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May 25, 2024

Watch Park Commissioners Kuehnel, Stone, Ewing, and Stepp vote to attack FOIA requester (video) –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On April 24, 2016


In a recent article we pointed out how Clark County Park District Commissioners directed their attorney, Lorna Geiler of Meyer- Capel out of Champaign, IL., to investigate and pursue all available legal actions against a Freedom of Information Act requester because they did not like her opinions of how the district conducts its business.

  • Ron Stone made the initial motion (read about him here)
  • Joe Ewing, Board Chairman, election cheater , and betrayer of public trust, agreed with Stone’s request – incidentally, he has missed meetings this year and should probably figure out where his priorities are in relation to further service on this board, after all, he has been quoted as stating those same words to other commissioner(s)
  • Terry Stepp voted to go along with Stone
  • Glenn Kuehnel, “fixer” of the budget, also agreed with Stone

Disgusting video below:

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Joe-Ewing (WinCE)


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  • Jim Kennedy
    Posted at 07:39h, 24 April Reply

    Conspiracy caught on tape. Interesting how former Gov Rod Blagoiavich went
    to prison for 14 years with no funds stolen. But hundreds of these municipal,
    fire, park, school districts etc continue
    to steal funds and believe they are above
    the law. Our Federal Government prosecuted Blago but with IL being $220
    Billion in deficit doesn’t file investigations
    against those who have perpetrated these
    outrageous financial crimes. The general
    public has become extremely angry and more than likely we will begin to see Old
    West Justice unfold if Federal authorities
    continue to turn a blind eye to all these
    illegal activities. Our family doesn’t venture into Chicago with 1,000 shootings
    thus far. I and my wife have had it with IL
    and in the process of moving out of state.

  • Dave L.
    Posted at 08:21h, 24 April Reply

    Another joke from Ron…..whats the attorney going to do???? NOTHING!! I find this amusing, 4 crybabies pouting at a public meeting.

  • Citizen
    Posted at 08:35h, 24 April Reply

    You should add that Step did not pay his camp site rental last year until heat was turned up on him

    • jmkraft
      Posted at 08:40h, 24 April Reply

      saving that for another article

  • Live Free or Die
    Posted at 08:36h, 24 April Reply

    Is it just me or are their actions very fascist like?

  • jannie
    Posted at 10:03h, 24 April Reply

    I find it distressing that public bodies who are suppose to be “transparent” are upset when groups or individuals foia requests for information. And, I have personally experienced that if they don’t like that you ask questions (foia) the public body may find ways to intimidate those requesting information.
    At the local level I have been very surprised that this kind of stuff goes on. I don’t know if the sense of “power” has gone to these people’s head or what. But, it’s not right — it’s about time that people who don’t agree with those in office — run for those seats in the next election.

    • Jim Kennedy
      Posted at 10:47h, 24 April Reply

      Well even when the media does the reporting the entity continues to break
      the law because in Illinois every government entity has some degree
      of fraud. Until more Federal oversight
      sends more of these thieves to prison
      they will not stop. The only other action
      one can take is to leave the state.

  • Smoke screen
    Posted at 11:57h, 24 April Reply

    It’s not a vote but it is, an expendature the park doesn’t need. Piss away another 20,000 easily just because you can’t follow the law

    • jannie
      Posted at 15:46h, 24 April Reply

      Unfortunately – it’s the taxpayers money they’re spending to do this!

  • lawyerlyone
    Posted at 13:39h, 24 April Reply

    So why weren’t they arrested? Call the sheriff. This is outrageously illegal.

    • Lisa Nickie Thomas
      Posted at 21:48h, 27 April Reply

      Done. Filed complaint 2 days ago. No questions from Sheriff’s office. They filed the complaint and video with the State’s attorney who has already chosen to disregard election law, perjury, and has conflicts of interests. What’s going to happen? Probably not a DAMN THING. I’ve heard it may be a possibility that the state’s attorney may become a party of the conspiracy to commit intimidation by inaction, but I will leave that up to lawyers to figure out.

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