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May 19, 2024

Clark County Park District – Joe Ewing: His forged petitions gains him Board Chairmanship –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On May 22, 2015

Clark Co., IL. (ECWd) –

During the May 21, 2015 Clark County Park District Board of Commissioners meeting, Commissioner Joe Ewing was named the board chairman for the next year.

This comes on the heals of a letter I had sent him regarding previously undiscovered information related to the April 7, 2015 election.

Read the letter, let it sink in really good, then finish reading this article:

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OK, now that you have read the letter, it should be clear that I attempted to obtain a response from him on this issue. I also left him a message on his voice-mail and sent him three text messages. No response.

The two attached files can be viewed here: OriginalForged

Background on the open seats for this past election:

This election there were 5 open seats as a Clark County Park District Commissioner

4 of those open seats were for 4-year Full Terms

1 of those open seats was for a 2-year Unexpired Term

So the Official Ballot will have a space to “Vote for no more than four” and a space to “Vote for one” listed for the voters to decide who the four-year and the two-year-unexpired Commissioners would be.

Petitions submitted to the Park District

Prior to the last day to file petitions, all of the candidates had submitted their petitions to the “Local Election Authority”, which in this case is the Clark County Park District office. Once those petition are submitted, NO changes can be made – by anyone.

On the day prior to the last day to file objections, I went to the park district office with at least two other individuals, looked at all of the petitions, and obtained copies of those petitions that did not have their pages numbered.

All petitions I received had “4-year Full Term” annotated on the petitions – which meant that no candidate had submitted petitions for the “2-year unexpired term”. What this would have done, is left a vacant seat for the new board to appoint a person to the 2-year unexpired term.

All the candidates should have been listed under “4-year full term” on the official ballot.

Petitions submitted to the Clark County Clerk

In the petition files listed above, you can see a clear difference in the two petition packets on pages 3, 4, 5, and 6 of each file in the block entitled “Office”.

The Park District, under the direction of Charity Murphy, its Executive Director, submitted the petitions to the Clark County Clerk and certified the order they candidates would appear on the ballot, as well as which seats they were candidates for.

Sometime after I picked these petitions up they were “changed” to reflect that Ewing was running for the “2-year vacancy” seat instead of the 4-year seat he initially turned the petitions in for. Additionally, “Upon Information and Belief“, I believe this “change” was completed under the direction of Charity Murphy, and that Joe Ewing was fully aware that this happened…and he stayed silent.

The results of this action, and Ewing’s knowledge of it have consequences, but only if the public, and proper authorities decide that elections are too important to allow them to be corrupted by any means:

– LOSS OF PUBLIC TRUST. The loss of public trust in this public body and of the election process in Clark County will not be easily dismissed. The documents presented in this article should compel every voting citizen in the County to demand a criminal investigation into what happened, and who directed it.

– FORGERY. These documents are forged and were presented to an election official as true.

– FORGERY. These documents were forged after they were Notarized – meaning they presented fraudulent notarized documents to an election official.

– Official Misconduct. Presenting forged documents as if they were truthful.

– Undermining the electoral process and continuing the culture of silence and corruption that has plagued the Clark County Park District for so long.

– FRAUD. Fraud on the public, fraud on the remaining commissioners, fraud against the voters, fraud against the Notary Public (Tammy S. Remlinger) that notarized the petitions, and fraud against the County Clerk.

– ELECTION INTERFERENCE.  Interfering with an election – while an employee of the very public body, the “Local Election Official”  tasked with ensuring fair, honest, and proper elections.

 – A complete disregard for the Illinois Election Code.

 I almost forgot the best part. After this occurred is when Charity Murphy received her two pay raises that included a free annual campsite worth over $1700.00……AND Ewing voted yes for both pay raises.

I remember he once told me that all he was interested in doing was the right thing. He must have changed his mind because this was definitely not the right thing to do.


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