Wind Farms: More problems with InvEnergy Attorney Mike Blazer –

Argyle and Moore Townships, Michigan (ECWd) –

The last couple weeks, Mike Blazer, attorney for InvEnergy, has been the source of citizen complaints in a remarkable place.  Blazer has been caught telling a few lies to citizens in Argyle Michigan.  Michigan citizens took issue with the following fabrications of his imagination which he tried to promote as fact (video of Ted Hartkey’s presentation below):

1.)  InvEnergy Attorney MIKE BLAZER CLAIM: Ted Hartke, a victim from within an InvEnergy Wind Farm in Illinois was “fired from his job” as of 2013 about the same time Hartke abandoned his home due to the wind turbine noise causing sleep deprivation to his entire family.  Blazer’s source is an email from a Livingston County citizen who visited the abandoned house when a neighbor farmer stopped by and told the visitor that there was nothing wrong with turbines and Hartke “was fired from his job.”

ACTUAL TRUTH:  Ted Hartke’s former employer, Foth Engineering, exited the boundary surveying and construction layout business and sold three company trucks, two robotic total stations, and a GPS system to Hartke who used the trucks and equipment to start his new business “Hartke Engineering and Surveying, Inc.” in approximately May, 2011.  Hartke continued to work for Foth as a subconsultant, and Foth provided services in return  (InvEnergy’s wind farm was constructed in 2012 and became operational in 2013…… Blazer’s claim is hereby debunked.)

2.)  InvEnergy Attorney MIKE BLAZER CLAIM:  Sophia Hartke, (Ted’s 6 year old daughter) got the idea to make a drawing of “No Wind Turbines” from signs like people would see along roadsides in Livingston County.

ACTUAL TRUTH:  Ted Hartke was contacted by citizens from Livingston County and told about Blazer’s claim.  Ted thought that it could have merit, because there are some signs and websites which do have these images, so he decided to ask Sophia where she got the idea how to draw a red circle with a slash through it to indicate “No Wind Turbines.”  Sophia, who was 8 years old when asked this question said, “I got the idea from the “Ghostbusters” movie.  Everybody knows that!”  (Well, BLAZER is not smarter than a 6 year old on the anti wind turbine symbol origination.)

3.)  InvEnergy Attorney MIKE BLAZER CLAIM:  Ted Hartke’s story not believable to county leaders, namely Macon County where Blazer’s “E-ON Renewable’s” project application was approved last year.  While Hartke had only spoken to Macon County Board for a mere 5 minutes, Hartke was under sworn testimony in Livingston County where the zoning board endured 30 nights of hearings which included Hartke’s 3 hours of presentation and cross-examination.  As it turns out, Ted Hartke said it best at the town hall meeting in Argyle, saying that Blazer “was smoked” in Livingston County where Blazer’s only recourse was responded by filing a lawsuit against said county board members.

After seeing Blazer’s attacks against Ted Hartke (and an additional attack against a six year old wind farm victim), and also Livingston County Board members, the Edgar County Watchdogs would like to point out that this mistreatment certainly does not hold water with the citizens witnessing his tirades.  Perhaps Blazer possibly thinks his audience is stupid and naive enough to accept whatever gibberish he spews out during his attacks and belittlements of wind farm victims.  It appears he may be doing a poor job representing InvEnergy as it looks like the citizens have beaten InvEnergy’s attorney Blazer in Livingston County Illinois AND Sanilac County Michigan looks like another community which sends Blazer packing.  It makes us wonder…….how long will InvEnergy decision makers continue to pay his wages for these service failures?

For additional entertainment, refer to this article from Jessup where InvEnergy is trying to build a new gas-fired electric generation plant situated too close to residents in that community.  The comments to Chris Kelly’s articles in The Times Tribune are intriguing.  It appears that if Mike Blazer’s mouth is moving, chances are he is NOT presenting the facts.  A decision maker who enters into a deal with Mike Blazer doing the negotiating should be very cautious.  We suggest that Blazer be video recorded and audio recorded to keep track of exactly what he promises and use it for proof when things don’t work out as promoted.

Video (from Concerned Citizens of Argyle and Moore Township ) of Ted Hartke’s presentation and Mike Blazer’s questioning below:

A Playlist of 4 videos from this event can also be found (HERE).


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File photo of Mike Blazer

Sleep deprivation from wind turbines explained –

Malcolm Swinbanks: Questions Taken on Notice

Author:  <rel=author value=”Swinbanks, Malcolm”>Swinbanks, Malcolm; and <rel=author value=”Australia Senate Select Committee on Wind Turbines”>Australia Senate Select Committee on Wind Turbines

Q1. You mention the NASA wind turbine research of the 1980s. Is that relevant to the type of wind turbines used today?

Research into very large (multi-megawatt) wind turbines began at NASA in 1975. Much of this work was undertaken by very competent aero-acousticians, drawing on experience gained in the context of propeller and jet-engine development, and which has successfully resulted in substantial improvements in aero-engine noise. They identified at an early stage why the existing “downwind rotor” turbines were so noisy, and in 1979 commenced theoretical and practical evaluation of the first very large “upwind-rotor” turbine, the 2.5 MW “MOD-2”. In this context, in 1981 they confirmed the predicted reduced noise characteristics, while also investigating the adverse power generation and noise effects associated with close spacings between wind-turbines. They subsequently identified additional circumstances under which the low-frequency and infrasound generation of such upwind-rotor turbines could be compromised, and performed important studies on the human perception of low-frequency noise and infrasound. The latter investigations initially concentrated on the noise characteristics of the earlier downwind-rotor turbines, but the underlying physics governing hearing perception relate also to the upwind-rotor configuration.

Over the intervening 25-35 years, the basic physics of aerodynamic noise generation has not changed, the adverse effects of unduly close-spaced wind-turbine interaction remain the same, and the characteristics of human hearing have not changed. These aspects all continue to have immediate relevance to modern wind-turbine installations, yet this research has often been dismissed as old-fashioned and irrelevant by the wind-development community.

Q2. How do wind turbines produce infrasound and is this hazardous to humans if they cannot hear it?

The infrasound is generated by the aerodynamic lift forces on the blades, which are necessary to provide the driving torque to rotate the blades and generate electrical power. Newton’s law requires that there are corresponding forces of reaction on the air passing over the blades. Although these forces may be comparatively “steady”, the constantly changing position of the blades means that the resultant force pattern acting on the surrounding air is also changing so that, inevitably, infrasound is generated. Additional factors, such as the difference between blades encountering slow moving air at (continue reading here)…

The Ghost of Doug Corbett- AG says FIPHD violated FOIA

Iroquois Co. (ECWd) –

In another fine example of how bad things are at the Attorney General’s Public Access office.  Twenty months after a request for review was submitted to them, they finally confirm a violation occurred, however, they claim they can’t direct the records be turned over because the FIPHD was dissolved.

Hello?  Just because they are dissolved does not mean the records don’t exist.  Is it asking to much for someone to take some initiative to ask where the records are at?  Surprise, the records are in the possession of Iroquois County.

Had those records been properly provided there would have been additional evidence of the criminal expenditure of federal flood grant money.

Below is the AG response provided to Will Brumleve, an award winning reporter for the Paxton Record who we had been working with on the flood grant fraud by Doug Corbett.  When the AG fails to do their job in a timely manner, the public cannot be informed, and the bad actors get away with misapplying millions of dollars.

Pioneer Trail Wind Farm seeks permission to kill endangered bats –

Ford and Iroquois Counties, IL. (ECWd) –

We were forwarded a public notice published in a local newspaper in northern Vermilion County.

The notice was published by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, IDNR, and it is for an application by the Pioneer Trail Wind Farm’s for an “incidental take permit” that would authorize them to kill Indiana and long-eared bats – presumably while the turbines are in operation – and for the next 40 years.

Indiana and long-eared bats are classified according to the Endangered Species Act.

Download (PDF, 857KB)


bats (WinCE)

Iroquois County reveals forensic audit results –

Ford-Iroquois Co. (ECWd)

Once again our work has been independently validated!  The disbanded Ford-Iroquois County Public Health Department was a cesspool of corruption, and Iroquois County State’s Attorney, Jim Devine, has failed to prosecute a single person.

Andrew Garret with Garret Discovery was tasked with a computer forensic audit on hard drive images created by Clifton, Larson and Allen Accounting Firm, in response to a forensic financial audit requested by the Ford Iroquois County Health Department Board for evidence of waste, fraud and/or abuse.

The results should infuriate each and every person in this state, and the evidence  is clear this audit uncovered proof that outright theft has taken place. (Click here to review the report presented to the board)

By all indications Doug Corbett, former FIPHD administrator, and his right hand employee, Cary Hagen, appear to capture the heart of the illegal activity. However, Julie Clark may well have set the standard for a true “Jekyll and Hyde” demeanor by a public official.

Communications on social media and E-mail between this group continually reflect a Christian leaning ideology, while at the same time they are blatantly stealing from the public.  It is beyond me, and others, how these people can sleep at night while insinuating they are God-focused people, when in reality they’re nothing more than wolves in sheep’s clothing fleecing the public at every turn.

I believe this statement read by the Iroquois County Board Chairman Rod Copas sums it up best. We will post the video from today’s meeting after we get it uploaded.

Download (PDF, 336KB)




School Board member and Township Supervisor Arrested –


From the Paxton-Record:

PAXTON — A longtime Paxton-Buckley-Loda school board member and Button Township supervisor has been arrested on allegations he did not disclose his financial relationship with businesses hired to complete work for the township and school district.

Illinois State Police arrested Dean Swan, 52, of rural Paxton, for official misconduct, a Class 3 felony; and violating the Public Officer Prohibited Activities Act, a Class 4 felony.

Swan has been released from the Ford County Jail after posting – continue reading…

Photo by Ford County Sheriff's Department

Photo from Paxton-Record and by Ford County Sheriff’s Department

REBOOT ILLINOIS: Iroquois County corruption successfully rooted out…

From REBOOT Illinois:

The new Iroquois County Health Department began its operations July 1 as its own single-county department for the first time since 1980 after the Ford-Iroquois County Health Department shut down June 1 amid allegations of misappropriation of funds, mishandling of contract bids and other illegal behavior.

