Photos of Cockroaches Found In B & J’s Restaurant –


The Edgar County Health Department has provided their report, including photos, on their inspection of B & J Restaurant in Paris, Illinois.

We previously reported on this (B & J’s Restaurant: Customer Complained About Cockroaches, Got Banned From Restaurant) and said we would update it with the actual report of the inspection once it was obtained from the Health Department.

As it turns out, there were 4 complaints between June and July of this year. First was a complaint about proper use of gloves, then live roaches, then gnats and flies, and finally roaches again.

Several people commented on our previous article questioning the truth of the facts presented, and after receiving the Health Department’s inspection report, everything previously reported is proven to be correct, and there are now pictures from the inspection to prove it.

The Health Department did close the restaurant, and the inspection involved more than simply “thermometers and books” as the owner might lead people to believe.

We understand the restaurant has taken steps to fix the problems, which included improper temperatures, freezer burned food, and insects. the last Health Department inspected did not find the same problems – so it is obvious they are trying to fix it and keep it fixed.

The complete 22 page report obtained from the Edgar County Health Department is below:

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B & J’s Restaurant: Customer Complained About Cockroaches, Got Banned From Restaurant –


According to a customer of B & J’s restaurant (aka “The Track Shack” as it is also known due to its proximity to the railroad tracks), he complained to the Edgar County Health Department about seeing cockroaches while eating in B &J’s Restaurant. The Health Department performed an inspection and noted the refrigerator was not keeping food cold enough and chose not to continue with their inspection at that point.

The restaurant closed until that problem was fixed.

He complained a second time to the Health Department about cockroaches after observing them in a subsequent visit to drink some coffee, and the health department arrived to perform another inspection.

During this inspection, the owner decided to take the food away from the customer’s (Rob Bogue) 3-year-old grand daughter, who had not finished eating yet, and ordered Rob to leave the premises. Other customers were in there, and they were allowed to stay, so we can assume he knew who filed the second complaint.

But, it did not stop there…

The owner decided to place a letter in the local newspaper after the first inspection that basically stated the Health Department did not know anything about operating a restaurant, they just showed up with a thermometer and book – which, incidentally, is a major part of operating a food establishment (keeping food at the proper temperature).

The Health Department did the job it was supposed to do, in our opinion.

Food not kept at the proper temperature can be a health hazard.

He also placed a poorly written and misspelled letter by the door telling everyone that “Attendtion” . . .  “No service to ‘Robet’ Bogue” in B & J’s.

The bottom line of this story is that if you complain about food safety and cockroaches in B & J’s Restaurant in Paris, Illinois, be prepared to have your name on the wall telling every customer that you are not allowed to be served there again – without any explanation as to why you are not allowed in there again.

Other customers deserve to know why Rob was banned so that they don’t dare complain to the Edgar County Health Department about cockroaches in B & J’s Restaurant at 256 N. Main St. in Paris, IL 61944, phone number  (217) 465-9006,  for fear of being banned and humiliated in a similar way.

Our next article will discuss those complaints, and the Health Department’s inspection results will be provided to our readers so they can formulate their own opinions.

We tried contacting the owner for a statement, by calling the restaurant and leaving a message with an employee, but did not hear back at publication time.


He Complained About Cockroaches











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US Justice Dept. looking at Wind Power Bribery and Corruption…


A few months ago, we reported on what we called bribing public officials, with promises of financial “donations” should they sign agreements that basically forced them and future board members into speaking in favor of Wind Farms and never speaking or acting against them.

Our previous hard-hitting article entitled Mt. Pulaski CUSD-23 School Board selling its soul to Meridien and Relight Wind Farms drew large reader volume and exposed for the first time in Illinois the fact that Wind Companies were using a bribery tactic to force supporting testimony in front of unwary Zoning Boards across this state. This was under the guise of a Project Support Agreement“.

We called it bribery at the time, and still believe it to be bribery.

We call on concerned citizens to demand their local prosecutors to investigate the “support agreements” and prosecute the offenders if they believe it to be bribery. Is this really any different than offering millions of dollars in “donations” for approval of any other zoning question?

Money for support – Pay-to-Play – Bribery – However you want to frame the argument, the result is the same. Please read the linked article below:

US Justice Dept Takes on Wind Power Outfits’ Bribery & Corruption

Lies, treachery and deceit are the hallmarks of the wind industry – fraud of all manner of descriptions is de rigueur for wind power outfits; and whether it’s bribery and fraud; vote rigging scandals; tax fraud; investor fraud or REC fraudcrooks and corruption rule.

These boys are the grand masters of fleecing customers and shareholders; and hood-winking rural communities alike – see our posts here and here and here.

Bribery is standard practice; deployed to get unwilling locals and venal council members on-side:

UK Wind Industry Turns to Bribery as it Fails to “Win Brit’s Hearts & Minds”

However, as anger turns to fury, not only are rural communities refusing to be bought off with trinkets and blankets, they’ve called the wind industry’s efforts to ‘grease’ the wheels of…continue reading (here).

TurbineInFlames (WinCE)

Champaign-Urbana Public Health District bought a …… wait for it…. a …-

Champaign, IL. (ECWd)

Amazing. Your tax dollars at work.

It appears the Champaign-Urbana Public Health District decided to participate in the Pride Parade (2014 and 2015), which is fine if that is what they want to do.

In order to participate in the parade, they decided it would be a good idea to purchase some “HIV Prevention Equipment”, another not-so-bad-idea…if what they purchased was actually HIV prevention equipment.

The problem with the purchase is two-fold:

First- they purchased a walking penis costume and called it HIV prevention equipment. I think we can all agree that a walking penis costume is not EQUIPMENT for HIV prevention. Condoms may well be, but this thing is not.

Second – they paid sales tax on the purchase when they are a government body and tax exempt. The cost of this costume was $200.00, plus $17.50 tax, for a total of $217.50. Paying sales tax is not a public purpose and is constitutional violation [Article VIII, Section 1].

The coding of this parade costume and paying taxes on the purchase lead to more questions:

  • How many other purchases are miscoded?
  • How many more purchases are made that include sales tax?
  • Was this bought with an HIV prevention equipment grant?

Download (PDF, 97KB)


Edgar Co. FOIA case Allen v. HFS appeal docketed in Appellate Court –


The FOIA case Allen v. Illinois State Health and Family Services has been appealed to the Appellate Court. This comes after Allen prevailed in Edgar County Circuit Court, and later found additional public records not presented by HFS to the Court. He then filed a Petition for Reconsideration, which was denied by the Edgar County Circuit Court.

Oral arguments are tentatively scheduled for May of 2015.

Download (PDF, 79KB)

Download (PDF, 22KB)

Previous articles on this case are HERE and HERE



Iroquois County reveals forensic audit results –

Ford-Iroquois Co. (ECWd)

Once again our work has been independently validated!  The disbanded Ford-Iroquois County Public Health Department was a cesspool of corruption, and Iroquois County State’s Attorney, Jim Devine, has failed to prosecute a single person.

Andrew Garret with Garret Discovery was tasked with a computer forensic audit on hard drive images created by Clifton, Larson and Allen Accounting Firm, in response to a forensic financial audit requested by the Ford Iroquois County Health Department Board for evidence of waste, fraud and/or abuse.

