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Dee Burgin Lawsuit Settlement With Edgar County –


Details of the settlement agreement between Edgar County and Dee Burgin in his lawsuit against Edgar County relating to dog food and wages not paid during the care and training of the dog.

Dee Burgin: TOTAL: $34,000 — consisting of: $14,769.18 back wages (and deducting payroll deductions), $14,769.18 non-payroll damages, and $4461.64 in non-payroll out of pocket expenses.

Burgin’s Attorney: $30,000

Grand Total of: $64,000

This is the same type of situation I warned the Edgar County Airport Advisoty Board about several months ago – and they have yet to take notice of that warning…and it will cost us (Edgar County Taxpayers) eventually.

There is another (former) officer asking for the same type of payments.

Read the document here:

[gview file=”https://edgarcountywatchdogs.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/BurginSettlementAgreement.pdf”]

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  1. Who will his next victim be? Does he work for another police department? They had better be perpared to pay the piper, because if he does it once he’ll do it again, now that he knows how easy it is, and how much he can make from it. Better pass the word to the other county he is working in, because tbey need to know about his record of behavior here in Edgar County.

  2. When Deeboy can’t make money off the backs of the taxpayers by “working” (such as it was) for it, he will make money off their backs by SUING for it. Either way, he’s a nasty slimeball….and everyone here in Richland County knows it for a fact already.