protective measures being taken for those people?  Maybe Mr. Nuss could give the public some full disclosure at the next meeting.

Do we have a Ford County Board member who is in violation of the Prohibited Interest in Contracts statute? The short answer is yes.  Gene May is doing business with the county, and apparently they think as long as he abstains from voting it’s OK to violate that statue.  May I suggest they take a read of this law suit filed in Edgar County against our Chairman for basically the same thing.  I think it spells it out pretty clear that you can’t do it!

You see, when your own house has flaws, people tend to allow others to get away with things that under “normal” circumstances would never be allowed.  Self interest is plaguing our government at every level.  Each and every person in this country had better learn real quick to take a stand for putting a stop to this ongoing disregard for our laws.  If we don’t, we are done as a society.  When board members vote to allow windmills, when they themselves have contracts in hand that will pay them once they are allowed, is yet another example of acts taken in their own self interest.  It’s simply wrong.

This one story spelled out more than enough facts to prove Mr. Corbett has no place in public office, yet Mr. Bowen is either too stupid to read the facts or is afraid of what might be exposed in the near future as it relates to people who do business with the FIPHD.  Since that is not enough to convince this brain challenged group they can review all the other major concerns that are filled with facts and documentation listed below.

Mr. Bowen, would proof of fraud as it relates to grant money to the tune of $$ millions be enough for you to terminate a person from public employment?  Would an Administrator who violates the Freedom of Information Act dozens of times not raise questions as to why he won’t turn over documents? Would sexual harassment raise the level for you sir?  How about the fact that under his watch, the brilliant book keeper managed to bounce more checks in one month than most people would ever do in their lifetime and did nothing about it?

Please Mr. Bowen, tell the good people of Ford County exactly what “does” rise to the level of removing a person from public office?

The fact the Mr. Corbett LIED to the board as it relates to the use of public funds for a private corporation isn’t enough?  Do you really think its OK to allow people in charge of a public body to LIE to you?

I would encourage the people of Ford County to call their representatives or e-mail and demand accountability and call for the removal of Mr. Corbett.  Rest assured the information we have uncovered is so over the top I am betting all those that refuse to do their job and hold this man accountable will be facing a huge embarrassment as soon as we go public with the rest of the story!

  Facts don’t lie and the Truth has No Agenda. 




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  • Kirk Allen
    Posted at 16:39h, 26 June

    Kirk Allen liked this on Facebook.

  • CaseIH 2388
    Posted at 23:20h, 28 June

    I like the photo of Rick, but he’s missing the sunglasses on top of his head! Hardly recognized him.

  • CaseIH 2388
    Posted at 23:22h, 28 June

    I like the photo of Rick, but where are the sunglasses on top of his head? I hardly recognized him.

    • Got Integrity?
      Posted at 17:32h, 29 June

      He’s missing more than just the sunglasses on the top of his head!

  • Johnny
    Posted at 23:38h, 05 July

    Keep up the fight! Corbett needs to be thrown in jail!