The results should infuriate each and every person in this state, and the evidence  is clear this audit uncovered proof that outright theft has taken place. (Click here to review the report presented to the board)

By all indications Doug Corbett, former FIPHD administrator, and his right hand employee, Cary Hagen, appear to capture the heart of the illegal activity. However, Julie Clark may well have set the standard for a true “Jekyll and Hyde” demeanor by a public official.

Communications on social media and E-mail between this group continually reflect a Christian leaning ideology, while at the same time they are blatantly stealing from the public.  It is beyond me, and others, how these people can sleep at night while insinuating they are God-focused people, when in reality they’re nothing more than wolves in sheep’s clothing fleecing the public at every turn.

I believe this statement read by the Iroquois County Board Chairman Rod Copas sums it up best. We will post the video from today’s meeting after we get it uploaded.

Download (PDF, 336KB)




Doug Corbett, Julie Clark, Stan Clark, Cary Hagen – Collusion confirmed-

Iroquois Co. (ECWd) –

Ford-Iroquois Public Health Department former employees, Doug Corbett, Julie Clark, and Cary Hagen were colluding on the illegal solar panel purchase in direct violation of the law.

You must read the previous article on this matter to grasp the magnitude of this fraud and the value of recent e-mails uncovered.  (Click here for previous article on Solar Panel Fraud – Iroquois County).  Many of the local supporters of these un-prosecuted criminals claimed we lied and twisted the facts, all while the documents support every word expressed.

Interestingly enough these people were stupid enough to refuse to give us the recently obtained e-mail records requested in our FOIA’s, so maybe it is time to take them back to court? (Click here for previous FOIA request in which they failed to provide key records under item #4)

These records, as if the others were not enough, prove without question the Solar Panel procurement process by this group was illegal and they orchestrated events to make it happen, as well as tried to cover it up by concealing these particular records.

Stan Clark, owner of Day & Night Solar is the spouse of Julie Clark, former FIPHD employee and by all indications she was a ring leader in the process.  She happens to be the  sister to convicted criminal Deanna Lustfelt, who just happens to be the wife of Iroquois County Circuit Judge Gordon Lustfeldt. (Indictment Here) (Judgment Here).  As pointed out in this article, it appears these actions must run in the family!

Stan Clark was included in the communications on the scheme to allow this fraud to take place, and considering State’s Attorney Jim Devine has done absolutely nothing to hold these people accountable it makes you wonder why?  Is the fact he has to bring cases before a judge who is related by marriage to these people?  Is it because the sitting Sheriff is the brother to one of these law breakers?  Is it because of knowledge of questionable past actions by certain people in the county have been kept secret?  Or is it more of the same for Illinois State’s Attorneys who simply refuse to prosecute public corruption……..unless of course it involves the apposing political party?

Regardless of the reasons, the timeline of facts prove without question Cary Hagen, Julie Clark, and Doug Corbet all played a role in these illegal activities based on the paper trail.

June 24th, 2011 – Doug Corbett claims “Good News” – Cary Hagen spoke with the state’s attorney and was informed we don’t have to go public to accept bids over $10,000.

Why is it “Good News” to not have a public bid?  Does anyone purchase things like insurance without first getting multiple quotes to ensure you are getting the best deal?  Don’t most people drive several blocks in order to get gas a few cents cheaper?  Why is it “Good News” that they don’t have to have public bids?

 Three days later, a new twist in the communication to the same people who received the June 24th e-mail. 

June 27th – 2011 – Doug Corbett claims State’s Attorney stated they do not have to have sealed bids and they need to change their procurement policy.

According to Jim Devine, no such communication ever took place.  One that did take place on this matter was a response to the forensic auditor, who failed to find the  key e-mail evidence of the collusion.  Devine made it clear he did not advise Cary Hagen of what she claimed in her e-mail, and in fact if he would have told her anything, implying that he doesn’t recall any communication with her on it, he would have told her they must have public bids for anything “over” $10,000.00.

Why send that communication at all?   Was it to provide cover to the scheme they concocted to commit this fraud?  Records prove that Cary Hagen and Julie Clark discussed changing the policy earlier in the morning of this communication.  Why send this e-mail out?  All indications point to an attempt to provide cover.

Less than two hours after Corbett’s email on the 27th, Stan Clark, owner of Day and Night Solar, who was included on the June 27th, 2011 e-mail asks: “This is good I presume?”

Forty Five minutes later Julie Clark, wife of Stan Clark, sends a response to her husband with the clincher that at the time probably gave them reason to celebrate however now that this has been exposed may send them seeking a good criminal defense attorney!

“This is good I presume?” :   “Yes, Cary and I discussed this earlier this morning.  We are going to change our policy to read that we don’t have to get sealed bids.”

For starters, employees have NO AUTHORITY to arbitrarily change a policy of the public body.  Only the trustees of that public body have that power and these people knew that as was evident from numerous meeting discussion.

The communications between Doug Corbett, Julie Clark, Stan Clark with Day & Night Solar, and Cary Hagen show the collusion that took place all in an effort to ensure the Solar Panel Purchase was done through the spouse of Julie Clark, which in essence puts money in her pocket as well.

Julie Clark’s e-mail confirms they were going to fabricate a policy to allow them to break the law.  Fabricate because the existing policy at the time forbid this type of action and they knew it because the actual procurement policy spells it out quite well, and Julie Clark was very familiar with it because she shared it in an email with Doug Corbett.  (Click here for procurement policy)

The confidence that they were going to get away with this fraud is shown in an e-mail Cary Hagen sent on August 1st, 2011 to the sales representative of Day & Night Solar, Andrea Wetzel.

“I’m going to start calling the Board of Health members for a special meeting to review the bids and to vote on a decision.”

I say confidence in their actions, because during our investigation it was quite evident the Health Board at that time did what ever Doug Corbett and his team suggested.  They were all asleep at the wheel and because of that it’s clear this team of law breakers knew they could funnel the solar panel purchase to Stan Clark with Day & Night Solar and the board would never know the real truth.

So confident, that the contract with Day & Night Solar was already signed before Cary Hagen sent her e-mail to the sales rep claiming they were going to get the board to vote on it! That was proven by the forensic audit and we exposed it in this article.

Click here for forensic audit to support our assertions the board was asleep at the wheel, page 6 of the forensic audit and that a contract was signed prior to the e-mail Cary claimed she was going to send to board members.

Below are the two recently uncovered e-mails that I suspect a small group in Iroquois county probably wished were never found.  They were subject to past FOIA request and it is clear the FIPDH people failed to provide them and it’s possible the forensic auditors either failed to find them or they found them and others within the county chose to suppress them from our requests.  Time will tell, it always does!

E-mails confirming Collusion on Solar Panel procurement

Cary Hagen E-mail to Day & Night Solar Sales rep August 1st, 2011

With these most recent e-mails its even clearer than before! Julie Clark, Doug Corbett, and Cary Hagen all played a role in the illegal Solar Panel procurement. Stan Clark, as the contractor, was kept in the communication loop of all the illegal activity as well!  Stay tuned for more evidence that shows other solar panel information was shared with Stan Clark which basically gave him a heads up of what the competitor was submitting!



Ebola – Political chess game with our lives?