It all started with an anonymous tip from a whistle-blower.

Kirk Allen, head of the Edgar County Watchdogs (an organization founded in 2011 as an effort to hold government accountable), received a tip about possible wrongdoing by members of the health department. Allen said said he suspects the tip came from a neighbor of a department member. He and his Edgar County Watchdogs partner John Kraft began to investigate, filing Freedom of Information Act requests about the board’s meeting minutes and spending records, but noticed parts were missing.

“When you don’t get the full FOIA request, you know there’s a problem,” Allen said.

When the Iroquois County State’s Attorney ordered the…

Read more:


Paxton-Record wins 12 awards from Illinois Press Association –


Congratulations to the Paxton-Record, Will Brumleve and Andrew Rosten, and their reporting on events as they unfold. Truly exemplary – worthy of every award won! This is a premier example of what newspapers, and especially local newspapers should strive to be.

From the Paxton-Record:

Paxton Record wins 12 awards in Illinois Press Association editorial contest

The Paxton Record claimed top honors for investigative reporting, best promotion of the public’s right to know and government beat reporting in connection with its coverage of issues in the Ford-Iroquois Public Health Department last year, as it finished fourth in the running for Illinois’ best small weekly newspaper on Friday.

In addition to its three first-place awards, the Paxton Record received honors in nine other categories, marking its best finish ever in the Illinois Press Association’s  annual editorial contest.

Only The Woodstock Independent, The Navigator & Journal-Register of Albion and the Forest Park Review finished ahead of the Paxton Record in the race to claim the David B. Kramer Memorial Trophy, awarded to the best small weekly newspaper in the state.

“The hard work of Editor Will Brumleve and assistant Andrew Rosten really shows…continue reading here...


Stupidity and Corruption – No Shortage in Ford & Iroquois County!


In yet another amazing example of “stupid”, we have to once again break things down and show just how ignorant some nominated officials and appointed administrators really are.

Larry Hasbargen garnered enough votes during the primary to put his name on the ballet this November.  In yet another consistent ignorant rant during a recent Iroquois County Board meeting, he once again stood at the podium during public comment to go on the attack of Mr. Copas, County Board Chairman, and Dee Schippert, Iroquois County Health Department Administrator.

And of course, it took all of one FOIA request to prove not only is this potentially new county board member ignorant of the claims he spews, but he can’t even see wrongdoing in front of him when he is the one doing the digging.  This guy’s focus has been targeted on Rod Copas, who has no financial interest in any of the things he is complaining about. We can only assume his ongoing baseless attacks are related to the fact his wife was an FIPHD employee and sometimes it is tough to admit your coworkers are crooks.

Well Mr. Hasbargen, your concerns about what the new Administrator is making is not a County Board issue.  It’s a FIPHD board issue, and I don’t see you bringing up those matters there.  Maybe you should look at the person making the money, not the one trying to clean it up.

We looked at the money maker and it appears we have once again exposed yet more questionable activity within the FIPHD!  Yes, more self serving, and it’s the very person brought in to clean up the mess created by Doug Corbett, former FIPHD Administrator.  Is there something in the water in that building?

The current Administrator, Steve Williams, just happens to be the principal of RS Williams and Associates.  You see when new people come into clean things up it’s a great chance for them to get away with their own little financial initiatives because no one is paying attention to the new guy.

RS Williams and Associates is a a health care management and consulting company providing services to a variety of health related organizations. (Click here for PDF copy of main web site for RS Williams) (Direct web link – might get pulled after this article is published)

Anyone smell a problem yet?  The new FIPHD Administrator just happens to own a consulting company that provides “services” to a variety of health related organizations?

Would the FIPHD be one of those organizations?

If you answered yes, you win, unless of course you’re paying tax dollars in Ford and Iroquois County!  You see this new administrator just happens to have hired one of his other Principals,  Sheila A. Lawson, principal of RS Williams and Associates, and has been paid over $11,000.00 in 3 months for her work.

I suspect the way they will defend this conflict is to point out that the payments are going to Sheila Lawson directly, not RS Williams & Associates. Pretty slick little concept however the conflict reeks of impropriety and violates the FIPHD policy yet again!

Sadly for the taxpayers of Ford and Iroquois County it doesn’t stop there!  You see this new Administrator apparently likes to keep his business associates well funded because he also has been paying his CFO and Senior Consultant over $11,000.00 during this same time frame.  W. Edward Souther just happens to operate his own firm, Souther & Newhouse, PC.  It was that firm that just happened to get the accounting work for the FIPHD under the new leadership of Steve Williams.

Just to make sure we are all on the same page here let’s review what is taking place.

  • Past Administrator gets the boot for a laundry list of corruption.
  • Board hires a firm to find an interim Administrator
  • New guy takes over, Literally!
  • New guy hires his private business partner but fails to disclose that little tidbit to the board.
  • New guy hires his CFO and Chief Consultant of his private business but fails to disclose that little tidbit to the board.
  • New guy does all this hiring in direct conflict of the procurement policy in place, which is the same policy violated by the past Administrator!
  • Nominated County Board member attacks County Board Chairman over what the new guy is making but fails to mention anything covered in this article!

Almost forgot to mention another key element of this self serving fiasco!  The private business this current FIPHD Administrator owns is in the State of Tennessee, and the two business associates he is paying are as well!  Must have been to hard to find an accountant and development people in Illinois.

You see the key to finding people to do the work is to follow the very policy put in place. (Click here for copy of the procurement policy)

Put it out for bid!

(The following excerpts from the policy) 

  • “Small purchases are defined as the procurement of services”
  • “If the cost exceeds $2000, but is less than $3000, the public health administrator will obtain sealed bids, for the consideration of the Board of Health to award the purchase.”
  • “The advertisement will clearly define the terms of service needed”
  • No officer, employee, or his/her partner, immediate family or agent of this agency will participate in the selection, awarding or administration of a contract, if a conflict of interest, real or apparent, would be involved”
  • “If any employee or officer does not comply with this code of conduct, disciplinary action shall be taken in accordance with this agency’s disciplinary policies.”

As you can see, we once again have an Administrator at the FIPHD that has involved himself in questionable business practice and clearly has violated the very policy that was instrumental in the departure of his predecessor.

Now for all those fine people that voted for County Board candidate Larry Hasbargen in the past primary I have to ask, what on earth were you thinking?  This guy rants at meeting after meeting yet each and every time he gets proven wrong.  In most cases proven wrong in the very meeting he opened his mouth in.  So that no one forgets just who this person is, he is the same one claiming the County Chairman is not allowed to audit grants, which we clearly proved him wrong on that one!   (First coverage of this character here)

For all the FIPHD board members, did you really think it was going to end just because you got a new guy?

This should be a case study for every public board member in the country as a perfect example as to why you can NEVER let your guard down and you must question everything!

(PROOF of the Payments)

Download (PDF, 761KB)

FIPHD Grant Manipulation – Are some people going to Jail?


In yet another shocking discovery (not really!), it’s clear Doug Corbett, disgraced former Ford-Iroquois Public Health Department Administrator (FIPHD) and his team of manipulators are once again in a position that place them on the wrong side of the law.

After a review of the SBG Grant Document that outlines what was required for compliance of the grant, it’s clear once again these people either can’t read or have intentionally manipulated things for their own gain, and by all indications it’s the latter.  Personal gain appears to have included not only employees of the FIPHD but their spouses, family, and other private businesses.

From the first page of the SBG Grant Document: (Click here for SBG Grant Cover Page)

 “Property Owner will be responsible for obtaining three bids”.

“The SBG Assessment worker/Supervisor will submit all bids to the FIPHD Administrator”

Is there ANYONE that does not understand who is responsible for getting the bids?  Anyone?  Can we ALL agree that the bids are the responsibility of the property owner?  Please tell me you all agree with that!  Who were all the bids to go to?  Yes, Doug Corbett, The FIPHD Administrator.

Now we have to look at the work of Doug Corbett, the Master Manipulator and his team of co-conspirators:

  • “Only One bid needed for work to be done”
  • “Do not let the client know how much everything costs..”
  • “Client cannot have a copy of the estimates or know how much we paid”
  • “Fill out a bid for them”
  • “Do not tell the client the process of the bid….let the client know we will call them.”
  • “Landlord does not need to know this so don’t give them the information”
  • “If on the copy of the bills the client gives the caseworkers it is marked paid, the caseworker needs to mark that out before turning in a bid”

(Click here for Copy of Team Minutes that these quotes were plucked from)

Considering the expenditure of all money by a public body is subject to the Freedom of Information Act, as well as the grant documents themselves, I think we are now starting to see why Mr. Corbett and his team lied and covered up so much of what we were demanding in our FOIA requests early on.

The effort that was taken by Mr. Corbett to divert any and all attention from his illegal acts is now much easier to understand.  We asked for certain records, they claimed they were missing.  Ask for others and we only got what they wanted us to have.  A previous article after the forensic audit proved that as it relates to the criminal solar panel scandal. (Click here  for that article)

It wasn’t enough for Mr. Corbett to break the law and spend taxpayer money in another state in an attempt to expand his empire.  No, he had to make sure he padded his own pocket, but recently obtained documents point to an intentional cover up.

Amy Corbett, the wife of Doug Corbett, received vouchers for at least $750 dollars, however, it’s the name on the voucher that points directly to fraud and a cover up.  When you get married and take on the name of your husband you can’t jump back and forth with which last name you’re going to use.

Mr. Corbett signed the very vouchers in question turned in by his wife!  Amy Corbett turned in these vouchers under the name Amy Barnett, which at the time was not her last name.  Doug Corbett knew this, yet allowed this to go through.  Why?  Puts money in his own pocket and tends not to raise any flags with the state or the feds during the approval process.  (Click here for copy of vouchers signed by Corbett)

What is clear, documents under the control of the Feds reflect that there was a distinct policy in place when it came to employees and family members who file a claim.  Clearly Mr. Corbett failed to follow that policy as well.

