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December 2, 2023

County Board member Heltsley is a hopeless mess – Part 1 –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On October 9, 2014


This one is special, and Edgar County should be proud his performance – LOL…

All I can say is: “Where are the data and documents to support your claims”. He cannot produce them because they do not exist.

Heltsley goes on a blinding rant swatting at anything he thinks he can find, and the Prairie Press prints it. How much lower can we get in this county?

I will take my time on this series of articles for a couple of reasons. First, to ensure I have all the documentation to support what I claim, and, second, to make sure this series lasts a few weeks so people do not forget about it anytime soon.

I will start with the easy one:

Heltsley puts “former law enforcement investigator” in the signature of his letter.

I won’t call that one an out-right lie, but only that it might not be entirely true.

If you remember back to the “good old days” of the lawless Crippes regime where rapists were told they could “resign with dignity” and the State Police asked to “stop investigating because we handled it internally“, and then giving favorable recommendations to unsuspecting future employers, you can understand where I am going with this. Parts: 12 34,  and 5

Think back also to using prisoners to roof the house of a private residence, without a roofing license, without supervision, and without insurance to cover any accidents. (Article and video here)

Now for the “law enforcement investigator” that Heltsey claimed to be.

When stating that claim, I am wondering if he is talking about the illegal letter he received during the lawless Crippes regime that he used to carry a concealed weapon illegally (article here) – the same letter that claimed he was a “covert investigator” LOL (I have to laugh every time I type that out) even though he was never paid to do the job. It is common knowledge that former Sheriff Crippes handed those letters out to his buddies with the sole purpose of violating the law by somehow trying to make it legal for them to carry concealed weapons on them – not thinking about any potential costs to the county if they did something stupid with it.

Hey, I know, maybe it is the job he had with the Illinois Department of Corrections where he was a party in a Federal Civil Rights lawsuit, and then subsequently FIRED from that job. This one is so special because he claimed during a county board meeting that he retired from DOC, just to have to go back later and apologize to the board members for lying to them after we outed him about his employment with DOC, and the fact that he did not retire from there.

Either way, I do not believe the whole truth was told in relation to the “former law enforcement investigator” in his signature block. He should probably clarify that one.




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  • Sharon Hollingsworth
    Posted at 10:20h, 10 October

    Apparently Mr. Heltsley has a profound dislike for sheriff Motley. I have met Ed Motley and his wife, Nancy, on several occasions, and have found them to be a couple of very nice people. When you look at Ed Motley’s credentials, compared to some others, he has WAY more experience than the Crippes’, Burgin’s and Heltsley’s of this county. In commenting on the recent county board meeting, I don’t see Mike Heltsley as being present, so how can he have formed much of an opinion about the proceedings.. I know we have the right in this country to voice our opinions, but, you, Mr. Heltsley, have taken that right to a whole new level. Is their anyone in this county who does anything right except Tim Crippes or Dee Burgin? From personal experience, Tim Criippes has no problem to the lying voting public, as he lied to me personally. So, why would he not lie to get what he wanted, as in the past. I have no agenda in responding to this posting, other than to say that if you don’t know ALL the facts, which you cannot get without hearing the whole conversation, keep your opinions to yourself.

  • Kip Lee
    Posted at 14:29h, 10 October

    When Heltsley, ran for Edgar County Board, he made it very clear that if elected he would straighten that sheriff (Motley) out ! My question is, if the county board runs the Sheriff’s Dept. why do we need a Sheriff, when we could just use a puppet! I’m trying to be a little humorous because I am mad! For a Edgar County Board member to be so unprofessional as to bash an elected official in a newspaper is inexcusable and disgusting! I know that most people know Heltsley, is a lying bag of wind but he is on the Edgar County Board. Clearly doing this at election time is a last ditch effort to try and get Motley out! I am sure that board members don’t always agree with what an elected official does, but tell them to their face don’t be a coward about it! I only hope that whoever wins the sheriff’s race will continue to run an honest professional office! Heltsley, please don’t claim to be a Republican!