Illinois – (ECWd)

I pray this is one big false alarm. However, if it’s not and this turns out to be a path taken by Governor Quinn in order to get out in front of yet another colossal failure for political gain, I am afraid we have a lot more to worry about!

Thursday October 16th, 2014 – late afternoon – Phone calls roll in to us with claims we have a confirmed case of Ebola in Illinois.

After the third report, which were consistent with the previous two, I started calling my sources within the healthcare community.  It didn’t take long to get confirming stories.  In fact, one county board chairman confirmed the information was also shared with him by their health administrator.

Quinn Administration encouraging secrecy in matters related to our health and safety!

After speaking with a county health administrator it was clear that all those informed of this case on Thursday were given explicit instruction that the information is NOT to be shared because Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) is going to inform everyone on Friday during a 2:30 Press Conference.

I contacted my State Representative to find out if they have been advised of the situation and he had heard nothing.

Friday’s press release from IDPH makes many disturbing claims that should concern each and every person in this state.  (Click here for copy of press release)

  • Governor Quinn directs agency to assemble Ebola Preparedness Task Force, Announces Informational Hotline and Website

Is that so?  Does anyone else see a problem with that statement?   Considering we have a director of Public Health in this state, shouldn’t this have been something that should have been done weeks ago without having to be told by the Governor, or was it already being done and the Governor used this as another political stunt to impress voters?

  • While any hospital in Illinois that follows the Centers for Disease Control and Preventions (CDC) infections control recommendations and can isolate a patient in a private room can care for a patient, a designated hospital will have staff with Ebola-specific training.

Oh really?  Any hospital?  Are they serious?  ANY hospital can isolate a patient in a private room and care for the patient?  Does anyone in this state believe such a claim considering what we have seen in Dallas over the last week?

Saturday morning I drove to Springfield, and was informed by a source that the Ebola case they were told about Thursday the 16th was in Will County, near Kankakee, Illinois, and that the information was shared with state health administrators and county health departments.  So far we have confirmed this communication through a county health administrator but they would not disclose the location because of orders from IDPH to keep this whole matter secret.

We received a call from our local health department that claimed there was no case, which was in direct contradiction to other reports from what has proven over the past to be reliable sources.

My Springfield contact stated that it was clear Thursday we had a case in this state and that information was shared to include instructions that the information not be leaked as IDPH would let the public know the next day.  This source also confirmed what was described as chaos in the office Friday morning and they were shocked to hear that a now claimed “mistake” was made and the person just had the flu.

Saturday afternoon I get a call from my State Rep and was informed that the Governor is going to have a conference call with all the legislatures and staff on Monday.

I pray that a simple case of the flu is all that took place, however, there are too many concerning claims and instructions in this case to have any confidence in that position.

  1. Why contact health administrators statewide informing them we have a case or a suspected case if we didn’t know?
  2. Why give instructions for those same health administrators to keep it quiet?
  3. In less than 24 hours it went from we have a case or suspected case with explicit instructions to keep quite, to all is OK, it was just the flu?
  4. Governor Quinn is going to brief all our representatives on something Monday morning?

People’s lives are being impacted across this nation with the Ebola outbreak and the negligent handling of it by our Federal Government.  We don’t need more of the same in our State Government either!

Again, I pray this was nothing but a massive mistake, however, the track record of this administration provides little hope for that to be the case.

Our prayers go out to all of those impacted by this deadly virus and may God help us if we find out our own Governor was a party to keeping this event a secret from the public.  I pray that is not the case!


IDPH - Ebola


Gov Quinn refuses Legislative Audit Commission request for E-mails –


Legislative Audit Commission Representative David Reis and
Computer Forensic Expert Andrew Garrett
were  refused access to CMS and Emails by direction of Governor Quinn
The Audit Commission was formed by elected officials to investigate the failed Governor’s Anti-Violence program.  The Anti-Violence program allegedly was used to boost votes for the Governor in the south side of Chicago during election time by bribing leaders with grant money. The same scheme was played out with College of Dupage President Brueder just a few months ago (here).   David Reis wants access to view the documents and emails held by the Quinn Administration.  So far to date, the Governor’s office has done nothing but stifle the investigations of the Audit Commission.
You can see from the attached letters the deponents are not willing to testify and based on Wednesday’s actions, the Governor is not willing to allow the Commission to view the records claiming that over 97% of all the emails sent by the employees of the IVPA are privileged based on attorney client protection.   This is ridiculous!
The attached letter from Dr. Irving’s counsel, one can see that there are 100k plus emails and that 7k were produced, but in comparison , the Governor’s office only gave the Audit Commission a few thousand from ALL of the former employees and claimed attorney client privilege on the rest.  It is very obvious from the letter written that the Governor’s General Counsel John Schomberg is instructing the former employee’s counsel to withhold documents from the Commission.  
The state lost any ability to claim attorney-client protection based on the fact that the Governor released all of the documents to a non-employee (Irving) and has failed to ask for the documents to be returned or destroyed as one would claim inadvertent release.   The tactic of stonewalling has even gone as far as forcing legislators to file FOIA requests in order to receive any information from government.  This really causes problems as we the tax payer elected an official, whom cannot do their job because they cannot get information because the Governor stifles them.
Call anytime to speak with David Reis or Dwight Kay regarding the withholding of documents from the public and Commission.
E-mail sent to Simone McNeil – (Click Here)
Director of the State of Illinois Central Management Services

Download (PDF, 99KB)

Quote from Andrew Garrett  – eDiscovery expert with Garrett Discovery Inc.:  
The protocol established by Mr. Reis is one that has been used by almost every Federal court as a means to get to the ‘truth’ when there are conflicting reports from either party regarding what is available and what has been destroyed.   Case in point is the Carlock v. Williamson case that just settled in Sangamon county where a Federal Judge ordered myself on behalf of the plaintiff’s to enter the facility of the Sheriff’s office and copy the entire email server including attorney client protected materials.  Once keyword searches were conducted the results were submitted to the defendants so they could claim privilege and the resulting set sent to the plaintiff’s.   This is normal course of business when there are claims that evidence has been withheld and this is why there is an entire industry of eDiscovery / Forensic experts to aid the parties in situations just like the one the commission is facing”.
Letters (click to read):
Dr. Irving

 Rep. Reis to Gov Quinn

Malcolm Weems

Barbara Shaw

Simone McNeil

Other news reports on this subject:

Chicago Sun-Times

WICS News Channel 20


Gov. Pat Quinn first to face felony concealment charge?


Governor Quinn may be the first to face criminal charges stemming from a bill he signed a week ago, provided the Sangamon County State’s Attorney is willing to enforce the new law!

Gov. Quinn signed into law on August 26th, 2014, changes to the Local Records Act.  Specifically, the amended law has much stiffer penalties for those who violate it.  “Any person who knowingly, without lawful authority and with the intent to defraud any party, public officer, or entity, alters, destroys, defaces, removes, or conceals any public record commits a Class 4 felony.”  (Click Here for IPI Article on the new law)

What do you call it when a Governor forces a sitting State Representative to file Freedom of Information Act Requests (FOIA) for records, and even after doing that is not given the records he requested?  Most would consider it concealment of public records.