The FIPHD Grant Administrator, Ellen McCullough might begin thinking about turning herself in and coming clean because by all indications she is chest deep in this.  We covered what we were led to believe was just under $800,000.00 worth of business being shuffled to her husband’s business.  Turns out they lied to us with those documents as well. (Click here for article on the self serving)

The real number was just under $1,000,000.00 and no prevailing wage was ever paid as was required by state law and the grant assurance documents.  I find it hard to believe that a Grant Administrator pushing that much business to her husband didn’t know there was a problem.  Especially when the team notes kept pointing to keeping the bids in house and not letting the residents know the bids etc.

Those team minutes may well be yet another nail in the coffin for these people.   It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the manipulation, and I suspect when this information is presented to the  Federal Grand Jury they too will see the crimes for what they are.  The taxpayers have been robbed and the people deserve justice!

I once again urge each and every person involved in these clearly criminal acts to pick up the phone and call the State’s Attorney and come clean.  Come clean on everything to include the exposure of the continued self serving from within the FIPHD, which we intend on exposing more of shortly.  You wont believe what else we have found!

And for all those that received benefits from that Grant even though you had no damage, don’t think for a second you’re off the hook either.  This would include some law enforcement people and probation officers.  Might think about a new job as Moral Turpitude comes into play for you folks!

And lastly, if anyone knows the current occupation for Mr. Corbett in Leander, TX., I would appreciate knowing as I would like to FOIA his application for that job and see if he lied to them just as he did on his application in Iroquois County.

(Link to Most of the FIPHD articles)

Day & Night Solar Colluded with FIPHD Department Employees –

ECWd’s – Ford-Iroquois County

Liars & thieves are the only words that can describe these despicable people who pulled the wool over the eyes of so many they were supposed to help.  They should be in jail for their actions!

It’s so amazing I don’t even know where to start.  I have said many times, we usually know with the first FOIA response if they are hiding something and sure enough, Julie Clark failed to give us the credit card info in our first request.  Little did we know the habitual liar would be so deeply involved in criminal activity?

One of my requests for solar panel contracts with Day & Night solar generated this signed letter from Julie Clark.  (Click here to download letter).  It was referenced in one of our first articles exposing the red flags we uncovered with this criminal operation.  (Click here for article).

All indications are that the $50,000.00 forensic audit found something that Julie Clark claimed didn’t exist, a signed contract with Day & Night Solar! The summary on page 8 of the forensic audit confirms what we reported on which was that the FIPHD minutes reflect the administrator signed a contract on July 1, 2011. (Click here for Audit – see page 8)

Bring Doug Corbett into the fold and it’s clear as fine crystal the manipulation is under way to deceive the public.  Doug Corbett sends an e-mail advising Julie Clark, her husband Stan Clark, and Cary Hagen.  There are many serious concerns with that communication. 

  • Corbett claims Cary Hagen spoke with the State’s Attorney and claimed he advised them they don’t have to bid out anything “over” $10,000.00. 

Does anyone with even a smidgen of intelligence think that statement is true?  Stating you don’t have to bid out anything over $10,000.00 implies that you “do” have to bid out things under $10,000.00, which would make very little sense.  And if that is not convincing enough, the e-mail from the states attorney confirms the claim being made is not true!  (Click here for e-mail from states attorney)

  • Corbett sends the e-mail to Julie Clark and also CC’d Stan Clark, Julie Clark’s husband, and Cary Hagen.

If Cary Hagen is the one who claimed to have spoken with the State’s Attorney and provided the information to Corbett, why would he CC her on a communication that tells her what she should already know?

Why would an Administrator be communicating directly with a potential contractor in this fashion?

What is telling is the response e-mail from Julie Clark, which she sent to Corbett and her husband, Stan Clark.  (Click here to see e-mails).  In less than two hours Julie Clark provides the procurement policy and it clearly does not conform to what Mr. Corbett is claiming!  (Click here for procurement policy).  In fact, it clearly contradicts the claims attributed to Cary Hagen!

  • Corbett makes reference of the requirement for Julie Clark to denote that Stan Clark is her husband as it relates to state board of elections requirement.  In fact, he laughs about the ethics issue.  This tidbit of information is very important!  Why?

I raised the Economic Interest Disclosure issue and a claim was made by Julie Clark that she was told she wasn’t required to fill one out.  She placed that claim on the back of the County Clerk.  (Click here for previous article).  One need only read the very email she received and responded to, and you can confirm she knew she was required to fill out the document and disclose the information yet she never did!  Doing so would have exposed what we all now know!  

  • Julie Clark states that she didn’t see any reason they can’t advertise in a couple local papers as it relates to the solar panel project. 

It was one big scam being orchestrated by Doug Corbett and Julie Clark at a minimum. The forensic audit confirms a contract was signed July 1st of 2011, which is only 6 days after Julie Clark’s email claiming they could advertise in a couple papers. Corbett claims in an October 7, 2011 document (Click here for document) that he was given authorization at the July 18, 2011 meeting and needed permission to carry out the contract with Day & Night Solar. How can this be true when the board minutes reflect, as does the forensic audit, the contract was signed July 1st, 2011, which was 27 days before any publication ever existed asking for bids!

  • Julie Clark lied by claiming to the Paxton Record that the FIPHD didn’t have any regulations or other material regarding purchases and contracts. 

It’s clear reading the very email Julie Clark sent to Doug Corbett on June 24th she was well aware of a procurement policy. She has been caught in more lies than any other public official I have ever come across! (Click here for Paxton Record article confirming this) and (Click here to see her e-mail).

The facts don’t lie!  Doug Corbett and Julie Clark lied to the public and worked out an elaborate scheme to ensure Julie Clark and her husband received over $100,000.00 in a contract that they knew was in direct violation of their own policy, as well as the law.  Even after being caught they continued to lie and deceive the public by covering up documents and failing to provide requested records that would expose the fact they knew the rules.  What was in it for Doug?  Was it a paid vacation to Mexico?  Paid for by Stan and Julie Clark?  Oh what I would give to have access to their bank records during this time frame! We already know the cell phone records had charges from Mexico.

We can only pray that the federal authorities pass down indictments against these people and hold them accountable for the theft of our tax dollars because all indications nothing is being done at the county level, in spite of all the evidence.

(For a history of articles of wrongdoing by the FIPHD Click Here)


FIPHD-Final_Solar (Small)Douglas Corbett, Julie Clark, FIPHD, CMS Renewables, Day and Night Solar, Bid Rigging

Special Guest Rich Porter Discussion On Rev. Jensen.


Today we had a special guest visit our studio, Mr. Rich Porter from Ford County,  so we asked him to appear on camera to discuss Rev. Teddy Jensen, from the failed Ford-Iroquois Public Health Department. This is the bi-county Health Department that will be dissolved as of June 2014 do to an impasse between the Ford County Board, who cruises thru life with blinders on, and the Iroquois County Board who took action to fix the wrongdoings of Douglas Corbett, the former administrator. Each county will stand up its own Public Health Department at that time.

Enjoy the video!



Bid-Rigged Solar Panels Not Paying Off As Expected..


This article provides an update on the Ford-Iroquois Public Health Department’s solar panel project. We reported on this bid-rigged project in April of last year (click here), and recent forensic audit results confirmed it (here).  From the Paxton-Record, an outstanding local newspaper that is quickly becoming the go-to source of factual news in Ford and Iroquois Counties through their in-depth investigative research into actions of local public bodies…

PAXTON — When the Ford-Iroquois Public Health Department installed solar-panel systems on its offices in Paxton and Watseka in winter 2011, the agency’s administrator said he expected the savings on electricity bills to “completely pay off the cost of each system” in “just seven to eight years.”

Nearly 2 1/2 years later, the agency has realized some benefit from the “green” energy, but it has a ways to go to reach former Public Health Administrator Doug Corbett’s goal.

A Paxton Record analysis of electricity bills for each of the health department’s offices from January 2010 through December 2013 shows the agency was billed a total of $18,974 in the two years after the solar panels were installed, compared with $25,992 in the two years prior.

If the department continues to see a $7,018 savings every two years, it would take 17 more years to recoup the $67,000 price it paid for the solar panels. The agency obtained a $60,000 state grant to cover the rest of the $127,000 project.

Iroquois County Board Chairman Rod Copas, who also serves on the board of health, said the health board in February made its final $30,000 payment on a loan it received to pay for its portion of the solar panels’ cost.

Continue reading…

CMS Renewables, Inc. – Day and Night Solar – Bid Rigging

FIPHD Forensic Audit Results – We Were Correct!


After several months wait, the audit results are finally in!

If you can remember back almost a year ago, we started reporting on problems within the Ford-Iroquois Public Health Department. At the time we were ridiculed as being crazy and publishing false information and allegations.

These people even went so far as to issue us “take down demands” and “cease and desist” letters, and demands for return of public records provided to us thru FOIA…LOL…even those can’t stop the Truth!

The table has finally turned, and our reporting has been proven to be 100% accurate…….YET AGAIN!

There are still those from the Ford County Board that deny everything, but they are the same ones that refused to look at any of the public records we gave them. They still deny, even when faced with the results of the forensic audit – we will report on that in a future article.

The Paxton Record got it right as well!

For now, enjoy the video and download the audit summary HERE.

HERE are all the past articles on the FIPHD.


Download (PDF, 3.53MB)


FIPHDsign (WinCE)

Letter to Editor – FIPHD Audit

ECWd –

Dear Editor,

The $50,000 forensic audit is completed for the failed Ford-Iroquois Health Department.  It shows procurement laws were  circumvented (bid rigging), grant monies spent for purposes other than they were intended (grant fraud), double billing charges to the retirement fund to the tune of more than $100,000 and more.

It cost tax payers $50,000 to find out exactly what the Edgar County Watchdogs had uncovered for free.  So why did we need this expensive audit?

The reason is that the health department board refused to accept any facts presented to them by the watchdog group.  Then, the Ford County Board refused to accept the information even though they were directly responsible for overseeing half of the health department board members.

