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May 23, 2024

Dignity Part V .

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On August 11, 2012


Farnham, Crippes, St. Clair, Hopper, Burgin, Ball, Rhoads, and the beat goes on! 

From ignoring felony crimes to covering them up, it’s very clear  the history of the Edgar County Sheriff’s office is one of self-serving motivations from personal enrichment to blatant power trips and even criminal acts. 

Karl Farnham has pointed out his actions are past the statute of limitations, or so he thinks.  For the sake of bringing “this” series to a close we will give him that position for now, but please note we have not heard a denial to his wrong doing!

The Trio of Crippes, St. Clair, and Hopper all failed to do their job and uphold their oath of office.  Yes, they are all out of their positions in Edgar County but there is no guarantee that will last.  Short of a felony conviction any one of them may well be right back in a position of power if the people of this county don’t learn from what has taken place and demand action against them.  

It’s our understanding that St. Clair is taking a Chief of Police job in Newman, Illinois.  I wonder what that city council really knows about his actions in Edgar County? 

Hopper is currently in litigation with the county in hopes of getting his job back.  Can you imagine?  This is one of the guys who informed the now convicted jailers they could simply resign with their DIGNITY and it would all basically go away.   Wake up People! 

Ball and Rhoads we never have to worry about when it comes to a position of power and/or law enforcement, as they are now felons. 

Burgin on the other hand appears to know no shame.  With a laundry list of wrong doings and a confirmed Civil Rights Violation on the books, many would think he is gone as well but no, he is not.  The County Board has REF– USED to remove him from the 911 Board and don’t ask us why as we couldn’t get a word out of them on this matter.    We know that Burgin is appealing the Civil Rights case and although very difficult to overturn a jury verdict there is a slim chance that could happen.  He too is in litigation with the county for what he claims is wrongful termination.  

Burgin is an interesting addition to this story, as it paints the pattern of practice well established by his mentors; Farnham, Crippes, and Hopper.  I have not forgotten the phone call from Burgin in which he threatened me with a law suit for our exposure of the truth.  From padding his pay check to illegal expenditures of 911 money, all validated and factual! 

He could not intimidate me into silence.  What he did do though, is provide valuable insight into what we are dealing with in this county.  You see, his comment, after over an hour of trying to intimidate me, was a shift of him realizing we are neither stupid nor afraid.  He acknowledged he had first hand knowledge of criminal acts of powerful figures in this town and if he could be protected he could bring them all down.  

That acknowledgement fits the pattern perfectly of how these people operate.  They KNOW when things are wrong but they use them as a chip in the game instead of upholding their oath of office to enforce the law!  That chip in the game is what is leading to their serfdom cracking. But until its crumbled and washed down the drain, our work is not done. 

Mr. Burgin has no business in any public capacity as he can’t be trusted.  He has lied to me, deceived the county with a bogus invoice that he was forced to pay back, and even lied to his own attorney in his attempts to intimidate us with his bogus law suit, yet his current actions point to a person who still thinks he has done nothing wrong.  He is at a point of wrong is right, as that is how its done in Edgar County.  

How bad was it under the watch of Tim Crippes?  Try this shoe on for size and see how fast your feet begin to swell and stink!

“When the Employer has “reasonable” suspicions to believe that a deputy is then under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs during the course of the work day, the Employer shall have the right to require the deputy to submit to alcohol or drug testing as set forth in this agreement.    There shall be no random or unit wide  testing of deputies, except random testing of an individual deputy as authorized in section 8 of the contract”


Can you believe YOUR county board and past Sheriff Tim Crippes actually approved this kind of contract for your LAW ENFORCEMENT personel?

From Section 8 of the Contract:  In the first instance that a deputy is found to be under the influence of alcohol, and all deputies who voluntarily seek assistance with drug and or alcohol related problems, SHALL NOT BE subject to ANY disciplinary or other adverse employment action by the county! 

Yes people, that is in their contract!  First time is a FREEBIE!   

Ok, in fairness, section 8 portion of the contract is based on a condition of the following:

a. The deputy agreeing to appropriate treatment as determined by the physician involved.

b. The deputy discontinue his use of illegal drugs or abuse of alcohol

c. The deputy complete the course of treatment prescribed, including an “after-care” group for a period of up to twelve months.

d. The deputy agrees to submit to random testing during hours of work during the period of “after-care”.

The best part!: 

The foregoing shall not limit the county’s right to discipline deputies for misconduct provided such discipline shall not be increased or imposed DUE TO ALCOHOL OR DRUG — USE! 

So in short, you can’t random drug test them, can’t discipline them when you do catch them doing it the first time, and even if you do catch them they get to go on the 4 step program and all is fine and dandy!