State Representative Dwight Kay felt strong enough about the records in question that he actually sued the Department of Health and Family Services, as did I.  I won my case in Edgar County Circuit Court, however, we have filed to open the case back up because of concealment of records and we have the evidence to prove it.  Representative Kay filed his initial suit for pretty much the same reason as I did, refusal to provide all the records requested. (Click here for HFS Law Suit article)

Now with the new bill that Gov. Quinn just signed into law, Representative Kay sent a zinger of a letter to the Governor’s legal counsel demanding the requested records be turned over.  He considers any refusal to do so a direct violation of the very bill the Governor signed last week.  Contained in the letter is a court transcript from another case that makes it very clear elected officials do not have to FOIA records in the performance of their elected duties, as we have said for years!

It is sad to see that elected officials have to go to this level to obtain public records, and we can only pray this sends the message to the rest of those who continually manipulate FOIA requests and fail to provide what is asked for.

I think with the evidence we have, a substantial case could be made that there is in fact an orchestrated cover-up going on to conceal records that will prove wrong-doing within the Governor’s Administration.

Download (PDF, 376KB)


REBOOT ILLINOIS: Iroquois County corruption successfully rooted out…

From REBOOT Illinois:

The new Iroquois County Health Department began its operations July 1 as its own single-county department for the first time since 1980 after the Ford-Iroquois County Health Department shut down June 1 amid allegations of misappropriation of funds, mishandling of contract bids and other illegal behavior.

It all started with an anonymous tip from a whistle-blower.

Kirk Allen, head of the Edgar County Watchdogs (an organization founded in 2011 as an effort to hold government accountable), received a tip about possible wrongdoing by members of the health department. Allen said said he suspects the tip came from a neighbor of a department member. He and his Edgar County Watchdogs partner John Kraft began to investigate, filing Freedom of Information Act requests about the board’s meeting minutes and spending records, but noticed parts were missing.

“When you don’t get the full FOIA request, you know there’s a problem,” Allen said.

When the Iroquois County State’s Attorney ordered the…

Read more:


Public Integrity Bureau charges former Health Dept Official with theft / misconduct –


County Health Departments appear to have given rise to an epidemic from within. We reported on the Edgar County Health Department’s now convicted felon Chandra Smith who used the same tactics deployed in Grundy County, and we reported the Effingham County Heath Department’s director attempted to resign but was instead fired amidst our requests for financial records, and the defunct Ford-Iroquois County Health Department that still has not figured out how much was stolen, misappropriated, and given away among other things.

Now we have yet another County Health Department employee in Grundy County that thought she could get away with it.

News from Disclosure News Online (click here):



Renae Chronister, 45, of Morris, appeared today in Grundy County Criminal Court before Judge Robert Marsaglia to face one count of theft, a Class 1 felony, and one count of official misconduct, a Class 3 felony.

Madigan alleged that from 2009 to 2012, Chronister stole the money while working as bookkeeper for the Grundy County Health Department. Madigan alleged Chronister executed the scheme by pocketing cash paid to the health department by area residents and businesses for county services, including immunizations, mental health counseling and public health inspections.

An investigation by Madigan’s office, based on a referral from the Grundy County State’s Attorney’s office, found a pattern of repeated cash deposits into Chronister’s bank accounts totaling $44,000 from 2009 to 2013. Madigan’s investigation revealed Chronister used the funds for personal purchases, including dining out daily at restaurants, multiple shopping trips for clothing and numerous hair and nail salon visits.

“The defendant abused her position and access to public funds to fund shopping sprees and take trips to the salon at the expense of Grundy County taxpayers,” Madigan said.

As bookkeeper Chronister was tasked with keeping track of money received within the health department and its three different divisions: environmental, mental health and nursing. The county detected in 2012 that cash was not being consistently deposited with the county treasurer’s office from the health department and ordered an audit, which revealed the missing funds. Chronister was terminated from her position in February 2013.

Assistant Attorneys General David Navarro and Kathleen Duhig and Associate Director Louis Dolce are handling the case for Madigan’s Public Integrity Bureau with assistance from the Grundy County Sheriff’s office. The public is reminded that the defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty by a court of law.


From Chronister’s social networking site…

Stupidity and Corruption – No Shortage in Ford & Iroquois County!


In yet another amazing example of “stupid”, we have to once again break things down and show just how ignorant some nominated officials and appointed administrators really are.

Larry Hasbargen garnered enough votes during the primary to put his name on the ballet this November.  In yet another consistent ignorant rant during a recent Iroquois County Board meeting, he once again stood at the podium during public comment to go on the attack of Mr. Copas, County Board Chairman, and Dee Schippert, Iroquois County Health Department Administrator.

And of course, it took all of one FOIA request to prove not only is this potentially new county board member ignorant of the claims he spews, but he can’t even see wrongdoing in front of him when he is the one doing the digging.  This guy’s focus has been targeted on Rod Copas, who has no financial interest in any of the things he is complaining about. We can only assume his ongoing baseless attacks are related to the fact his wife was an FIPHD employee and sometimes it is tough to admit your coworkers are crooks.

Well Mr. Hasbargen, your concerns about what the new Administrator is making is not a County Board issue.  It’s a FIPHD board issue, and I don’t see you bringing up those matters there.  Maybe you should look at the person making the money, not the one trying to clean it up.

We looked at the money maker and it appears we have once again exposed yet more questionable activity within the FIPHD!  Yes, more self serving, and it’s the very person brought in to clean up the mess created by Doug Corbett, former FIPHD Administrator.  Is there something in the water in that building?

The current Administrator, Steve Williams, just happens to be the principal of RS Williams and Associates.  You see when new people come into clean things up it’s a great chance for them to get away with their own little financial initiatives because no one is paying attention to the new guy.

RS Williams and Associates is a a health care management and consulting company providing services to a variety of health related organizations. (Click here for PDF copy of main web site for RS Williams) (Direct web link – might get pulled after this article is published)

Anyone smell a problem yet?  The new FIPHD Administrator just happens to own a consulting company that provides “services” to a variety of health related organizations?

Would the FIPHD be one of those organizations?

If you answered yes, you win, unless of course you’re paying tax dollars in Ford and Iroquois County!  You see this new administrator just happens to have hired one of his other Principals,  Sheila A. Lawson, principal of RS Williams and Associates, and has been paid over $11,000.00 in 3 months for her work.

I suspect the way they will defend this conflict is to point out that the payments are going to Sheila Lawson directly, not RS Williams & Associates. Pretty slick little concept however the conflict reeks of impropriety and violates the FIPHD policy yet again!

Sadly for the taxpayers of Ford and Iroquois County it doesn’t stop there!  You see this new Administrator apparently likes to keep his business associates well funded because he also has been paying his CFO and Senior Consultant over $11,000.00 during this same time frame.  W. Edward Souther just happens to operate his own firm, Souther & Newhouse, PC.  It was that firm that just happened to get the accounting work for the FIPHD under the new leadership of Steve Williams.

Just to make sure we are all on the same page here let’s review what is taking place.

  • Past Administrator gets the boot for a laundry list of corruption.
  • Board hires a firm to find an interim Administrator
  • New guy takes over, Literally!
  • New guy hires his private business partner but fails to disclose that little tidbit to the board.
  • New guy hires his CFO and Chief Consultant of his private business but fails to disclose that little tidbit to the board.
  • New guy does all this hiring in direct conflict of the procurement policy in place, which is the same policy violated by the past Administrator!
  • Nominated County Board member attacks County Board Chairman over what the new guy is making but fails to mention anything covered in this article!

