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July 20, 2024

Mike Heltsley Lies Again, Wants Taxpayers To Pay More –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On June 4, 2014

Here we have a County Board member, who has continually gone out of his way on a personal vendetta, month after month, against our elected Sheriff.
It is no secret that Heltsley lies almost every time he opens his mouth. Now he wants you to think the Sheriff has all of us in debt by $300,000. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Remember this: They are to be made “whole”, not unjustly enriched.

When will it end?

Heltsley asks when will it end, like he doesn’t know and this letter  isn’t simply a way to throw more gas into the fire.
Mike, it was never a decision of yours, you should have kept yourself out of it. You stated you “consulted with other board members”, but you failed to mention it was not your job to consult with them. Interesting comment all things considered because it sure points to discussing county business in a private setting, which is illegal.  The peoples business shall be conducted with open doors Mr. Helstley!
It is the job of the Sheriff and his attorney to come to an agreement with Hopper and Burgin and their attorney, all with the direction of the arbitrator, just as the court ordered, which once again confirms it’s not your place to insert yourself into those negotiations. We get it though, you support a civil rights violator and deputies that violated the law with self serving purchases from the Sheriff’s office.
You have already stated that you wanted to “stick it to him”, meaning the Sheriff, by paying out as much as possible. He is trying to mitigate the loss while you are still trying to “stick it to him”.
Are you still upset he wouldn’t let you continue carrying a weapon illegally by claiming to be a “covert investigator” LOL?
Quit trying to get your buddies extra money on the backs of the taxpayers. Do your job by assisting the Sheriff in mitigating the loss, not trying to hinder his mitigation efforts.
Once again, you are supposed to represent all of the residents of your district, not just Hopper and Burgin or your own personal agenda.
Just so people reading this know who you are and what you have done the past couple of years, the following should jog their memory.

Now, let’s rehash some of the lies from the past two years or so:

– We owe $300,000 – LIE – you just wished we owed that much and are trying to make sure we owe that much
– I retired from Department of Corrections – LIE – You were removed for reasons not publicly released yet however sources point to your actions leading to your termination were not much different than Burgins past actions.
– I am a “covert investigator” – LIE (there is no such thing)
– I feel harassed – LIE (he probably feels guilty instead)
– I took the Open Meetings Act Training – (NOT according to the Attorney General)
– I wrote tons of jail inspection reports, was in the same office – LIE (click here)
– I was intimately involved in that investigation – LIE (click here)
– Letter to the editor claiming he’s trying to save taxpayer’s money – LIE (click here)
– Claims Jimmy Wells had eviction authority – LIE (click here)
– Claims four people wanting to bid on the airport business lease – LIE (click here)
– Doesn’t want commercial operation at the airport – LIE (click here)


– Says he never reads anything before voting on it
– Tries to justify the concept of bid-rigging (click here)
– Claims it is nobody’s business how the airport operates (click here)
– Claims we have no right to know about illegal public bank accounts (click here)
– Wanted to show a local insurance company the quotes from others before deciding which one to approve (click here)
– Places an extra large, 4 foot by 8 foot, racist political sign in his front yard
– Colludes with Chris Patrick, Jimmy Wells, and Adonna Bennett on the airport lies
– Votes NO on Deputy pay raises as political stunt against the Sheriff (click here)
– Violated peoples rights while performing as an Edgar County Deputy with illegal traffic stops to satisfy his own curiosity – (click here – page 20 – line 21-23)
HeltsleyPayTooMuch (WinCE)


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  • Sick of it all....
    Posted at 13:31h, 04 June Reply

    I read the Letter to the Editor signed by Mr. Heltsley, stating in his words that he had reached an agreement with Burgin and Hopper to settle for “significantly less” than what they were owed. His words…… my question is…… does he know what was owed? Did he have all the information regarding the money they’ve made during that time? The information that the attorney has requested so that they can determine what is actually owed?? How did Mr. Helstley deterrmine what was owed? Was he not going to take into consideration the income they received from other employers or unemployment? Doesn’t seem like Mr. Heltsley was in possession of any facts… which is not unusual….but I for one don’t like that he has any control over finances for our county if that is the way he conducts business. Just pick a number and we should all agree that is what should be paid with nothing to back up the figures? And of course, in his own words he admitted to having illegal discussions regarding county business with other board members, but again, nothing unusual. Just his way of doing busines HIS way and not the lawful, legal way. How much longer do we have to put up with the nonsense he’s putting our county through?

