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April 22, 2024

It’s Always the other Guy?

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On April 8, 2013


It has become routine to see how rats squirm when their wrongdoing is exposed.  It never fails the first reaction, which always justifies a closer look, is to find the faults in others, which we refer to as deflection.  More often than not, their reactions are based on emotion and little or no knowledge at all of the truth to the events they complain about.  Its nothing but a diversion!

The diversion being thrown up now comes from comments posted on this article.   Specifically, the attack on the County Board Chairman Rod Copas. When this was posted we knew it was time to dig deeper and get all the facts as to what may or may not have really happen.

In this case it relates to a claim bids for county mowers that were sold was done so improperly with an implication that the person buying them, the father-in-law of the so called “right hand man of Copus” was a problem.

The comment as it relates to the mower sales: “Also find out about the bids done improperly with our county mowers that were sold, and the fact that they were purchased by Kyle Anderson’s father in law. If you aren’t sure, Kyle is a county board member, and the right hand man of Copas on the board.”

So what did we find? 

For starters, the Vice Chairman of any county board is determined by the board itself, not the Chairman.  So the implication that the Vice Chairman is somehow the “right hand man” just shows us the person making these allegations is either stupid or ignorant.  That will be for the readers to decide.  In a Republic form of government it is the elected officials that determine who sits in what capacity as it relates to both the Chairman and the Vice Chairman.  So clearly, if the county board nominated and appointed Mr. Copas as Chairman and Mr. Anderson as Vice Chairman, our system of Government is working.

Now for the real story! 

Ron Schroeder was the Chairman of the board at the time the first attempt was made to sell the equipment according to these minutes.   Those minutes reflect that there was concern how the bid announcements were handled but don’t explain what those concerns were.  This is the publication as it appeared in the paper and a decision was made to send it back to committee for further action and no bids were accepted.

Again, our system of Government worked.  A special note was that for those trying to implicate Mr. Anderson in some fashion should take note that he abstained from voting on the issue and I suspect because his father-in-law was bidding.  What else do you expect him to do?  I would say he did the right thing.

Fast forward to further action – 2013!

The 2013 minutes on this matter reflect Mr. Copas as the Chairman.  Bids were accepted and those in attendance were able to raise the bids as was outlined in the Bid Notice.  Those bids were accepted and again, Mr. Anderson abstained from voting. This was the publication for 2013.

All this being said, I see nothing that stands out as a problem with this transaction and the records reflect the board acceptance of the transaction dealing with the sale.  More importantly on this, the minutes reflect NO ONE had any comments or concerns on this sale.  That is supported by no comments on the matter during public session.

That speaks volumes to me as it relates to what appears by all indications to be nothing more than a fabricated event from a person who is not willing to even provide their name, let alone raise their concerns in a public forum.  I refer to those types of people as cowards!

Freedom is not Free and if you have information to counter the documented trail on this event then be a Patriot and provide it!  Standing in the shadows throwing darts with nothing to support your claims only discredits those doing the throwing.

In closing, its clear from the record the person who posted the request for us to look into this event has no clue what they are talking about!

Facts don’t Lie and The Truth Has No Agenda!




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