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Joe Ewing – Commits the Ultimate Betrayal of Public Trust –

Clark Co., IL. (ECWd) –

As if participating in election fraud was not enough for the “Honorable”, LOL, Joe Ewing, he decided to kick-it-up-a-notch and appoint his very own Judge and Jury, which includes himself, by way of Ethics Commission appointments.

We realize that Clark County Park District Policy states that the board chairman appoints the Ethics Commission, however, when a position is conflicted with an ethics complaint, the chairman should have requested the board appoint the commission members.

Ethics Commission members:

Glen Knuehnel

  •  Neighbor and friend of Ron Stone
  •  Has stated this is a waste of time and resources
  •  “Fixes” the budget by simply “adding income”

Gary Strohm

  •  Owner of the Marshall Advocate and a newspaper in Casey
  •  Has recently written in opposition of all efforts to hold the park board accountable to the law
  •  Contractually obligated to Ron Stone (as a business partner), who is also named in the Ethics Complaint
  •  Does business with the Park District on a regular basis
  •  Former Park District Commissioner who has violated the same laws as these defendants have violated
  •  Biased in favor of ALL the “defendants”
  •  Stands to gain future business with the district should he “tow-the-line”
  •  Has consistently demonstrated a bias against any sort of reform to hold public officials accountable
  •  Tells Terry Stepp (named in complaint) he will give him print space in his newspapers to tell everyone how awful all those FOIA requesters have been to the park district and how the district is so helpless in the spotlight

Joe Ewing  —  Since there are supposed to be three Ethics Commissioners, we can only assume that Joe Ewing has appointed himself as an Ethics Commissioner

  •  Committed election fraud
  •  Named as “defendant” in the Ethics Complaint


The appointment of the Ethics Commission was conducted in secret, outside of a public meeting. Is it any wonder Ewing wouldn’t say who the Commissioners would be at the Park District meeting held last month?

The thought of an “ETHICS” commission being appointed in such an unethical way is the ultimate betrayal of public trust.


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  1. I am appalled that Mr. Ewing would appoint himself to the Ethics Commission that will hear a complaint that he has been named in.

    I am a Clark County property owner, taxpayer and voter with a voice that will not accept this type of foolish, arrogant, self-serving behavior by any elected official during the next election.

    We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid. Ben Franklin

  2. It is this kind of behavior that discourages people from participating in any part of government. It’s not the people who ask that the law is upheld that keeps good people from participating, it is those who do everything they can to keep the law broken. Yes, there are people in the communities in the park district who do care.

    • Few are in an uproar. No one speaks out. That’s why this bs continues. Our newspaper prints nothing about the negative facts. It seems only a few have the time or balls to stand up!

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