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July 21, 2024

COD- More Lies from Breuder – Where’s the money?

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On March 3, 2015

DuPage Co. (ECWd) –

What do you call it when a person makes a claim in a response to the Faculty No Confidence vote that has no record to support the claim?

A Lie!

I know, many are squirming in their seat as very few want to go that far because you just don’t know what the other side of the story is.  I have reported on numerous half truths and out right deceptive comments by Breuder to include last weeks article pertaining to the annexation issues and intergovernmental agreements. (Click here for that article.)

Breuder statement:This past year, Waterleaf brought “16,000” guests to College of DuPage. It is a strong marketing tool, and we have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars by way of the restaurant. It is an important beacon demonstrating the quality and service we provide, both for our students and the region.” (Click here to see response – Page 23 highlighted)

One lie at a time please! 

“This past year, Waterleaf brought “16,000” guests to College of DuPage.

Page 20 of the presentation provided at the last COD Board meeting and I quote: “As of December 2014, the Waterleaf served 11,574 customers, compared to 7,125 in the respective prior year period.” (Click here for report see page 20)

Let’s make sure we are clear on this one as I know this word-manipulating primadonna will claim he was talking about “guests” and the report was talking about “customers”, as in paying for their food.  I hope he tries to imply his number represents how many walked through the doors, of which some were not customers.  That would represent a 4,426 person difference, which would imply a whole lot of people ate on the tax payer dime!  Maybe that is why they are bleeding money?

“We have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars by way of the restaurant”

Is that so?  Hundreds of Thousands?  Sound familiar!?  It should as we previously covered the use of that exact same phrase: “Over these six years, hundreds of thousands of dollars has been raised for our Foundation”that directly benefits our College”, yet they had NO records to support such a claim. (Click here for previous article) 

Breuder talks a lot, but the pattern has been established that his words lack substance! We have learned very well, just because this guy says something does not make it truth. Our very foundation of reporting was based on two fact based questions, Says Who and With What proof?  That principal is why we publish the documents in support of the reporting.  Otherwise it is just someone’s opinion.

I sent a FOIA request to COD and asked for a “copy of all funds raised by way of the Water leaf Restaurant as a marketing tool.”

“The college does not have any responsive document to your request.” (Click here for COD response to FOIA)

So what do you call it when the President of a College claims “hundreds of thousands” have been raised yet they can not produce one document to support that claim?  Where did all the money go?  Hundreds of thousands yet not one shred of documentation to show where this money is?  Clean Audit?

It’s not much different than his attempt at justifying his hunt club membership.  You may recall he claimed “the return on investment in terms of money spent versus either dollars raised or friendships created and solidified is significant”, yet they had no records to support that claim either. (Click here for that article) 

I believe this fresh example of not being honest with the public is sufficient to bring embarrassment to the Board of Trustees and harm their reputation which was a criteria in his severance agreement.

That being the case, please use this example to NEVER name a building on COD campus after this guy!



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  • Indy Jones
    Posted at 08:35h, 05 March Reply

    The only lies being spoken here are from Kirk Allen and John Kraft. I would include Kathy Hamilton in that string except for the fact that, unless Adam Andrzejewski or her husband John don’t tell her what to say, she is incapable of forming a sentence. Truth be told, you use outright lies, half truths and a complete ignorance of how to run anything, let alone a community college, to further your cause. Illinois Leaks, Open the Books and those that follow are really nothing more than vigilantes looking to degrade the name and reputations of anyone who doesn’t believe in their form of transparency or democracy.

    While they may have started with good intentions of making government more open and accountable, they have lost sight of their original purpose. No one has been indicted or convicted by any of the crap that these people throw out.

    • Kirk Allen
      Posted at 15:34h, 05 March Reply

      Indy Jones, please point out the lies you claim are being spoken and we will address them. It’s sad to see that you fail to see valid concerns when raised. A president that claims hundreds of thousands have been raised who cant produce one shred of evidence to support it would fall into the very same category as the one you place Kathy Hamilton.

      Rest assured we have not lost site of our original purpose. Your attempt to validate your position by citing there has been no indictment or conviction by any of the issues raised is pretty week.

      Its like saying since you have never been ticketed for speeding you have never gone over the speed limit.

      We have no control over what States Attorney’s prosecute or dont prosecute but to think everything is fine because of that shows total ignorance on your part as it relates to the criminal system.

      What you dont know is what is really happening behind the scenes. What are you going to say when your statement is proven wrong?

      Attacking the messenger is always a first sign of arrogance and/or ignorance.

      • Pro COD
        Posted at 23:50h, 05 March Reply

        College of Dupage had garnered a fantastic reputation before the seek-the-truth bozos came along. Great campus, great reputation, huge financial reserves, one of the only colleges gaining enrollment, etc. Then people from outside our county come in under the guise of fighting for us – but really fighting for Board seats and elections? Reputation ruined. How many thousands of taxpayer funds spent on FOIA requests? Go home.

        • Kirk Allen
          Posted at 09:04h, 06 March Reply

          Outside your county? What about all those inside your county exposing the very same thing? If the college would put all their records on line there would be no need for FOIA requests. You want to talk about tax payer funds being spent on things they are entitled to by law yet over $9.4 Million in losses in the last 7 years doesn’t seem to bother you. Rest assured, as I stated at the last meeting, we are just getting started.

          And as far as claiming this is about an election, please explain how we have made this a political matter? This is not about politics. Its about financial responsibility.

        • jmkraft
          Posted at 11:11h, 06 March Reply

          Pro COD – Your timing of this comment could not have been any better. Please read this:

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