In effect every single Ford County Board member hid  the ineptitude and cover-ups underway by their appointees, and the criminality apparent from this audit.

The Ford County Board members had no opponents in their districts to run against them.  But the facts revealed in this scathing audit show a pattern of abuses that squarely oppose any notion they have done a good job managing our county’s money.

As with any other county department, the ultimate blame goes to the elected officials who stonewalled at the county board.  Chicago politics has a farm team that plays its game in Paxton.

Rich Porter


Paxton-Record’s Top 10 for 2013 – FIPHD –


The nearly year-long investigations of the Ford-Iroquois Public Health Department by the Edgar County Watchdogs and others, including the Paxton Record’s Will Brumleve, placed this controversy on top of the list in the Paxton-Record for their top story of 2013. This story alone brought them more than 40 front page articles on this subject.

The Edgar County Watchdogs are proud to be a part of restoring transparency and accountability to the FIPHD. There were many, many people involved and we thank them also.

We also wish to say to the Paxton-Record, “Thank You”, for showing your readers what newspapers are supposed to be doing, but have long pushed aside. “The Fourth Estate”  is truely alive and well in Ford and Iroquois Counties, and will stay that way if you keep reporting truth by rooting out the details and reporting on them, however they may turn up. Thank You again!

Paxton-Record’s Top 10 of 2013

Some of our articles on the FIPHD

The Wheels of Government turn Slow


It was the first week in February when one of many whistle blowers contacted us regarding the Ford Iroquois Public Health Department.  Interesting with the many tips we got in this case, is the fact that each and everyone turned out to be spot on.

Of particular interest was the report of abusive behavior by what was the #2 at the FIPHD, Cary Hagen.  Particularity interesting because that is a tough one to get facts on other than peoples comments, which although may be credible, it doesn’t meet the standard we operate under in having hard evidence other than an oral comment.

It didn’t take long for us to realize we can accept the oral comment as hard evidence, as the oral comments spewed out of the mouth of Cary Hagen in a fashion we have never witnessed from a public employee.   We covered her public outburst in this article.

As you can see in the video in that article this woman had no place in public service, let alone being a Human Resource person.  Just this one outbreak violates numerous basic principals of confidentiality pertaining to wrong doing and is amazing that this woman has no problem blaming others yet her own actions support termination.

“Implements governing body directives and organizational policies and procedures“!

That is what her resume reflected and I am going to make a prediction that when the forensic audit comes back, at a minimum, just like we have said from day one, these people have not followed pretty much any of the policies and prodcedures and that is why they ended up with the mess they had.

“Had” because a new day is upon us!  With what many refer to as the three stooges, Corbett, Hagen, Clark, we can finally see some light at the end of the tunnel and its not a freight train because two are gone and the third on her way out shortly! They all resigned from public employment.

I received the Resignation letter from Cary Hagen and on one hand I say it’s about time, and on the other I say she should be fired and never given a chance to resign.  Apparently the new Administrator is able to see through all the “BS” and selected a qualified #2 person and it wasn’t Cary!  Her resignation was submitted within a day or two from her not being selected for the position.

Good riddance to Cary Hagen as your departure may well be the best Christmas present the good employees of the FIPHD have ever received!

What does blow my mind is the fact that there is NO ROOM for doubt on these stooges inability to perform their job, and in some cases violate the law at the criminal level, yet there has never been any charges filed against them.

Maybe that time will come when the inappropriate use of Federal Flood Money finally gets looked at by real legal authorities, or IDPH grants audited forensically for the fraud proven with them and confirmed with the State’s Attorney.

You see, the wheels of justice turn slow and more often than not people forget and move on losing what little faith we have in our system of government because basically they get away with their crap.  It’s been just shy of a year since we started digging and it’s mind blowing to see what was uncovered.

I want everyone in Iroquois County and Ford County to know this.  I won’t forget and I won’t stop screaming for accountability with each and every law enforcement agency I can think of until justice is served.

Many thanks to the dozens of great citizens who were right there with us fighting this fight and making a difference.  Rest assured your involvement matters and I urge you to get your neighbor involved and ensure your government works!

I would like to make a special thanks to the Iroquois County Chairman, Rod Copas.  Throughout this process many people slung unfounded accusations at him when we got involved.  It was sad to see because he has been one of the few elected officials who actually strives to do what the law says and does so with no gain for himself.  Most have no clue of the personal time and money it takes to do what Mr. Copas did.  He truly cared about fixing things and ensuring the taxpayer’s money was protected and used legally.  Iroquois County should be proud to have a Chairman of this quality!

Good People need to stand up and be counted!

Take back what is yours!

Wrong is Right – Up is Down – Front is Back


There is no other way to describe the events coming out of Illinois Department of Public Health than simply upside down.

You may recall the article on the FIPHD Administrator and his resume issues found in this article.  The records we received for that article came from IDPH and they failed miserably to redact private information.

Then three months later, the less than brilliant former FIPHD attorney, now private attorney for Doug Corbett…….we think, sends a demand letter to us that basically proved yet again he can’t read the law.

Now, in total amazement to me, I received this letter from IDPH making demands of me that they have absolutely no authority to make and to top it off, insinuations that I committed a crime by publishing the very information that they provided.

Just who does IDPH think they are that they have any authority to demand the return of a FOIA that they provided 4 months earlier? Not only demands of return, but demands that a certified letter (costing me money)  be sent if I had already destroyed the records.  There is NOTHING in the FOIA statute pertaining to this and we all know when the law is silent, you don’t have the authority no matter how bad you want it!

This is the response provided to them.   I then sent this response to the Public Access Counselor in the AG office for a formal review.

Where this story takes such an interesting twist is the statute and its connection and obligations of IDPH.

(5 ILCS 179/35)
    Sec. 35. Identity-protection policy; local government.
    (a) Each local government agency must draft and approve an identity-protection policy within 12 months after the effective date of this Act. The policy must do all of the following:

That little section is one that I have never heard of before, and must not only now implement with our Township and Fire Protection District, but it’s one that ALL public bodies must draft and approve.

With IDPH being a state agency and so willing to make criminal insinuations towards myself, I went ahead and sent this FOIA for the Identity-protection policy approved for IDPH, and guess what?  They have one and this is it.

So here is why all these little pieces of the puzzle are so interesting.  IDPH attempts to insinuate I violated the law, when in fact it was their own FOIA officer that not only violated the statute they tried to apply to me, which failed miserably, but even failed to comply with a policy in place as required.  So in one swell swoop they violated the statute, their own policy, and then felt the need to insinuate I did something wrong.



This language was in my response back to them when they first sent my letter.

“Considering there has been a clear acknowledged failure to comply with the statute by the FOIA officer I direct you to section 45 of the statute.”

(5 ILCS 179/45)

    Sec. 45. Violation. Any person who intentionally violates the prohibitions in Section 10 of this Act is guilty of a Class B misdemeanor.

(Source: P.A. 96-874, eff. 6-1-10.)

“Now that you are aware of a potential criminal act by a person employed with your state agency do you intend to initiate the appropriate criminal investigation and pursue prosecution? “

I think we all know the answer to that question, which is no.  I suspect the person who violated their own policy as well as state law didn’t even get a reprimand in her personnel file.  I may be wrong but I bet nothing was done about their own illegal actions.

It just amazes me how they threaten me when it was there own agency that was the problem.  It’s yet another example of how upside down things are.  They were wrong, I was right, but instead of admitting to that they took the position that they were right and I was wrong.

Our society is plagued with this type of logic and its a key factor to our own demise.

I suspect, truth be known, Doug Corbett took the first smart step we have ever seen and is taking action against IDPH for releasing his private information.  He has grounds to sue them, provided he can show damages, but all that aside, if Mr. Corbett feels the need to sue IDPH for their failure to redact private information, shouldn’t those people in Iroquois County do the same to him for his failure to redact their private information?

It’s amazing how things come full circle in life! 

Ford County compliance with the law…All the laws?


As referenced in this article, “Boom Boom Bowen” called an illegal meeting and I raised the issue with the State’s Attorney in this e-mail.  The request was simply fix the problem, which is all we have ever asked.

I have to admit I was shocked to get this notice late in the afternoon on the same day I sent our concerns to the State’s Attorney.  This meeting notice/agenda outlines that they have called for another special meeting to be convened, to take the same action that was taken during the illegal meeting.

I have done another FOIA for the documents required to hold that special meeting and will update this article once I get those, assuming they complied with the law this time!

If they did it in accordance with the law, then my hats off to the State’s Attorney for taking the steps necessary for compliance with the law.  I know it is a new concept for Boom Boom, but he’d better get used to it as there is quite a bit more to come!

For example, Gene May is a Ford County Board member that is called to vote on payments for his services for picking up trash for the county.  I already gave the statute to the State’s Attorney months ago, and apparently they are not going to rectify it so it’s time to take things to the next level, just as we did in Edgar County with our “former” county chairman! (Hint, he is a “former” chairman for a reason! )

 (50 ILCS 105/3) (from Ch. 102, par. 3)
Sec. 3. Prohibited interest in contracts.
(a) No person holding any office, either by election or appointment under the laws or Constitution of this State, may be in any manner financially interested directly in his own name or indirectly in the name of any other person, association, trust, or corporation, in any contract or the performance of any work in the making or letting of which such officer may be called upon to act or vote.

Mr. May needs to resign immediately to avoid the statutory conflict of interest! 

They seem to think that by abstaining from voting it makes it OK, and that is not the case at all!  County Board members are bound by the county code statute and only have the power granted by those statutes.

(55 ILCS 5/2-1006) (from Ch. 34, par. 2-1006)
    Sec. 2-1006. Open meetings. The county board shall sit with open doors, and all persons may attend their meetings. The vote on all propositions to appropriate money from the county treasury shall be taken by "ayes" and "nays" and entered on the record of the meeting.
(Source: P.A. 86-962.)

There are powers granted to abstain from voting for certain cases and they are outlined by statute, however Mr. May does not qualify for any of those exceptions, so he is required by law to vote aye or nay!  This is supported by Supreme Court Case precident!