Almost forgot to mention another key element of this self serving fiasco!  The private business this current FIPHD Administrator owns is in the State of Tennessee, and the two business associates he is paying are as well!  Must have been to hard to find an accountant and development people in Illinois.

You see the key to finding people to do the work is to follow the very policy put in place. (Click here for copy of the procurement policy)

Put it out for bid!

(The following excerpts from the policy) 

  • “Small purchases are defined as the procurement of services”
  • “If the cost exceeds $2000, but is less than $3000, the public health administrator will obtain sealed bids, for the consideration of the Board of Health to award the purchase.”
  • “The advertisement will clearly define the terms of service needed”
  • No officer, employee, or his/her partner, immediate family or agent of this agency will participate in the selection, awarding or administration of a contract, if a conflict of interest, real or apparent, would be involved”
  • “If any employee or officer does not comply with this code of conduct, disciplinary action shall be taken in accordance with this agency’s disciplinary policies.”

As you can see, we once again have an Administrator at the FIPHD that has involved himself in questionable business practice and clearly has violated the very policy that was instrumental in the departure of his predecessor.

Now for all those fine people that voted for County Board candidate Larry Hasbargen in the past primary I have to ask, what on earth were you thinking?  This guy rants at meeting after meeting yet each and every time he gets proven wrong.  In most cases proven wrong in the very meeting he opened his mouth in.  So that no one forgets just who this person is, he is the same one claiming the County Chairman is not allowed to audit grants, which we clearly proved him wrong on that one!   (First coverage of this character here)

For all the FIPHD board members, did you really think it was going to end just because you got a new guy?

This should be a case study for every public board member in the country as a perfect example as to why you can NEVER let your guard down and you must question everything!

(PROOF of the Payments)

Download (PDF, 761KB)

FIPHD Grant Manipulation – Are some people going to Jail?


In yet another shocking discovery (not really!), it’s clear Doug Corbett, disgraced former Ford-Iroquois Public Health Department Administrator (FIPHD) and his team of manipulators are once again in a position that place them on the wrong side of the law.

After a review of the SBG Grant Document that outlines what was required for compliance of the grant, it’s clear once again these people either can’t read or have intentionally manipulated things for their own gain, and by all indications it’s the latter.  Personal gain appears to have included not only employees of the FIPHD but their spouses, family, and other private businesses.

From the first page of the SBG Grant Document: (Click here for SBG Grant Cover Page)

 “Property Owner will be responsible for obtaining three bids”.

“The SBG Assessment worker/Supervisor will submit all bids to the FIPHD Administrator”

Is there ANYONE that does not understand who is responsible for getting the bids?  Anyone?  Can we ALL agree that the bids are the responsibility of the property owner?  Please tell me you all agree with that!  Who were all the bids to go to?  Yes, Doug Corbett, The FIPHD Administrator.

Now we have to look at the work of Doug Corbett, the Master Manipulator and his team of co-conspirators:

  • “Only One bid needed for work to be done”
  • “Do not let the client know how much everything costs..”
  • “Client cannot have a copy of the estimates or know how much we paid”
  • “Fill out a bid for them”
  • “Do not tell the client the process of the bid….let the client know we will call them.”
  • “Landlord does not need to know this so don’t give them the information”
  • “If on the copy of the bills the client gives the caseworkers it is marked paid, the caseworker needs to mark that out before turning in a bid”

(Click here for Copy of Team Minutes that these quotes were plucked from)

Considering the expenditure of all money by a public body is subject to the Freedom of Information Act, as well as the grant documents themselves, I think we are now starting to see why Mr. Corbett and his team lied and covered up so much of what we were demanding in our FOIA requests early on.

The effort that was taken by Mr. Corbett to divert any and all attention from his illegal acts is now much easier to understand.  We asked for certain records, they claimed they were missing.  Ask for others and we only got what they wanted us to have.  A previous article after the forensic audit proved that as it relates to the criminal solar panel scandal. (Click here  for that article)

It wasn’t enough for Mr. Corbett to break the law and spend taxpayer money in another state in an attempt to expand his empire.  No, he had to make sure he padded his own pocket, but recently obtained documents point to an intentional cover up.

Amy Corbett, the wife of Doug Corbett, received vouchers for at least $750 dollars, however, it’s the name on the voucher that points directly to fraud and a cover up.  When you get married and take on the name of your husband you can’t jump back and forth with which last name you’re going to use.

Mr. Corbett signed the very vouchers in question turned in by his wife!  Amy Corbett turned in these vouchers under the name Amy Barnett, which at the time was not her last name.  Doug Corbett knew this, yet allowed this to go through.  Why?  Puts money in his own pocket and tends not to raise any flags with the state or the feds during the approval process.  (Click here for copy of vouchers signed by Corbett)

What is clear, documents under the control of the Feds reflect that there was a distinct policy in place when it came to employees and family members who file a claim.  Clearly Mr. Corbett failed to follow that policy as well.

The FIPHD Grant Administrator, Ellen McCullough might begin thinking about turning herself in and coming clean because by all indications she is chest deep in this.  We covered what we were led to believe was just under $800,000.00 worth of business being shuffled to her husband’s business.  Turns out they lied to us with those documents as well. (Click here for article on the self serving)

The real number was just under $1,000,000.00 and no prevailing wage was ever paid as was required by state law and the grant assurance documents.  I find it hard to believe that a Grant Administrator pushing that much business to her husband didn’t know there was a problem.  Especially when the team notes kept pointing to keeping the bids in house and not letting the residents know the bids etc.

Those team minutes may well be yet another nail in the coffin for these people.   It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the manipulation, and I suspect when this information is presented to the  Federal Grand Jury they too will see the crimes for what they are.  The taxpayers have been robbed and the people deserve justice!

I once again urge each and every person involved in these clearly criminal acts to pick up the phone and call the State’s Attorney and come clean.  Come clean on everything to include the exposure of the continued self serving from within the FIPHD, which we intend on exposing more of shortly.  You wont believe what else we have found!

And for all those that received benefits from that Grant even though you had no damage, don’t think for a second you’re off the hook either.  This would include some law enforcement people and probation officers.  Might think about a new job as Moral Turpitude comes into play for you folks!

And lastly, if anyone knows the current occupation for Mr. Corbett in Leander, TX., I would appreciate knowing as I would like to FOIA his application for that job and see if he lied to them just as he did on his application in Iroquois County.

(Link to Most of the FIPHD articles)

Health Organizations Finally Realizing Wind Turbines Are Not Good –


We recently received a letter received from a Divisions Director of a Memorial Hospital takes a shot at an article written touting the grand benefits of wind turbines mitigating the effects of climate change. I have redacted the name of the hospital and the name of the writer to protect them from unnecessary harassment by people who may not agree with him:

I know you have been swamped with many items on your plate, but I wanted to revisit the email I sent you in February regarding Wind Turbines and hospital’s role in ensuring the safety and well being of their communities.  The below article demonstrates the lack of education executives of hospitals have regarding the harm and health effects of some “natural/green” energy sources.  Even though they are marketed as being “green,” it is obvious to families that have been harmed that they have not done their research to protect their community members.  As my CEO, xxxxxxxxx, has always said to the staff here at xMH, ”We offer many services that do not financially benefit our organization, but offer them to meet our community’s needs.”  In addition, xMH’s mission: To positively influence the health of those we serve, makes a loud statement in this situation.  Wind Turbines do not positively influence the health of any family, child, or other living creature, and if proper education is conducted, hospitals executives in our State will become mindful of the harm already being done in their communities or prevent harm in the future.