People, it’s this type of stuff that leads to the clear decay of our society and breakdown of our moral fiber, not to mention total loss of trust in our government.  This contract was put in motion by Monte Spillman, seconded by Verlin Funkhowser, and signed by Chairman of the Board, the infamous Jim Keller!  Monte Spillman is no longer on the board and with God’s Grace we will be rid of Funkhowser and Keller this November as they are not running again.  Sadly, people like Farnham are going to still be sitting on our county board and we must not forget his pattern of practice as sheriff was the mold cast for others to follow.  

Will you help break the mold and cast a new one?   

I pray that each and every one of you, who voted for people that allowed this to be in a contract for our law enforcement, thinks long and hard about your next voting experience and I beg of you to let it be a vote not based on what you “think” of the person, but what you now KNOW!

As if this is not enough, one only need to read the previous 4 parts of our Dignity series to grasp how bad things are with this culture of corruption.  We know many refuse to accept the truth for what it is, and that being the case, I challenge you to READ the entire ISP file that was the focus of most of this series and see for yourself how inept Tim Crippes, Roger Hopper, and Shane St. Clair were in the handling of felony crimes by two of their own. 

My question still stands:  Why have they not been charged with misconduct for covering this up?  The two files make it clear what a real investigation is and how it should be conducted.  Interviews spanning 4 different state corrections facilities and months of work, unlike the TWO DAYS of Tim Crippes and his cronies trying to simply have them resign with their Dignity!

I do caution those willing to download and read these files.  In many places you may feel as if your reading a smut book.

ISP File #1

ISP File #2

Wake up people!  You may not be able to recover from voting a different Sheriff into office that has NO CLUE what law enforcement is!  Yes, it’s more than two years away, but it’s now that you need to learn the truth and apply it! 

God Help Us!



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  • Chad Nichols
    Posted at 01:32h, 12 August

    Couldnt read it all, makes me sick to think about
    what is going on around this area.

  • Rory Steidl
    Posted at 16:56h, 23 August

    There are many good people in Paris and Edgar County who
    are totally undeserving of the poor and sometimes criminal
    “leadership” that has flourished, via “The Network.” It
    saddens me to think back to those every day citizens whom
    I’ve known and respected, knowing now what has been
    perpetrated upon them. I’ve waited for change in Edgar
    County, since I moved away in 1979. Sadly, only now are a
    few calling attention to the pervasive rot that has infected
    city and county government. It makes one wonder how many
    of the “leaders” on the boards and other positions of authority
    intentionally look the other way by design. Do they go along
    to get along, because they’re not sharp enough to become educated
    about their responsibilities and duties? Do they not have the
    backbone to stand up for what is right? Or, could it have
    something to do with the fact that they have governed with greed
    and indifference, and and are quite aware that others know enough
    to take some of them down? The old, “you scratch my back; I scratch
    Looking the other way is never a good thing, regardless
    of your rationale. That’s what happens when you compromise your
    ethics. Regardless of the reason, whether criminal culpability,
    cronyism, or just plain ignorance and lack of personal / professional
    ethics, the net effect is the same. It’s time for the good people
    of Paris and Edgar County to stand up for what is right and demand
    accountability from everyone who governs or represents them. Have
    the back bone to support those who actively call for change and
    accountability. Until you do, the same old destructive attitude,
    “that’s the way we do things over here” will continue to prevail.
    When you hear someone say that or go along with it, shame them for
    being either ignorant, having no back bone, or ask them what’s in it
    for them. They are only contributing to the ongoing problems by
    validating the unethical and / or illegal actions of others. Good
    luck to those of you who are smart enough to desire and are brave
    enough to speak up for change and accountability. Remember, evil
    flourishes when good men stand by and do nothing.

  • anonymous
    Posted at 11:57h, 31 August

    All of this makes me sick I have known Shane St.Clair
    for a long long time and I don’t care what you all
    have to say and make up on here, Shane is a great
    person and would do a nything for anyone all this
    is is hot gossip. Shane did so much for that sheriffs
    dept. I think he was one of the only good and honest
    guys in there! Instead of trying to ruin everyone
    else’s lives why don’t you start working on yours
    all you do is try and start a bunch of shit! grow up!

  • Kirk Allen
    Posted at 12:08h, 31 August

    Hardly Hot Gossip. Disprove one element and we will run it
    as a feature story. The ISP report is FACTUAL Documents
    and to imply that informatoin is Gossip speaks the level
    of knowledge you have on the information provided.
    Clearly you have not read the entire series to grasp the
    magnatude of the corruption Shane was involved with and
    did nothing to stop.