The people did not elect him to not do his job, which includes a statutory requirement to vote.  When members fail to vote they are not complying with the law.  More importantly, when they abstain because of their own financial interest, it is an admission that there is in fact a conflict.

Even looking at the most basic guideline, Robert’s Rules of Order, an abstention is not a vote! In fact, RRO outlines that an abstention is in fact a refusal to vote.  A county board member is not permitted to refuse to vote.  Doing so violates the very duty they were elected to perform.

The law is clear, when a member “may” be called to vote on a matter in which they have a financial interest, it’s a conflict as outlined in the Public Officer Prohibited Activities Act.

There are three ways to remove the conflict, Mr. Fitton. 

  1. Mr. May stop billing for the service
  2. Mr. May Resign
  3. Mr. Fitton charge and prosecute Mr. May for Official Misconduct

Supporting info for the convenience of those who truly want the law followed:

  • If a quorum is present, municipal legislators cannot avoid their voting responsibilities by refusing to vote when present at a meeting. (See Launtz v. People ex rel. Sullivan (1885), 113 Ill. 137; see also People ex rel. Anderson v. Chicago & North Western Ry. Co. (1947), 396 Ill. 466.)
  • Section 3-11-17 states that “[t]he yeas and nays shall be taken upon the question of the passage of the designated ordinances, resolutions, or motions and recorded in the journal of the city council.” (Ill. Rev. Stat. 1979, ch. 24, par. 3-11-17.) The statute provides for the taking of only two types of votes — “yeas” and “nays.” Thus, an attempt to vote other than “yea” (“aye”) or “nay,” for example “abstain” or “present,” is not deemed to be a vote. See Launtz v. People ex rel. Sullivan (1885), 113 Ill. 137.
  • A legal significance or effect must be given to each failure to vote by a municipal legislator who is present at a board meeting in order to prevent frustration or abuse of the legislative process. (State ex rel. Young v. Yates (1897), 19 Mont. 239, 47 P. 1004.)He should not be allowed to have his physical presence counted toward the constitution of a quorum and at the same time be allowed to deny, in effect, his official presence by a failure to vote. Thus, a municipal legislator’s failure to vote either “yea” or “nay” on a proposed ordinance must be interpreted to have the same effect as either a “yea” or a “nay” vote.
  • This is described in The Law of Local Government Operations: “It is a general rule that those members present at a meeting consisting of a quorum must vote against a proposal in order to defeat it. If members are present and refuse to vote, they are deemed to have consented to the majority decision.” (Rhyne, The Law of Local Government Operations sec. 5.6, at 77 (1980). (See also Annot., 63 A.L.R.3d 1072, 1083 (1975); Froehlich, Effect of Council Members Voting “Abstain,” “Pass,” or “Present,” 59 Ill. Municipal Rev. 15 (June 1980).) This holding of a majority of jurisdictions developed from the common law rule pertaining to elections announced in Rex v. Foxcroft (1760), 2 Burr. 1017, 1021, 97 Eng. Rep. 683, 68

Look up your elected Board Member contact information and demand the law be followed! (County Board Contact Info)

(States Attorney Contact Info)

More Lies from those in power!


When public officials can sit there and lie to the public without batting an eye, it’s truly a sad day in America.

We have grown to accept it as a way of the land from th0se in Washington with an attitude that it’s just the way it is.  Sadly that attitude has infected our local level of society, and we have allowed our local government to simply ignore the law and the people.  I can assure you, if you don’t fix it at the local level it’s only going to get worse.

Elynor Stagen, you flat out lied to the public and you should resign immediately!

I asked a simple question and you couldn’t even tell the truth on action you already took!  Did Ford County Board vote to hire an attorney during their special meeting?  The answer is Yes, however such a simple answer didn’t flow out of the mouth of Elynor Stagen!

She claimed everything from she didn’t know for sure, to claiming they voted to find out what had to be done, which is a meaningless statement.

Meaningless because the fact is, not only did she vote to hire an attorney, but the very contract that is now signed was prepared and available during the meeting which Ford County unanimously voted to hire the attorney.

Worse yet, the very language in that contract spells out it was not only to look into what had to be done to separate from Iroquois County, but it also spells out they were hired to establish an independent Ford County Health Department.

The video only contains the public session portion of the meeting.  Although the other parts of the meeting are noteworthy, the points of this article are the lies that are yet coming out of Ford County appointed board member Elynor Stagen.


Boom Boom Bowen, (Rick Bowen) the loose cannon of Ford County, signed a contract just days after that vote was taken.  The vote that Elynor Stagen didn’t know about, even though she voted in favor of it! You only need to read the text of the contract to realize that this decision to hire this firm was done long before the meeting was ever held.

The Mool Law Firm, LLC, is pleased you have selected the firm to represent  you regarding the matters described in the scope of representations set forth below.

What gives Bowen the authority to secure a law firm prior to any discussion in a public meeting?

The contract dated September 17th, 13 days prior to the special meeting to approve it clearly exposes the maleficence of Bowen and the rest of the Ford County Board.

Mr. Bowen, how is it that you selected the firm prior to a public meeting to even discuss this matter? 

Regardless, the special meeting was in direct violation of the county code and all action taken during that meeting shall be null and void based on that fact.  Null and void because the Loose Canon, Rick Bowen, doesn’t have the authority to call a special meeting just because he wants one.  What is so surprising to me is that all indications point to the fact they have never complied with the county code as it relates to special meetings.

You see the legislature understood the problems with local politics and corruption.  We see it all the time, especially with County Board Chairmen.  They get into that position and it goes right to their head, and they think they have all this power to tell people what to do and when, but in reality they have no more power than any other board member.

Don’t confuse power with responsibility.  They are responsible for running the meetings and signing contracts, but that’s pretty much where it ends, except for counties that elect the chairman at large, which Ford County does not.

In order to have a legal special meeting, several things are required to take place and we now have the proof that only 1 of the requirements took place, and that action was not supported by the prerequisite action, so even the one thing done, was done in violation of the statute.

      • Special meetings of the board shall be held only when requested by at least one-third of the members of the board.
      • Request shall be in writing addressed to the Clerk of the Board
      • Upon reception of which the clerk shall immediately transmit notice, in writing, of such meeting to each of the members of the board.
      • The clerk shall also cause notice of such meeting to be published in some newspaper printed cause notice of such meeting to be published in some newspaper printed in the county.


1.  Rick Bowen, County Board Chairman made a phone call to request the meeting – Violation of Statute

2.  Request was not in writing addressed to the Clerk of the Board by one third of the board – Violation of Statute

3.  Clerk never received such written request so any action she took was without legal standing – Violation of Statute

4. Nothing was printed in the newspaper, nor should it have been since there was not a proper request.  The excuse they used was because the paper is only printed weekly, but that issue is not outlined as an authorized excuse for not publishing in the paper.

Special Meeting statute for County Boards

Response to my FOIA from the County clerk in which I sought copies of the documents required for holding such a special meeting.

Now with all the facts laid out, it’s time for the Ford County State’s Attorney to advice his clients, the Ford County Board, that they did in fact violate the statute for special meetings and the action taken as a result of that meeting is null and void, so they need to do it all over and do so in compliance with the law.

We will forward a letter to Mr. Fitton letting him know we intend on pursuing appropriate legal measures to force compliance in the event they are not willing to do the right thing and fix it themselves.  If they prefer the path of litigation, that expense will be on the back of the Ford County Taxpayers, and for that we are sorry but you must realize, your elected officials have brought this action on themselves.  It is Mr. Bowen that should be held responsible for this whole mess as his inability to accept facts is what has lead this county to the place it’s at today.

We encourage you to contact your County State’s Attorney and demand he do the right thing and hold this board accountable to the law.

He can be contacted at the numbers and e-mail listed below:

Matthew Fitton
200 W. State Room 204
Paxton, IL 60957

Phone: 217 379-9460
Fax: 217 379-9464
Office Hours: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

October Ford County 2013 article

Cary Hagen’s Future?

Ford-Iroquois Co. – (ECWd) –

Cary Hagen may have a future after all in spite of all the exposure of her failings as a public employee which we covered briefly in this article.  Now before you get to confused, I didn’t say a future as a public employee as I think she has pretty well blown those opportunities out of the water, unless of course the Sheriff, her brother, hires her to work in his office.  Could he be that stupid?  I digress!

According to her resume, Ms. Hagen “Implements governing body directives and organizational policies and procedures“!

If she implements policies and procedures, do we need to look any further than her to determine the person responsible for the crumbling of this health department?

Seriously, if she so proudly takes claim on her resume then shouldn’t she be held accountable for her total failure?  Do we need to list all the policies and procedures that have been violated by certain employees?  The laundry list is huge as most of our readers are aware, so again, why isn’t the person in charge of implementing organizational policies and procedures being held accountable for her total failure?


That’s what comes to mind when it comes to words, compared to action.  For example, her own Facebook page reflects she Graduated Trinity College, but we all know that is not true.  More Lies

With the overwhelming feedback from those working in the FIPHD, it’s clear Cary Hagen has for some time taken on the role of bully.  She has to be in charge and loves to boss people around………………..yet she has this on her Facebook?

More Lies #2

Cary, do you hear yourself?

In an effort to try to grasp a perspective one must look deep into peoples lives to better understand what they’re really made of, which brings us to this Facebook post which has “Unconditional Friendship” typed above it.

More LIes 3

May I suggest, “Friends won’t grow apart if they don’t talk every day, nor will they be your friends when they find out about their stepdad’s relationship”.

Now this post I can believe!  The real Cary Hagen comes out!

More Lies 4

With posts crossing the entire spectrum from God, to wine pouring faucets, it would appear we have a person seeking something but they don’t know what yet.

May I suggest you take some tips from your Ford County appointed board member Elynor Stagen.  As it appears with all her activities and busy public official life, she still has manged to fill her time with her own personal search to fill that void.

Elynor has found what works for her and it appears to be Looking for Love in Dwindling Farm Country.


AP reported it first here!   (picture’s number 5 & 6).