Should you wish to meet or talk to learn more on how we can help you educate hospital executives (especially those who serve rural areas), feel free to give xxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxx, a call or drop him a note.  His contact information and the article that prompted this email is below. 

This is the article that prompted the email exchange (CLICK HERE).

This kind of makes you wonder what the real agenda of the Vermilion County Health Department is when they refuse to take complaints on Invenergy’s California Ridge wind turbines, especially now that a local school superintendent and a hospital director have written letters referencing the same things.



Depiction of Turbines Burning in Flower Field

Depiction of Turbines Burning in Flower Field


Day & Night Solar Colluded with FIPHD Department Employees –

ECWd’s – Ford-Iroquois County

Liars & thieves are the only words that can describe these despicable people who pulled the wool over the eyes of so many they were supposed to help.  They should be in jail for their actions!

It’s so amazing I don’t even know where to start.  I have said many times, we usually know with the first FOIA response if they are hiding something and sure enough, Julie Clark failed to give us the credit card info in our first request.  Little did we know the habitual liar would be so deeply involved in criminal activity?

One of my requests for solar panel contracts with Day & Night solar generated this signed letter from Julie Clark.  (Click here to download letter).  It was referenced in one of our first articles exposing the red flags we uncovered with this criminal operation.  (Click here for article).

All indications are that the $50,000.00 forensic audit found something that Julie Clark claimed didn’t exist, a signed contract with Day & Night Solar! The summary on page 8 of the forensic audit confirms what we reported on which was that the FIPHD minutes reflect the administrator signed a contract on July 1, 2011. (Click here for Audit – see page 8)

Bring Doug Corbett into the fold and it’s clear as fine crystal the manipulation is under way to deceive the public.  Doug Corbett sends an e-mail advising Julie Clark, her husband Stan Clark, and Cary Hagen.  There are many serious concerns with that communication. 

  • Corbett claims Cary Hagen spoke with the State’s Attorney and claimed he advised them they don’t have to bid out anything “over” $10,000.00. 

Does anyone with even a smidgen of intelligence think that statement is true?  Stating you don’t have to bid out anything over $10,000.00 implies that you “do” have to bid out things under $10,000.00, which would make very little sense.  And if that is not convincing enough, the e-mail from the states attorney confirms the claim being made is not true!  (Click here for e-mail from states attorney)

  • Corbett sends the e-mail to Julie Clark and also CC’d Stan Clark, Julie Clark’s husband, and Cary Hagen.

If Cary Hagen is the one who claimed to have spoken with the State’s Attorney and provided the information to Corbett, why would he CC her on a communication that tells her what she should already know?

Why would an Administrator be communicating directly with a potential contractor in this fashion?

What is telling is the response e-mail from Julie Clark, which she sent to Corbett and her husband, Stan Clark.  (Click here to see e-mails).  In less than two hours Julie Clark provides the procurement policy and it clearly does not conform to what Mr. Corbett is claiming!  (Click here for procurement policy).  In fact, it clearly contradicts the claims attributed to Cary Hagen!

  • Corbett makes reference of the requirement for Julie Clark to denote that Stan Clark is her husband as it relates to state board of elections requirement.  In fact, he laughs about the ethics issue.  This tidbit of information is very important!  Why?

I raised the Economic Interest Disclosure issue and a claim was made by Julie Clark that she was told she wasn’t required to fill one out.  She placed that claim on the back of the County Clerk.  (Click here for previous article).  One need only read the very email she received and responded to, and you can confirm she knew she was required to fill out the document and disclose the information yet she never did!  Doing so would have exposed what we all now know!  

  • Julie Clark states that she didn’t see any reason they can’t advertise in a couple local papers as it relates to the solar panel project. 

It was one big scam being orchestrated by Doug Corbett and Julie Clark at a minimum. The forensic audit confirms a contract was signed July 1st of 2011, which is only 6 days after Julie Clark’s email claiming they could advertise in a couple papers. Corbett claims in an October 7, 2011 document (Click here for document) that he was given authorization at the July 18, 2011 meeting and needed permission to carry out the contract with Day & Night Solar. How can this be true when the board minutes reflect, as does the forensic audit, the contract was signed July 1st, 2011, which was 27 days before any publication ever existed asking for bids!

  • Julie Clark lied by claiming to the Paxton Record that the FIPHD didn’t have any regulations or other material regarding purchases and contracts. 

It’s clear reading the very email Julie Clark sent to Doug Corbett on June 24th she was well aware of a procurement policy. She has been caught in more lies than any other public official I have ever come across! (Click here for Paxton Record article confirming this) and (Click here to see her e-mail).

The facts don’t lie!  Doug Corbett and Julie Clark lied to the public and worked out an elaborate scheme to ensure Julie Clark and her husband received over $100,000.00 in a contract that they knew was in direct violation of their own policy, as well as the law.  Even after being caught they continued to lie and deceive the public by covering up documents and failing to provide requested records that would expose the fact they knew the rules.  What was in it for Doug?  Was it a paid vacation to Mexico?  Paid for by Stan and Julie Clark?  Oh what I would give to have access to their bank records during this time frame! We already know the cell phone records had charges from Mexico.

We can only pray that the federal authorities pass down indictments against these people and hold them accountable for the theft of our tax dollars because all indications nothing is being done at the county level, in spite of all the evidence.

(For a history of articles of wrongdoing by the FIPHD Click Here)


FIPHD-Final_Solar (Small)Douglas Corbett, Julie Clark, FIPHD, CMS Renewables, Day and Night Solar, Bid Rigging

IL. State Rep. Dwight Kay sues HFS for Public Records –


When Governor Pat Quinn set out to hide public records, it created an extraordinary situation where State employees refused public records requests from State Representative Dwight Kay (R), 112th District, Glen Carbon, IL. He has filed a civil suit in Sangamon County under the Illinois Freedom Of Information Act.

Case number 2014-MR-244 names as Defendants, the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services, and Julie Hamos in her official capacity as Director of HFS.  See our previous article on Director Hamos (HERE).

The suit alleges that Gov. Quinn’s office, through General Counsel Schomberg, informed Rep. Kay that any of his records requests as a State Representative would be denied and that he would have to request records through the Illinois Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) process.

Rep. Kay is seeking certain emails sent to and from Eppie Dietz, the HFS Bureau Chief of the Office of Information System and former Bureau Chief of the Office of Inspector General.  These emails were denied when submitted as a FOIA request.

The suit is seeking access to the requested records, payment of fees and costs associated with bringing the suit, and appropriate civil penalties.

Additionally, our expert ECWd opinion is that as a duly elected State Representative of the State of Illinois, he is entitled to full disclosure of public records, even if the emails were “preliminary draft, opinions, or formulary” in nature.

Download (PDF, 225KB)


Special Guest Rich Porter Discussion On Rev. Jensen.


