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Heltsley Sticks It To Us – Burgin/Hopper Rake It In –


The Edgar County Board held a special meeting today and as expected, Mike Heltsley led the charge to ensure Burgin and Hopper didn’t have to face the arbitrator for the set-off determination by making the motion to pass the settlement for both of them.  We had previously reported this was about to happen, and was driven by Heltsley (here). His motion was seconded by Board member Alan Zuber. As it relates to Burgin, all voted in favor except Dan Bruner. The chairman failed to vote again.

Helstley’s second motion was seconded by Board member Dale English as it relates to Hopper. All voted in favor except the Chairman who failed to vote again.

Contrary to months of Mike Heltsley telling the world that this matter was going to cost the county $300,000.00 (this article), Mike was wrong again.  The total amount came to $186,030.58 which is over $113,000.00 less than claimed by Mr. Helstley.

I’m sure it will be touted and praised that Burgin and Hopper reduced what they were after in order to get a quick settlement, but the key point that people need to be aware of, is that it could have been significantly less if Heltsley didn’t “stick it to you” and had the matter been allowed to go to arbitration for set-off determinations. Instead of “made whole”, they were enriched.

— No motion was made to retain Burgin’s settlement funds as partial payment of the $100,000.00 that he still owes the taxpayers of Edgar County for the ambulance service contract (review our “Ten Years of Deceit” series).
— He was successful in squeezing an additional $64,000 in January of 2013 in a different lawsuit (here) stemming from an agreement with former sheriff Crippes.
— He was also a major player in Edgar County’s insurance paying out $162,738.00 in 2012 when he lost a federal civil rights lawsuit.

But him and those that support him think that we are costing the county money with a few FOIA requests. Think about that the next time you hear that one.

The document that says it all better than we could dream of is from the Attorney representing the county who pleaded with them to not settle this.  Read it for yourself!

[gview file=”https://edgarcountywatchdogs.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/Motley-Memorandum-on-Hopper-Burgin.pdf” save=”1″]

As usual, here are the supporting documents for this article:

(Click here for Burgin Settlement document)

(Click here for Hopper Settlement document)

(Click Here for Sheriff’s justification to allow arbitrator determine set off)



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