More Lies 5

If Ms. Stagen can find love at her point in life, then I am willing to say so to can Cary Hagen, in spite of all her failings.  She just needs some coaching and who better to provide it than the one Cary loves to speak with.

What ever her future path may be, I wish her well but first we simply ask that she leave and let the healing begin for all the Quality employees at the FIPHD!

FIPHD Flood Grant Drowning In Corruption…


Joe Rorem, father of Brook Willms, the Flood Grant Assessor, appears to have received some perks as it relates to the Flood Grant that clearly by his own admission he should not have received.   An interesting tid-bit in this case, is the home Mr. Rorem lives in has a clear life long history of water in the basement…so was this just a chance to fleece the taxpayers?  We may never know, but what we do know, he received items he should have never received and considering his daughter had a key position as the Flood Grant Assessor it raises more concern for the operations at the FIPHD.

This interview document clearly reflects under item #4 that “Client stated no problems with washer”.

So why on earth when the client, Joe Rorem, states there are no problems with his washer would the FIPHD authorize a new washer?  This is the list of items he received and as you can see, the tax payers spent $414.00 for an item that the person stated there were no problems with.

Can it get any worse?

Item #6 in that same interview document reflects the “Client reported no increase in mileage or gas getting to work”.

Well of course there was no increase in mileage or gas getting to work.  The guy is retired and doesn’t work anymore! 

That being the case, why did we the tax payer have to provide the father of Brooke Willms, FIPHD employee, a $75.00 gas card from Casey’s?

What part of no increase in mileage or gas did they not understand? 

Having received even more documentation a few days ago on all the insider dealings, it’s clear the problem is much larger than we ever imagined.  I understand many people were impacted by the flood and my heart goes out to you folks for what you had to go through.  However, that will never justify the insider deals that have clearly taken place that put money directly into the pockets of a few people, all at the expense of the taxpayer. It’s wrong and someone needs to be charged accordingly!

Citizens of Iroquois County, stand up and be counted!  Make your voice heard and demand prosecutions to those involved in this giant fleecing of our tax dollars.  From Solar panels, to private Kiwanis memberships for Julie Clark, and basically exclusive construction contracts for Custom Builders, the list is truly overwhelming!

I pray that someone in law enforcement has the courage to stand up and take our work and build a case to hold them accountable.  Either local or Federal, something must be done!

Take-Down Demands and Unreasonable Attorneys…


So here we are, just posting public records we get through the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA), and along comes an attorney that thinks he is the “all knowing”. For the record, I do not harbor any resentment toward attorneys, I believed they perform a much needed service. I just think that some of them need to read before sending out demands where they have absolutely no standing………again!

Such is the case with Mr. Ron Boyer, from Watseka, IL., and since he refuses to state who he is representing, we cannot state as fact that Doug Corbett is the one on whose behalf the letter was sent. What should have been a simple request, and a simple response from us granting said request, has instead become a point of contention between Ron and I.  This was his first piece of brilliant work from back in March of this year.  At least he is consistent.

In his most recent letter dated September 27, 2013, Mr. Boyer “Ron” sent us a letter demanding that we take an entire post down because he believed there was some private information of Corbett’s posted. But that’s not all, he also accused us of “irresponsibly” revealing the personal information (and other personal information), and that the post was one of many “libelous writings” that we had “recklessly made” about Corbett.

Now I may be missing something but for an attorney to tell a documented journalist to remove an entire post may well be stepping on our First Amendment rights! More on that in another article!

“Our Response To Letter”

We responded via email on September 30, 2013 with this:


Mr. Boyer,
I am in receipt of your letter dated September 27th, 2013.
I will not, at this time, change anything that we have published, based on the accusations contained in that letter.
As you know, or should know, we are under no obligation to redact anything obtained from a public body through FOIA. We will, however, be glad to remove Mr. Corbett’s SSN from said document provided that we receive a request to do so, without the accusations of “irresponsibly revealed”, “other personal information”, “one of many libelous writings”, “recklessly made”, “offending disclosure”, or any demand to take down the entire post.
Also, please advise us on whose behalf you wrote the letter. Is Mr. Corbett a client of yours?
Can you please elaborate on who “we” is?
Upon the receipt of a letter asking that the SSN be redacted from the public document it is on, without all of the other accusations, we will gladly comply with your request. Until then, any action on our part would certainly be construed as agreeing with whatever was written in the letter dated September 27, 2013.

I await your response.


“The Email”

In the interest of cooperation, I sent an email asking that his demand letter be re-worded so as to not give the impression that we agreed with the terminology used in said letter.

Thinking we would get a reply without all of the accusations and libelous claims, we were quite surprised when we received this response via email today:

“Boyer’s Response To Our Email”


From: Ronald E. Boyer
Sent: Thursday, October 03, 2013 3:19 PM
To: John Kraft
Cc: Kirk Allen
Subject: Re: Letter

Please look at 5 ILCS 179/10(a) which says “…no person…may do any of the following: (1) Publically post or publicly display in any manner an individual’s social security number.” 5 ILCS 179/50 provides that what you are doing is a class B misdemeanor.

This post must be removed immediately. If any identity theft occurs because of this irresponsible posting, you will held responsible for all damages suffered by Mr. Corbett. Now stop playing games.

Ron Boyer


“Second Email”

The statute that he accused us of violating is the Identity Protection Act, and stating the claim that it applied to us, and even going so far as to state that we were committing a class B misdemeanor and telling us to quit playing games…HOGWASH!

The Identity Protect Act applies to public bodies and their employees/officers – NOT to people that receive their information thru FOIA requests. Instead of rehashing what I responded with, I will post the response to his offensive, incorrect response to our initial request for clarification:


From: John Kraft 
Sent: Thursday, October 03, 2013 9:38 PM
To: Ron Boyer
Subject: Letter

Mr. Boyer,

I would think that a person of your supposed intelligence could read and comprehend any email I sent requesting clarification(s).

I will try and re-state what my original email asked:

  1. Who is your client? Whom do you represent? On whose behalf did you send the letter dated September 27, 2013?
  1. Would you please send a request to remove what you believe should not be shown, without including all of the accusations and demands of removing the entire post?

Additionally, I will remind you that you have taken 5 ILCS 179/10(a) out of context. Surely a brilliant legal mind such as yours should be able to first define the term “person” as it relates to the Identity Protection Act.

Just to put both of us on the same sheet of music, I will copy and paste that definition for you to read:

(7 ILCS 179/5) Definitions. In this Act:

"Person" means any individual in the employ of a State agency or local government agency.

Since I am not in the employ of a State agency or local government agency as it relates to the posted information, the term “person” does not apply to me in relation to this Act.

(5 ILCS 179/50) was also taken out of context by you. Did you even read it before hitting the “send” button for your email? Paragraph 50 is specifically for “Home Rule” public bodies, which I am not.

Finally, I am asking that you formulate a response, asking that the specific information be redacted from whatever document or post it is displayed. This can be accomplished without accusations of “irresponsible posting”, stating I am committing a “class B misdemeanor” when I am not, and without insinuating that I am “playing games”. I assure you that I am not playing games, and I firmly believe that should I remove what you desire, without clarifications, that it could be construed as agreeing with the remaining portions of your emails and/or letters.

Please respond appropriately, and you will receive appropriate action.

Thanks for your cooperation in this matter,

John Kraft


So there you have it….for now.

I have asked again for an appropriate response from him…we will see.




Doing its own Due Diligence – Are you Serious?


As it relates to Ford County Board Chairman Rick Bowen, I don’t think I have read such a despicable case of lies and disrespect for hard working people in my life as those I read today in the Times Republic.

If I lived in Ford County I would be leading the charge for the resignation of Rick Bowen for clear incompetence. If I were an employee at the Ford-Iroquois Public Health Department right now, I would have to speak up at the next meeting and express my anger over the comments spewing from the mouth of Ford County Board Chairman, Rick Bowen.

Considering I am neither an employee at the health department, nor a Ford County resident, I am left to simply express my view on what is now being reported by the Times Republic, who apparently got Bowen to go on the record.

From the beginning:

“We have been doing our due diligence for the last two or three months”

You are kidding me right?  Due Diligence?  For two or three months?

Mr. Bowen, you have not lifted a single finger to do your job and assist in fixing this mess.  Many hold you responsible for it getting to the point it is at today. Your due diligence would have been to actually read the facts of wrong doing that have been presented since March, and take action to remove those responsible for it, your appointed board members!  When exposed to the TRUTH, Iroquois County voted as a board to remove its members for what they were doing, which is no different than your appointments.

They were breaking the law not only by allowing the Administrator to break the law, but they themselves broke the law by paying themselves with our tax dollars and you have done nothing.  When do the people get their money back that was taken in direct violation of the law?  Board members who approved over $793,000.00 to the spouse of the Grant Administrator, in direct violation of the policies in place for employees.  Policies that they are responsible to enforce!

I could go on for hours laying out all the failures of the Ford County appointed members, but the point is, you have done NOTHING to fix this mess.

You claim you have been doing your due diligence for the last two or three months?  Hey Rick, wake the hell up!  These exposed illegal actions took place over a year ago but I digress.  You thought letting them violate the law and go into Indiana with Illinois tax payer money was a great idea.  That tells me how stupid you really are!  You sat silent and did not lift one finger to hold your appointed members accountable for the illegal solar panel project.  Instead, you claimed you have seen no evidence to support their removal.  You might have to open your eyes and look in order to see it.  Or better yet, sign for the certified mail package of facts sent to you, which it turns out you were the only board member who did not sign for them.  Signing for them might mean you have to look at the facts and we wouldn’t want you to have to do that now would we.

If your actions for the last two or three months are to be considered “doing your due diligence”, may I suggest you resign from public office.  You either can’t learn your job or are too stupid to learn.  Either way you’re a poor example of a leader for a county.

“Bowen said the Ford County Board is “concerned” that the topic of dissolution continues to come from the Iroquois County Board” 

Well isn’t that a brilliant statement for a County Board Chairman to make.  Hell yes Iroquois County keeps bringing it up, because the Ford County Chairman, that would be you Rick Bowen, is an utter failure when it comes to doing his job and removing his appointed members and replacing them with competent people.  May I suggest you just accept some people are just not cut out for public service on a board.  It requires due diligence!