Today we had a special guest visit our studio, Mr. Rich Porter from Ford County,  so we asked him to appear on camera to discuss Rev. Teddy Jensen, from the failed Ford-Iroquois Public Health Department. This is the bi-county Health Department that will be dissolved as of June 2014 do to an impasse between the Ford County Board, who cruises thru life with blinders on, and the Iroquois County Board who took action to fix the wrongdoings of Douglas Corbett, the former administrator. Each county will stand up its own Public Health Department at that time.

Enjoy the video!



Gov. Quinn Abuses Executive Appointment Process –


Sen. Dale Righter (R), gave a quick press conference on Gov. Quinn’s abuse of the Executive Appointment process. The latest abuse is his appointment of Julie Hamos as the Director of the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services. Instead of subjecting her to questioning from the Senate, Gov. Quinn pulled her appointment, waited a day, and reappointed her to the position.

This starts the appointment confirmation “clock” all over again. It is a questionable maneuver, but Quinn should have allowed her confirmation to move forward. Is it possible her appointment is too controversial to allow questioning considering what has transpired in the past year?

Public Act 97-0582, amending the Illinois Governmental Ethics Act and signed into law by Pat Quinn on August 26, 2011 was supposed to take care of situations like this, but apparently Quinn doesn’t see it that way.

Julie Hamos and HFS:

-Defendant in a Freedom Of Information Act civil suit in Edgar County (HERE, HERE and HERE). During almost 2 ½ hours of hearing testimony and arguments, Judge Sullivan declared Illinois State Health and Family Services to be in violation of the Illinois Freedom Of Information Act, ordered them to produce documents requested, and order them to pay Plaintiff’s costs of bringing the suit. Although plaintiff, Kirk Allen, pro se, prevailed in this suit, further information was obtained that caused Mr. Allen to petition for a new hearing.

-Hamos attempts to censor national media (HERE).

-Hamos front and center in the medicaid scandal involving the no-bid, but legal, intergovernmental agreement with Michigan to have CNSI contracted for MMIS services (HERE).

Watch Sen. Dale Righter in the below video:




Bid-Rigged Solar Panels Not Paying Off As Expected..


This article provides an update on the Ford-Iroquois Public Health Department’s solar panel project. We reported on this bid-rigged project in April of last year (click here), and recent forensic audit results confirmed it (here).  From the Paxton-Record, an outstanding local newspaper that is quickly becoming the go-to source of factual news in Ford and Iroquois Counties through their in-depth investigative research into actions of local public bodies…

PAXTON — When the Ford-Iroquois Public Health Department installed solar-panel systems on its offices in Paxton and Watseka in winter 2011, the agency’s administrator said he expected the savings on electricity bills to “completely pay off the cost of each system” in “just seven to eight years.”

Nearly 2 1/2 years later, the agency has realized some benefit from the “green” energy, but it has a ways to go to reach former Public Health Administrator Doug Corbett’s goal.

A Paxton Record analysis of electricity bills for each of the health department’s offices from January 2010 through December 2013 shows the agency was billed a total of $18,974 in the two years after the solar panels were installed, compared with $25,992 in the two years prior.

If the department continues to see a $7,018 savings every two years, it would take 17 more years to recoup the $67,000 price it paid for the solar panels. The agency obtained a $60,000 state grant to cover the rest of the $127,000 project.

Iroquois County Board Chairman Rod Copas, who also serves on the board of health, said the health board in February made its final $30,000 payment on a loan it received to pay for its portion of the solar panels’ cost.

Continue reading…

CMS Renewables, Inc. – Day and Night Solar – Bid Rigging

FIPHD Forensic Audit Results – We Were Correct!


After several months wait, the audit results are finally in!

If you can remember back almost a year ago, we started reporting on problems within the Ford-Iroquois Public Health Department. At the time we were ridiculed as being crazy and publishing false information and allegations.

These people even went so far as to issue us “take down demands” and “cease and desist” letters, and demands for return of public records provided to us thru FOIA…LOL…even those can’t stop the Truth!

The table has finally turned, and our reporting has been proven to be 100% accurate…….YET AGAIN!

There are still those from the Ford County Board that deny everything, but they are the same ones that refused to look at any of the public records we gave them. They still deny, even when faced with the results of the forensic audit – we will report on that in a future article.

The Paxton Record got it right as well!

For now, enjoy the video and download the audit summary HERE.

HERE are all the past articles on the FIPHD.


Download (PDF, 3.53MB)


FIPHDsign (WinCE)

Paxton-Record’s Top 10 for 2013 – FIPHD –


The nearly year-long investigations of the Ford-Iroquois Public Health Department by the Edgar County Watchdogs and others, including the Paxton Record’s Will Brumleve, placed this controversy on top of the list in the Paxton-Record for their top story of 2013. This story alone brought them more than 40 front page articles on this subject.

The Edgar County Watchdogs are proud to be a part of restoring transparency and accountability to the FIPHD. There were many, many people involved and we thank them also.

We also wish to say to the Paxton-Record, “Thank You”, for showing your readers what newspapers are supposed to be doing, but have long pushed aside. “The Fourth Estate”  is truely alive and well in Ford and Iroquois Counties, and will stay that way if you keep reporting truth by rooting out the details and reporting on them, however they may turn up. Thank You again!

Paxton-Record’s Top 10 of 2013

Some of our articles on the FIPHD

The Wheels of Government turn Slow


It was the first week in February when one of many whistle blowers contacted us regarding the Ford Iroquois Public Health Department.  Interesting with the many tips we got in this case, is the fact that each and everyone turned out to be spot on.

Of particular interest was the report of abusive behavior by what was the #2 at the FIPHD, Cary Hagen.  Particularity interesting because that is a tough one to get facts on other than peoples comments, which although may be credible, it doesn’t meet the standard we operate under in having hard evidence other than an oral comment.

It didn’t take long for us to realize we can accept the oral comment as hard evidence, as the oral comments spewed out of the mouth of Cary Hagen in a fashion we have never witnessed from a public employee.   We covered her public outburst in this article.

As you can see in the video in that article this woman had no place in public service, let alone being a Human Resource person.  Just this one outbreak violates numerous basic principals of confidentiality pertaining to wrong doing and is amazing that this woman has no problem blaming others yet her own actions support termination.

“Implements governing body directives and organizational policies and procedures“!

That is what her resume reflected and I am going to make a prediction that when the forensic audit comes back, at a minimum, just like we have said from day one, these people have not followed pretty much any of the policies and prodcedures and that is why they ended up with the mess they had.

“Had” because a new day is upon us!  With what many refer to as the three stooges, Corbett, Hagen, Clark, we can finally see some light at the end of the tunnel and its not a freight train because two are gone and the third on her way out shortly! They all resigned from public employment.

I received the Resignation letter from Cary Hagen and on one hand I say it’s about time, and on the other I say she should be fired and never given a chance to resign.  Apparently the new Administrator is able to see through all the “BS” and selected a qualified #2 person and it wasn’t Cary!  Her resignation was submitted within a day or two from her not being selected for the position.

Good riddance to Cary Hagen as your departure may well be the best Christmas present the good employees of the FIPHD have ever received!

What does blow my mind is the fact that there is NO ROOM for doubt on these stooges inability to perform their job, and in some cases violate the law at the criminal level, yet there has never been any charges filed against them.

