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Dignity Part V .

 EDGAR CO (ECWd) – Farnham, Crippes, St. Clair, Hopper, Burgin, Ball, Rhoads, and the beat goes on!  From ignoring felony crimes to covering them up, it’s very clear  the history of the Edgar […]

Dignity? Part II

Dignity?  Part II  Can anyone honestly claim former Sheriff Tim Crippes should not be charged with official misconduct in relation to the attempted cover up of the jailers who were later convicted?  […]

Crimes Outweigh Justice in Edgar County

The former Charleston, IL  City Planner, Jeff Finley, was charged last month with embezzling over $22,000 from Code Enforcement Officials between 2004 and 2008.  The indictment outlines he wrote checks to himself as electronic payments to his personal […]

Still Chairman of 911?

EDGAR CO. – Deputy Dee Burgin remains as the 911 Chairman in spite of losing the Federal Civil Rights case against him.  And of course, if he can continue working in the county […]