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College of DuPage – Watchdogs hit it out of the park!

DuPage Co. (ECWd) –

With close to two years invested in exposing the actions of soon to be “former” COD president Robert Breuder, we are taking great pride in the Board Packet that outlines the reasons this person is to be terminated, especially in light of Breuders reference to us being nothing more than a couple hay seeds from Southern Illinois.

Item # 2 -Electioneering and engaging in prohibited political activity during both the 2010 Bond Referendum and the 2015 Board Election, including:

We covered this in numerous articles

 In short, we hit that one out of the park!

Item #3 – Mismanaging College and Foundation funds, including a lack of oversight, lack of accountability and failure to implement proper controls, as evidenced by:

Item 3 lists a huge volume of wrongdoing that covers everything from the investments, Waterleaf, Inn at Waters Edge, WDCB Radio Station and Max McGraw.

This list of articles tie directly to items 3b-3i:

Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation:  Clearly our Grand Slam!


Inn at Waters Edge:

WDCB Radio Station:

Investment related issues:

Item #4Damaging the College and the Office of the College President’s reputation through improper conduct with respect to a $20,000,000 grant from the State of Illinois in spring 2014.

Although this list is not inclusive of everything we have covered on these topics, it is clear that our reporting was instrumental in many of the justifications for Breuder’s Termination.

I have to laugh looking back at former Chairman Erin Birt’s comments about our exposing her DUI and other issues at COD back in August of 2014.   (“When you write on your little blogs…”)

I guess she underestimated this “little blog”

Next Stop – Prosecutions! 

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  1. if the intonation in calling one a “hayseed” is dumb, naïve, unworldly, out of touch, then the true hayseed is breuder et. al., who thought all the others were the hayseeds.

  2. you guys spew lies and half truths and think you’ve accomplished something? still no indictments…as much as you try to cajole prosecutors into believing some crime syndicate has taken over COD, you keep being proven wrong. keep up the great work…idiots.

    • Don’t worry B. Crocker – they are coming…and the only one left will be you, holding your idiot hat.
      We have never been proven wrong with our writings on COD.
      Are you upset about the firing of Breuder on tonight’s agenda?

  3. Nothing wrong with being a seed. The right seeds grow and blossom and wreak havoc on your plumbing if you build too close. Mighty powerful little seeds those Watchdogs!