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April 19, 2024

COD- President Breuder- No need to be Truthful

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On February 23, 2015

DuPage Co. (ECWd) –

Today in the Daily Herald, COD President Breuder attempted to deflect the issues raised by the vote of no confidence, however, it is clear he has once again shown his inability to be totally honest with the public.

In response to claims that Breuder de-annexed the college from Glen Ellyn, the president said: the school has never been de-annexed and continues to pay applicable village taxes. He said the village and college reached an agreement in 2012, giving authority over college campus construction to DuPage County while the college remained incorporated in the village.” (Click here for Daily Herald Article)

“The school has never been de-annexed”

First, one must understand the word game this master of deception plays.  Although we suspect everyone knew what was implied with the subject of de-annexation in the no confidence matter, the legal terminology was not applied and that gives Breuder the door opener to spew more deception and attempt at discrediting the Faculty by placing well crafted spin to his response.

In order to “de-annex” you must first be annexed.  I first wrote about this in October and exposed the lies contained in the very petition to the courts regarding COD “annexing” into another Fire District.  (Click here for that article)

It is rather comical to see the web that has been woven since Breuder started, and the people involved.  The petition to the courts that contained the lie was signed by none other than former Board Chairman and current board candidate Dave Carlin.  The lie is #4 of the joint petition to Annex Territories.  (Click here for copy of Petition)

#4. The Village of Glen Ellyn does not operate a fire department

Glen Ellyn did and still does operate a fire department.  Mr. Carlin basically lied to the courts, but in fairness, I suspect he simply did what Breuder told him to based on the history we are seeing.

Although the legal terminology of what happened is “annexation”, it was by it’s very nature a de-annexation from the Glenn Elyn Fire Department.

March 15, 2012 Regular Meeting: Vice Chairman Birt moved, Trustee Svoboda seconded, that the Board approve the Joint Petition to Annex into Lisle-Woodridge Fire District.  Motion carried unanimously.”

Having busted up an illegal fire annexation that happened in approximately 1972 in my own township, I am very familiar with this process and what happens when a property is annexed in or de-annexed back out, which is what I managed to make happen in my fire district over 30 years after the annexation.

You must learn to analyze every word this man spews!

“president said the school has never been de-annexed and continues to pay applicable village taxes.”

Yes, from a legal terminology standpoint, the school has never been de-annexed, however, annexing into another territory is taking yourself out of a territory so by that action it is a de-annexation, but that’s not the best part of his words!

“continues to pay applicable village taxes”

Define applicable?  A business that operates on campus is subject to property tax assessment by the county and those taxes are dispersed accordingly.  In this case, any fire protection district tax would go to the district providing the service, which in this case would not be the Village of Glen Ellyn………because as Breuder pointed out in his attempt to spin things his way, they would not be applicable!

The biggest spin in this particular issue is the fact that even by being technically correct that there was no “de“-annexation and that applicable village taxes are being paid, he implies with his response the only thing that happen was an agreement with the village and the county, which is an outright lie!  (Click here for the intergovernmental agreement)

Records prove there was in fact annexation matters before the courts, of which exhibits used in that process contained FALSE information, and an intergovernmental agreement.  So for Breuder to imply the only thing that happened was “giving authority over college campus construction to DuPage County” lays down yet additional failure to tell the whole truth to the public.

Another statement he made in his response to the faculty was pertaining to the terms of the intergovernmental agreement.  He stated: “At the end of five years and every five years thereafter, the parties have the options to renew the agreement, remain with the Village, subject to Village jurisdiction, or proceed with de-annexation. The agreement will be automatically renewed after 20 years for five-year terms, unless previously terminated.” (Click here for his no confidence response – see page 25-26)

“renewed after 20 years for five-year terms”

What does the intergovernmental agreement say?

“The initial term of this Agreement shall be for five (5) years from the date set forth in Paragraph 6, above, (“Initial Tenn”) and shall remain in full force and effect unless otherwise terminated by the County in accordance with this paragraph due to a breach. Following the Initial Term, this Agreement shall automatically renew on the fifth
anniversary of its effective date for successive five (5) year terms (individually “Subsequent Renewal Term”) without the need for further action by the parties”  (Click here for the intergovernmental agreement)

Does anyone see anything about renewal after 20 years? 

There is no confusion, Robert Breuder is a master at deception and his own words prove it!

(Click here for all the annexation documents we obtained about 6 months ago)


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