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July 20, 2024

College of DuPage President receives “F” in truthfulness…

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On November 8, 2014

College of DuPage –  (ECWd)

Lying appears to now be common place for Dr. Breuder, College of DuPage President,  and it’s rapidly showing the justification for his immediate termination. However, like most public bodies, few elected officials have the courage to make tough choices.

In coverage of Breuder’s recent whining filled with deceptive, and what I would consider outright lies, I filed more Freedom of Information requests and sure enough, the response tells it all.  (Click here for the Breuder master of Deception article)

Claims made by Breuder:

  • “The ROI in terms of money spent versus either dollars raised or friendships created and solidified is significant.”
  • “Since 2009, $26,133.83 has been spent, in accordance with College protocol”
  • “Over these six years, hundreds of thousands of dollars has been raised for our Foundation”that directly benefits our College.”

My FOIA request:

  • Copy of return on investment documentation pertaining to the expenditure of COD funds at Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation.
  • Copy of COD Protocol used for the expenditure of funds at Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation
  • Copy of all funds raised over the last six years because of COD expenditures at Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation

Now considering what I asked for was very specific, and tied directly to the claims made by Breuder in his weekly newsletter, you would think he would have something to back up his claims.

Nope! Not a single Document!

(Click here to read the FOIA and the COD response)

So a College President tries to imply it is the media tarnishing a school’s good name, and can have a weekly bully pulpit to spew his lies, and the Board of Trustees do nothing.  By all indications the ongoing tarnishing is the tarnishing of Dr. Breuder as he is the one who continues to mislead the public with claims they have no documents to support.

This guy tried to justify his illegal spending of tax dollars on his private hunt club touting the return on investment versus money spent is significant, and as you can see by the fact they don’t have a single document to show any return on investment. Can one safely assume this is yet another lie?  You decide!

The spending of those tax dollars for his private hunt club was all done in accordance with protocol?  How can it be done in accordance with protocol when you don’t have one that you can provide the public?  Is this protocol claim another lie?  You decide!

Hundreds of thousands have been raised, get ready folks because here is the master at deception working, “for our foundation”.  So now, in Breuder’s mind, he can spend tax payer dollars on things that raise money for the foundation?

I don’t see anything in his contract that outlines he is suppose to be raising money for a non-profit foundation.  The raising of funds for the Foundation is the foundation’s responsibility!

It’s a slick claim that the public can’t verify because we don’t have public access to the foundation. What is so dangerous with this scheme is he can spend college money to raise money for a foundation who decides how it is used on the College and not the trustees of the college.  Those types of deals always lead to insider dealings that corrupt the system and they are void of most, if not all, transparency.

It will be interesting to see what turns up with this close knit relationship as we do have access to all those invoices from businesses owned and or operated by Foundation members who are doing massive amounts of business with COD.

Are we seeing the pay to play concept being used at COD?  Are the foundation board members getting inside deals on contracts even though they may not be the low bidder on certain projects?  What other hanky-panky might be going on with Breuder and certain foundation members?

Thanks to everyone who keeps streaming in the information to help us put this puzzle of deception together.  The information is priceless!

As I have said before I will say again, Breuder, you need to resign and save the College and your family from further embarrassment, however, I would prefer you be fired but I know Erin Birt doesn’t have the courage to do the right thing.


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  • Dave
    Posted at 08:41h, 08 November Reply

    The arrogance of this elitist is off the charts…. maybe its time to defund COD of our tax dollars till they regain institutional control.

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