“We’re reasonably sure we could survive on our own if that’s what it comes to”

Is that so Rick?  Why don’t you tell the good people of Ford County what the numbers are to operate an independent County Health Department.

If you would do your job and replace your appointed board members with people that truly have nothing to hide and nothing to gain, you wouldn’t need to even think about surviving on your own.  Besides, a health department should not have to “survive” it should thrive if it’s being ran properly, but I get the feeling you don’t understand much about that, all things considered.

“However it’s not working at this time, it appears the department is imploding from within due to resignations and lack of quality employees left on staff”.

Rick you are either stupid, ignorant (there is a difference), or you need it to be shut down so nobody looks any further into your involvement.

Who has resigned? 

Doug Corbett– violated more policies than we can keep track of and violated procurement laws repeatedly, yet you did nothing.  The laundry list of proven wrong-doing is enough to make a normal person say two words, You’re Fired, yet you did nothing!  From violating FOIA, causing a settlement payment, all while still having to provide the records, to outright fabrications in public meetings.  It’s all documented for the public to see, and you sir have ignored it!

Mary Cahoe – Ran home health into a $1.1 Million dollar deficit in just three years.

Julie Clark – Violated HIPPA laws with my last FOIA not to mention was so involved in self serving she forgot that she was suppose to be serving the people not herself.

Amy Corbett – Operated her private business from within the health department, as have other employees.

Cary Hagen – Has not resigned yet, but has said she is done, so we will include her with the list of resignations for the sake of this article.  When the accountant informs Mr. Corbett that Cary Hagen is not qualified to do the job, and she still has a job, we have a problem.  When routine deposits come to a halt when eyes got focused on the health department, we have a problem.  When a bank account is overdrawn by upwards of 20K in one month we have a problem Rick!

Those are the key resignations that have occurred with just a few items off the top of my head that should represent, to any normal person, it is not the resignations that were the problem!

“Lack of Quality Employees”

I suspect you might get some e-mails and phone calls for that kind of statement Rick.  The employees that you claim are not quality employees are the very employees that your favorite Administrator had working for him.  If they were so bad then why on earth have you not done anything about this lack of quality employees?  Employees that have been providing health care services to the good people in these two counties!  Please Rick, tell the public why you sat silent all this time, while knowing there was a lack of quality employees taking care of our children and seniors.  Please Rick, share that with us.  Why would you let this happen?

The truth of the matter is, what is imploding is the circle of self serving employees who are finally being exposed for the crap they have been doing for years.  The so called “lack of quality employees” you talk about are actually quite the opposite.  They are highly qualified and licensed by the state to perform their jobs, and by all accounts have more education than yourself!

Have you contacted the state to report a problem with these employees who lack quality?  No, you haven’t because you know it’s not true.  It was just an easy thing for you to say while spewing more lies and deception to a reporter.

What is happening, and has been happening at least since March of this year, is good people are trying to fix this mess by removing the problems.  Iroquois County started by accepting there was in fact a problem, and they took action to fix what they had control of.  You did nothing! The Ford County appointed members are still part of the problem, yet your pride and stupidity won’t allow you to correct it. God forbid you might have to admit you were wrong.

“Ford County  will always support the four members we have on the health board.”

Golly gee willikers Rick, that’s special! 

Your quote in the paper says it all!  Those very members have been instrumental in the implosion you speak of, yet you claim you support them.  Why would you support people that have allowed so many criminal acts to take place while they were in charge?  Please Rick, tell your voters why on earth you would support their actions?

To the Quality Employees working in the FIPHD, I want to say Thank You for your service and dedication to the people you serve.  Your service is noticed and appreciated.  I would like to apologize for Rick Bowen’s comments about you, for he knows not what he says!

 To the employees who have resigned, I will be short.  Good Riddance!

To the tax payers of Ford and Iroquois Counties, I would like to encourage you to let your voice be heard during your next election.  If you have leaders that justify and allow the things we have exposed to go on, those people need removed from office sooner, rather than later.  In fact, I suggested Mr. Bowen resign clear back in June in this article, which by the way points to the same inaction by Rick Bowen!

If you would like to give Mr. Bowen a piece of your mind directly, feel free to call him at  217-749-2263 or e-mail him your thoughts at or


All in the Family – FIPHD

Ford-Iroquois Co. -ECWd’s

All indicators are pointing to a “FIPHD Family” operation that ensured family and employees were taken care of with flood funds even though in many cases no flooding was experienced.

Family Dealings

The #1 recipient of funds totaling over $793,000.00 is the husband of one of the primary grant administrators, which we exposed yesterday in this article.   Turns out not only did hubby get a small fortune of business but her brother was taken care of as well.

Dan Brault – Brother of the Grant Administrator, Ellen McCullough, was provided $13,416.74 from the flood according to this document.   As we pointed out in this article, Mr. Brault worked for Arseneau Romeo Drain & Sewer which is the company listed on his claim for a new septic system.

We are awaiting a FOIA response to confirm what our sources have told us, which is that there were no home inspection reports for Mr. Brault, which was a requirement to qualify for any funding compensation from the 2008 flood grant program.

If no such inspection was done then how does a person qualify for over $13K worth of funding?  Is it because his sister ran the program and let it slide through?

Anyone in the septic business knows that if your system floods you don’t need a whole new system yet by all indications that appears to be what happen with Mr. Brault to include some road gravel which is not the gravel used for a septic system!  For those that know where Mr. Brault resides it would be interesting to know if that tax payer funded gravel was used for a driveway!

We are awaiting numbers for the grand total of business that went to Mr. Brault’s employer for septic work.  We have been told the vast majority of the septic systems replaced were done by Mr. Braults employer which raises the question, why is there a pattern appearing where those with family connections to the FIPHD are the ones getting the work?

 Another FIPHD decision maker approving funds for family?

Brooke Willms, FIPHD employee was the Flood Grant Assessor and guess what has now come to light!

Daddy got some funding too!   

Multiple sources have confirmed, Joe Rorem, who lives in Gilman, apparently wasn’t impacted by the flood but that didn’t stop the family affair that ensured a new Air Conditioner, Furnace, Water Heater, Washer, Dryer, Freezer,  and a laundry list of other items that we the tax payer paid for made its way to his residence. The itemized list is here.

Was there some internal preferential treatment that ensured her father received all these tax payer funded goodies?  Considering the number of people blowing the whistle it appears to be the case.  Another FOIA was shot off today for the required inspection reports and we will update if any thing changes from what we have reported here.

Employee Self Serving

LuAnn Armantrout, Senior Services Coordinator at the FIPHD was the recipient of over $24,000.00 worth of funding all while residing in Donavan which was not impacted by the flood.  You can view her laundry list of in house rewards here.

Where is the Accountability?

For months we heard from family members of employees like Larry Hasbargen.  His wife Barb Hasbargen as been with the FIPHD for approximately 19 years. Larry Hasbargen

This guy called us Blow Hards when we started exposing this circus called a Health Department.  In fact this guy went on for months running his pie hole about the County Chairman and how he has no business auditing grants and demanding the Chairman call off the Watchdogs.

Hey Larry, do you think for just a second you might owe the County Chairman an apology?  In fact, I think you owe everyone an apology for all the completely unfounded and false accusations you made while trying to defend this criminal operation.  Contrary to your track record, our information has been spot on with documents and multiple sources confirming our information and directly supports each and every article we have ran.

You see this is not just our opinion but just today we received this message which can be read as a comment in this article. The people are fed up!

“I can’t help to think of the health dept board members that were removed standing up in front of the channel 3 news camera and were so sincere in saying that they did nothing wrong. They were either complicit or completely incompetent in their jobs of overseeing the actions of the health dept. I wonder if it’s still the power hungry board chairman they blame now.”

To the officials sitting on the FIPHD board, I suggest you wake up and take immediate action to fire some key people in your organization.    I would suggest you start with the employee who likes to listen in on private phone conversations, which by the way qualifies as eavesdropping and is a felony under current Illinois law, not to mention it shows childish and unprofessional behavior.

Cary Hagen should be removed immediately as the laundry list of problems in your organization circles around her desk and you have been snowed by what appears to be a highly uneducated con-artist.   She may be able to shake her hips and get her way locally, but let’s just say we have seen better shaking in worse places – it didn’t work there and it won’t work here!

I suggest the citizens of Iroquois and Ford Counties stand up and make some calls and demand accountability for the illegal spending of your tax dollars.

I would suggest starting with the Ford County Board Chairman Rick Bowen who has all but ignored this problem by failing to remove the Ford County appointed board members.  Something that statute clearly states is his responsibility!

Once you share demands with him make sure you contact each and every Ford County appointed board member who have to date been less than willing to fire people for their complete incompetence, deception, lies, and fabrication to include falsifying public documents.

  • Rick Bowen e-mail-
  • Dr. Bruker e-mail –
  • Dr. Ray e-mail –
  • Preacher Man – Ted Jenson e-mail –
  • Elynor Stagen e-mail –




FIPHD – $793,917.31 to ONE Contractor!


Hang on to your seats folks because this news had damned well better put the icing on the cake and force our public officials, from the US Attorney’s office down through the Illinois Attorney General and your local State’s Attorney to act!

Facts as we know them and have documented them to date:

  1. Ellen McCullough was the Flood Grant Administrator for the FIPHD.
  2. Custom Builders in Watseka reflects the home address of Ellen McCullough. (proof in this article with links)
  3. Multiple sources have confirmed Custom Builders is operated by the husband of Ellen McCullough.
  4. Total flood grant funding received according to records obtained is $4,220,613.50
  5. Total funds paid to one business, reportedly directly tied to the Grant Administrator?


To a business, that by all indications is owned by the spouse of the Grant Administrator! 

Time for a call to action………….Again! 

  1. How is it that one contractor received approximately 19% of all the Flood Grant money that came into the county?
  2. If you used this contractor did the Health Department tell you this was the designated contractor and if so who told you that?
  3. Were there ever any bids for the work being performed?