  • Eric Pratt
    Posted at 18:05h, 04 June Reply

    “Says he never reads anything before voting on it” speaks volumes. Is that an attempt at deniability? (Really? I never knew. I didn’t read it, I just voted on it).
    Honesty is central to credibility and character. People who say things they can neither support or are proven false are people with opinions I cannot respect or accept. As a member of the county board Mike Heltsley has an obligation to speak truthfully. If he honestly feels an aspect of a settlement between the former deputies and the Sheriff should include “sticking it to the Sheriff” I applaud his honesty and will remember his motives as petty and vindictive, neither of which support the interests of Edgar County.
    Did he talk to the deputies about a settlement? Okay. As a board member it is his responsibility to represent the best interests of Edgar County. He is not, and should not, be in a position to represent any party in the matter except those which serve interests of the people of Edgar County. If his actions are illegal or unethical then he needs to stop.
    The rules in place exist for a reason. Everything works better when people follow the rules. It is just so much easier.

  • franklin
    Posted at 19:06h, 04 June Reply

    Interesting comment all things considered because it sure points to discussing county business in a private setting, which is illegal. The peoples business shall be conducted with open doors Mr. Helstley!
    He can discuss as long no more than 3 are present then it becomes illegal.
    Correct yes or no

    • jmkraft
      Posted at 08:23h, 05 June Reply

      7 board members means that 4 is a quorum and 3 is a majority of a quorum. A majority of a quorum constitutes a “meeting” if public business is discussed…so 2 people would not be a meeting, but 3 or more would be.

  • Disturbed
    Posted at 13:31h, 05 June Reply

    Happy to hear you have exposed Mike Heltsley, for what he is, a liar. It made me mad and then sad when I read the letter to the editor in the Paris Beacon he put in. If he has something to say to a elected official then say it to them in person or in a executive session. He has given the County Board a black eye by putting a letter to the editor in the paper signed by him as a Edgar County Board Member. This is unacceptable and he should immediately apologize to the other members or resign. What authority does he have to go behind an elected officials back and his attorney to cut a deal with the two individuals. I will be the first to admit that I don’t know Illinois law but to me this should be official misconduct! If this is the case then he should resign immediately.
    When Heltsley ran for County Board he made no bones about telling people that he wanted on the board so he could straighten the Sheriff out! Of course people that know him knew it was Heltsley blowing off wind. He has now made it in writing that he has a personal vendetta towards Sheriff Motley and this has no place with him being a member of the Edgar County Board! This shows that he is biased towards any vote he may make concerning the Sheriff’s Dept. and is not in the best interest of the taxpayers.
    Heltsley needs to pull up his big boy pants and quit being an embarrassment to the other members who are acting like professionals. If you see any of the board members please thank them for their service being professional and not acting like a idiot such as Heltsley!
    Heltsley needs to keep his nose out of matters that he has no control over and let the proper people take care of it or better yet resign!

  • old
    Posted at 20:46h, 07 June Reply

    Really Mike, get a life. Let the Sheriff and the Attorneys handle this problem, it just isn’t your business to stick your nose in it. Your attitude of sticking it to the sheriff is not what we want to hear from our board members. Your are an embarrassment to the county. To bring other BM into the mix is not cool. Hopper and Burgin brought this on themselves, all they had to do is follow the law and do what needed to be done. But thanks to our former sheriffs they felt they didn’t need to, now we have this situation and you are not helping it by stirring shit and trying to make decisions that are not yours to make. Why don’t you do the county a favor and resign, go stir shit with that company you work for in TH.

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