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May 19, 2024

COD Curriculum – Breuder 101- A lesson in ethical conduct –

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On November 19, 2014

DuPage Co. – (ECWd)

When people read they learn.  It is commonly refereed to as an education.  Today is our first lesson called Breuder 101 – A lesson in ethical conduct.

It is a short lesson that I think most could pass, however, do not be fooled by the ease of the course.  Its importance may well become a case study nation wide!

Lesson #1

Read the Employee Ethics Policy 15-25 – There will be a test!  (Click here for Board Policy 15-25)

Lesson #2

Review the receipts from expenditures by Dr. Breuder while paying particular attention to names, dates, times, and number of guests.

(Click here for Waterleaf purchase)

(Click here for Inn at the Waters Edge receipts)

(Click here for GIFTS receipt for Senior Management Team)

Lesson #3

Review Breuder’s employment contract paying particular attention to the termination section.

(Click here for Breuder employment contract)

Lesson #4

Using what ever resource material necessary, define the term “Public Purpose” as it relates to spending COD taxpayer funds. (hint – Click here)

Read Article VIII, Section 1, of the Illinois State Constitution. (Click here for Art.VIII Section 1)

Test Questions.

  1. Is Dr. Robert Breuder an employee of COD?
  2. Does the Board Policy cover all employees?
  3. How many receipts from the Waterleaf reflect purchases that have no public purpose – At least one, more than one, or need more information.
  4. How many receipts from the Inn at Waters Edge have no public purpose?
  5. Does purchasing gifts serve a public purpose, and if so please explain.
  6. Does having drinks over a several hour period with an Administrative Assistant serve a public purpose?
  7. What public purpose is served by the taxpayer paying for Breuder’s hotel stays at COD?
  8. Is there anything in Board Policy 15-25 that has been violated?  If so explain.
  9. Can you identify any violations by Breuder that would qualify as a termination clause in his employment contract.
  10. If you were a COD Board member what action would you take, if any, against Robert Breuder, COD President.


  1. Yes, Robert Breuder is an employee for the College of DuPage
  2. Yes, the board policy covers all personnel at COD
  3. More than 1
  4. All of them with Robert Breuder’s name on them
  5. No. Use of public funds to buy gifts is a violation of the law.
  6. No public purpose is obtained by the College President spending hours in the bar drinking.
  7. No public purpose is obtained by the College President spending tax payer funds for him to lodge at the COD hotel.
  8. Yes!
    #1 of that policy was violated by Breuders use of College services, material, and property for personal benefit or profit. Not having to pay for food, drinks, and lodging is a benefit to him and a cost to the tax payer and serves no public purpose
    #2 of that policy was violated by Breuder’s participation in the purchase of products (booze & food), services (lodging) of which they all resulted in personal gain –
    #3 of that policy was violated, as anyone with half a brain would consider it unethical or unprofessional behavior in the workplace to order drinks during the work day
    #4 may have been a violated policy, however, this course study did not provide the necessary background documents to make that determination.
  9.  Sections (ii), (iii), and (V)
    (ii) The president failed to perform the reasonable and legitimate directives of the Board by consistently violating Board Policy which is in fact a reasonable and legitimate directive of the Board
    (iii) Breuder’s use of public funds for his personal lodging constitutes misconduct and is materially detrimental to the reputation of the Board or the College in the community
    (iv) Breuder’s use of public funds for his personal drinking, eating and lodging constitutes misconduct and is materially detrimental to the reputation of the President in the community.
  10. Pick any of the rock solid Board Policy violations and terminate him for cause for his material failure to perform multiple board directives.  In addition I would demand a criminal investigation for the use of public funds for private gain which constitutes Official Misconduct.

The purpose of this course is to lay the foundation for the most basic principal with our form of Government. The use of our tax dollars must serve a public purpose. The government only has the power granted and when those in charge take it upon themselves to expand their powers without any legislative authority we are no longer being governed by laws, and each time this happens it is the taxpayer who pays the price.

We the People must understand, as referenced in the last three words of our Pledge of Allegiance, Justice for All has a purpose.

  • There is no liberty when justice is not applied.
  • The country is divisible without justice.
  • A country without Justice applied is not a Nation under God.

If the laws are not applied against those who violate them we will be destined to fail as a society. Justice for All has a specific meaning and allowing those in positions of power to get away with criminal acts means we have failed as a Republic.

Don’t let the ideology of one side or another influence this most important element of our justice system.  We must hold everyone accountable regardless of who they are and ensure all of our laws are applied equally.



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