What happen to the FIPHD Policy Manual as it relates to Conflicts of Interest?

No officer, employee, or his/her partner, immediate family or agent of this agency will participate in the selection, awarding or administration of a contract, if a conflict of interest, real or apparent, would be involved.  Such a conflict would arise if the officer, employee, agent or an organization which employs, or
is about to employ, any of these persons has a financial or other interest in the firm selected for the award.  To the extent permissible under state or local laws, rules, and regulations, such standards shall provide for  appropriate penalties, sanctions, or other disciplinary actions to be applied for violations of such code of standards of conduct.

Is there ANYONE that is going to demand some answers and explain to the people of Iroquois County, as well as the rest of the state, how a single Grant Administrator managed to pay out over $793,000.00 to a company owned by her spouse, in direct violation of more rules than I have time to list?

How is it that Doug Corbett is not held responsible for his utter failure in over-site on this matter?

When does the Financial record keeper get held accountable, especially since she is the one writing the checks as we understand it, and let’s not forget, she is the human resource manager as well and if this is not a major concern then it’s time to shut this mess down and start over!

As if this is not bad enough, by the time we get done tallying up all the funding employees and their family members received from the grant, of which some had NO DAMAGE, it appears upwards of 30% of the funding received by the Federal Government (Tax money from ALL of us) stayed in the hands of the very people working for the taxpayers!

Mr. Devine, I assured you I had identified Grant fraud and proved that with our paperwork as it relates to the grants managed by Julie Clark, and now by all indications, you have a much bigger problem to deal with and it must be resolved!

If this type of action is permitted in our society then we are done as a country.  May God give you the strength to fight this fight and do right by the people of this state and those of your county! 

Prosecutions are in order!

 For all the employees at the FIPHD that knew this was going on, you should all be fired for not having the moral courage to report it. 

“All it takes for evil to succeed is for a few good men to do nothing“:  Edmund Buke

Prayers are with the leaders who are trying to fix this mess! 




Needing More Assistance!

Iroquois Co – ECWd’s

Our last call to action regarding the Ford-Iroquois County Health Department was so overwhelmingly positive, and generated so much information, that we cant even process it all.

From exposure of the tax payers paying for peoples dental work, to chearleading stuff, it was pretty clear the local citizens are standing up and have had enough.

That brings us to this new Call To Action.

We need the local citizens to let us know who owns a few of the businesses that seem to have been on the receiving end of a pretty fat chunk of change from the flood grant funding. Now it’s very possible that it was all legitimate, however, the word we are getting from some contractors and other local folks is that it was anything but legitimate for a few of them.  Especially considering there may be direct ties to the employees who work at the FIPHD – which would be a direct violation of the Policy Manual!

Who owns these Businesses and do the owners or their employees have direct ties to employees of the FIPHD?

  1. Clark Rentals
  2. Custom Builders
  3. Arseneau Romeo Drain & Sewer
  4. C&C Plumbing
  5. Zircle Construction

If you have information regarding such connections to the FIPHD  please let us know by either clicking on the “send us  a tip box” on the main page, click here and fill out the information (you can use fake name and e-mail), or you can call and leave a message on our tip line, (312) 566-8078.

Thanks to the citizens of Iroquois and Ford Counties who are standing up and demanding accountability!

Now that more info is streaming in we again need some input from the local community.  The Secretary of State Cyberdrive web site shows that C&C plumbing has an agent of record being Gerald McCullough.  Is this any relation to Ellen McCullough who works at the FIPHD and was the Grant Administrator for the Flood Grant?

Well now isn’t this tidbit special! 

Custom Builders – 915 N. Jefferson in Watseka.  Google search result #1, Google search result #2,  and just for giggles, Google search #3.  Can you guess who that address matches?  Ellen McCullough, the Grant Administrator!  Time for a FOIA to see just how much money was paid to Custom Builders.

FIPHD Settles FOIA Suits –


In complaints that originated in Iroquois County Circuit Court on March 29, 2013, Kraft v FIPHD, and Allen v FIPHD,  the Ford-Iroquois Public Health Department (FIPHD) has acknowledged that they did in fact violate the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) by not responding within the mandated time-frame for FOIA responses.

The FIPHD, instead of producing all of the requested public records, Mr. Corbett, Mrs. Hagen, and Mrs. Clark decided to fight releasing the paperwork. Instead of collecting around $400 for all of the paper records (due to the quantity of paper used), they ended up costing the FIPHD a little over $1000 in court costs and fees, had to produce the paperwork (without charge), legal bills from their FORMER private attorney, took valuable time from the State’s Attorney, and gained nothing from it all.

Simple compliance with the FOI Act’s guidelines and mandates would have avoided all of it. People complained and said we were costing the health department money, failing to realize the FIPHD employees were the real reason the health department lost money in this deal.

Get ready Arcola Township – you are next – settlement or court order, I predict that I will get the requested public records and my expenses paid. You could have followed the law and provided the records when requested.

Previous article on this suit:

The Paxton Record Newspaper put together a detailed time-line of the events leading up to the forensic audit. You can read it here…too bad our local paper won’t report on things of this nature in Edgar County…

Iroquois County court documents are below (or here: 1

Download (PDF, 1.2MB)

FIPHD – More Interesting Flood Grant Tidbits –

FORD CO. – FIPHD (ECWd) – This was originally published over a month ago, but we removed it on request pending more information. Now it appears that the paperwork for these family members is “missing” from the filing cabinet…how convenient that is…

Video Clarification/correction : Danial Brault, the brother of the FIPHD employee administrating the grant, worked for Arseneau Romeo Drain & Sewer.  They are the ones that received a big chunk of the contracts for septic installations, not the husband Dan McCullough.

Informati0n obtained from some local contractors report they simply gave up even trying to get any of those jobs.  According to them it was useless because they were all handed to the employer of the brother of the grant administrator.

This article is an update on the Flood Grants that the FIPHD received. Some interesting items came out of this FOIA response:

Which brings us to the question that they don’t want to answer.

How is it that people got a replacement septic system 2 years AFTER the flood?  What did those people do during that two years?  Most septic systems can be pumped out and they work fine afterwords so we are rather confused as to why entire septic systems were replaced 2 years later?  It will be interesting to find out how many of these people were employees and receiving grant benefits and not in the effected flood zone!

A few more FOIA’s to do and we will get to the bottom of this one and rest assured the information streaming in from whistle-blowers is damning enough that I suspect some may want to get an attorney!

“We The People” Can Make A Difference –

Edgar Co. -ECWd

It’s been over three years that we have been educating ourselves on the laws pertaining to our public bodies, and exposing them when they  willfully break those laws.

The original efforts were to simply ask them to do what they were supposed to based on the law, but that became futile when those in charge felt they could continue doing as they wish because they thought We The People have no right to demand accountability.

From out-right theft, to total disregard for compliance with the Open Meetings Act and/or the Freedom of Information Act, we have pretty much seen it all.  Sadly most of those involved in breaking those laws fabricated excuses that the Watchdogs, the messenger, are costing them money or just creating trouble.  We have even heard claims that the only reason we do this is to make money, which is laughable at best.

Is seeking accountability from our elected officials such a crazy thing to ask? 

We don’t think so, and apparently our efforts are slowly but surely being recognized by both professional service providers and national publications.

This law firm has now used the Binding Opinion in this article, an opinion issued to the Edgar County Airport, which was established by the Edgar County Watchdogs demand for accountability.   Our efforts for simply asking the law to be followed are now recognized and being shared by a top law firm.  Shared for the purpose of educating other public bodies of what not to do.

Our work has also been mentioned in at least 5 daily newspapers, numerous times. We have been on broadcast news and talk radio shows within the past couple of months.

Changes to state statutes have been withdrawn from consideration at the last minute because we submitted evidence, verified by legislative attorneys, that the changes would have violated the Illinois Constitution. More recently; no-bid contract awards have been tabled, previous “gimme” contracts are now going out for bid, meeting notices and agendas routinely posted, and several public bodies have started video taping their own meetings so that those who could not attend have the opportunity to watch it at a later date. It all makes for a more transparent, open, and better government.

The National Review recently published this article that was directly linked to our work, that again was exposing the wrongdoing of our public officials.  If a Nationally recognized publication is able to recognize the message, why is it so hard for some of the local officials to understand it’s not about the messenger?

Why do I mentioned this?  The political hacks and wannabe important political groupies will jump all over this and rattle off a half dozen different reasons.

I mention it because those hacks and wannabes need to have a wake up call.  We are not going away and we are making a difference, like it or not.  We will continue to fight for We The People and demand accountability from our public officials.

Our efforts have lead to numerous other people seeking our help in this state.  Specifically from citizens in Edgar, Vermilion, Douglas, Iroquois, Ford, Effingham, DeWitt, DuPage, Clark, Coles, Kankakee, and Edwards Counties. We are duplicating the watchdog concept and the team of common, ordinary, hard working people being established is, and will continue to, make this state a better place to live.

Citizens can and do make a difference when they speak up.  It’s high time more people take the step they know is right and join the fight in bringing accountability back to our governments, both here at home and across this country, to include Washington DC.

If you are one of those people who want to get involved but just don’t know how, let us help you.  Shoot us a comment on the tip line at: (312) 566-8078 or send a message at this link, bottom of page.  Your information is confidential and will never be released without your permission.

We the People is about all of us!  You can make a difference!  There is plenty people can do, and it would surprise you how big of a help it is.  Just in this recent article, a “Call To Action” has lead to major assistance in exposure of wrong doing.  Local people reviewing documents for matters only they would know, has led to the names of people receiving flood grant funding even though they were never impacted by the flood.  Even worse, a local concerned citizen doing nothing but reviewing those documents found that one person received over $6,000.00 worth of dental work with flood grant funding.  I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to know personal dental work is not something legally funded with disaster funds.

What might surprise you once you do take that step of getting involved, is that you will have more in common with others that are involved than you ever imagined.  It truly is a network of like minded people with hearts of gold.

Simply attending public meetings will show that citizens are interested in the affairs of their government.

Step up, be a part of fixing what’s broke in our state!