Ford County Board hears public comment- 9-10-2018


The Ford County Board heard public comment during its monthly meeting. Most comments centered around wind farms and how they affect rural property owners.

Video below:

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  1. I wish the homeowners good luck. I know of people who have had to abandon their homes. Also, if you drive in Livingston County, IL (near Lena) there are homes, but they sure look empty. The smart wind people buy them up, but don’t demolish.
    When you ask how many jobs (after construction – which are subsidized by our tax $) most of the town officials don’t have clue.
    And, I’ve been at town mtgs. where the councilman couldn’t understand why he couldn’t vote – (well, the lawyer for the town said it was because he had a contract to lease his land to the wind company) duh.

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