Maybe that time will come when the inappropriate use of Federal Flood Money finally gets looked at by real legal authorities, or IDPH grants audited forensically for the fraud proven with them and confirmed with the State’s Attorney.

You see, the wheels of justice turn slow and more often than not people forget and move on losing what little faith we have in our system of government because basically they get away with their crap.  It’s been just shy of a year since we started digging and it’s mind blowing to see what was uncovered.

I want everyone in Iroquois County and Ford County to know this.  I won’t forget and I won’t stop screaming for accountability with each and every law enforcement agency I can think of until justice is served.

Many thanks to the dozens of great citizens who were right there with us fighting this fight and making a difference.  Rest assured your involvement matters and I urge you to get your neighbor involved and ensure your government works!

I would like to make a special thanks to the Iroquois County Chairman, Rod Copas.  Throughout this process many people slung unfounded accusations at him when we got involved.  It was sad to see because he has been one of the few elected officials who actually strives to do what the law says and does so with no gain for himself.  Most have no clue of the personal time and money it takes to do what Mr. Copas did.  He truly cared about fixing things and ensuring the taxpayer’s money was protected and used legally.  Iroquois County should be proud to have a Chairman of this quality!

Good People need to stand up and be counted!

Take back what is yours!

Wrong is Right – Up is Down – Front is Back


There is no other way to describe the events coming out of Illinois Department of Public Health than simply upside down.

You may recall the article on the FIPHD Administrator and his resume issues found in this article.  The records we received for that article came from IDPH and they failed miserably to redact private information.

Then three months later, the less than brilliant former FIPHD attorney, now private attorney for Doug Corbett…….we think, sends a demand letter to us that basically proved yet again he can’t read the law.

Now, in total amazement to me, I received this letter from IDPH making demands of me that they have absolutely no authority to make and to top it off, insinuations that I committed a crime by publishing the very information that they provided.

Just who does IDPH think they are that they have any authority to demand the return of a FOIA that they provided 4 months earlier? Not only demands of return, but demands that a certified letter (costing me money)  be sent if I had already destroyed the records.  There is NOTHING in the FOIA statute pertaining to this and we all know when the law is silent, you don’t have the authority no matter how bad you want it!

This is the response provided to them.   I then sent this response to the Public Access Counselor in the AG office for a formal review.

Where this story takes such an interesting twist is the statute and its connection and obligations of IDPH.

(5 ILCS 179/35)
    Sec. 35. Identity-protection policy; local government.
    (a) Each local government agency must draft and approve an identity-protection policy within 12 months after the effective date of this Act. The policy must do all of the following:

That little section is one that I have never heard of before, and must not only now implement with our Township and Fire Protection District, but it’s one that ALL public bodies must draft and approve.

With IDPH being a state agency and so willing to make criminal insinuations towards myself, I went ahead and sent this FOIA for the Identity-protection policy approved for IDPH, and guess what?  They have one and this is it.

So here is why all these little pieces of the puzzle are so interesting.  IDPH attempts to insinuate I violated the law, when in fact it was their own FOIA officer that not only violated the statute they tried to apply to me, which failed miserably, but even failed to comply with a policy in place as required.  So in one swell swoop they violated the statute, their own policy, and then felt the need to insinuate I did something wrong.



This language was in my response back to them when they first sent my letter.

“Considering there has been a clear acknowledged failure to comply with the statute by the FOIA officer I direct you to section 45 of the statute.”

(5 ILCS 179/45)

    Sec. 45. Violation. Any person who intentionally violates the prohibitions in Section 10 of this Act is guilty of a Class B misdemeanor.

(Source: P.A. 96-874, eff. 6-1-10.)

“Now that you are aware of a potential criminal act by a person employed with your state agency do you intend to initiate the appropriate criminal investigation and pursue prosecution? “

I think we all know the answer to that question, which is no.  I suspect the person who violated their own policy as well as state law didn’t even get a reprimand in her personnel file.  I may be wrong but I bet nothing was done about their own illegal actions.

It just amazes me how they threaten me when it was there own agency that was the problem.  It’s yet another example of how upside down things are.  They were wrong, I was right, but instead of admitting to that they took the position that they were right and I was wrong.

Our society is plagued with this type of logic and its a key factor to our own demise.

I suspect, truth be known, Doug Corbett took the first smart step we have ever seen and is taking action against IDPH for releasing his private information.  He has grounds to sue them, provided he can show damages, but all that aside, if Mr. Corbett feels the need to sue IDPH for their failure to redact private information, shouldn’t those people in Iroquois County do the same to him for his failure to redact their private information?

It’s amazing how things come full circle in life! 

More Lies from those in power!


When public officials can sit there and lie to the public without batting an eye, it’s truly a sad day in America.

We have grown to accept it as a way of the land from th0se in Washington with an attitude that it’s just the way it is.  Sadly that attitude has infected our local level of society, and we have allowed our local government to simply ignore the law and the people.  I can assure you, if you don’t fix it at the local level it’s only going to get worse.

Elynor Stagen, you flat out lied to the public and you should resign immediately!

I asked a simple question and you couldn’t even tell the truth on action you already took!  Did Ford County Board vote to hire an attorney during their special meeting?  The answer is Yes, however such a simple answer didn’t flow out of the mouth of Elynor Stagen!

She claimed everything from she didn’t know for sure, to claiming they voted to find out what had to be done, which is a meaningless statement.

Meaningless because the fact is, not only did she vote to hire an attorney, but the very contract that is now signed was prepared and available during the meeting which Ford County unanimously voted to hire the attorney.

Worse yet, the very language in that contract spells out it was not only to look into what had to be done to separate from Iroquois County, but it also spells out they were hired to establish an independent Ford County Health Department.

The video only contains the public session portion of the meeting.  Although the other parts of the meeting are noteworthy, the points of this article are the lies that are yet coming out of Ford County appointed board member Elynor Stagen.


Boom Boom Bowen, (Rick Bowen) the loose cannon of Ford County, signed a contract just days after that vote was taken.  The vote that Elynor Stagen didn’t know about, even though she voted in favor of it! You only need to read the text of the contract to realize that this decision to hire this firm was done long before the meeting was ever held.

The Mool Law Firm, LLC, is pleased you have selected the firm to represent  you regarding the matters described in the scope of representations set forth below.

What gives Bowen the authority to secure a law firm prior to any discussion in a public meeting?

The contract dated September 17th, 13 days prior to the special meeting to approve it clearly exposes the maleficence of Bowen and the rest of the Ford County Board.

Mr. Bowen, how is it that you selected the firm prior to a public meeting to even discuss this matter? 

Regardless, the special meeting was in direct violation of the county code and all action taken during that meeting shall be null and void based on that fact.  Null and void because the Loose Canon, Rick Bowen, doesn’t have the authority to call a special meeting just because he wants one.  What is so surprising to me is that all indications point to the fact they have never complied with the county code as it relates to special meetings.

You see the legislature understood the problems with local politics and corruption.  We see it all the time, especially with County Board Chairmen.  They get into that position and it goes right to their head, and they think they have all this power to tell people what to do and when, but in reality they have no more power than any other board member.

Don’t confuse power with responsibility.  They are responsible for running the meetings and signing contracts, but that’s pretty much where it ends, except for counties that elect the chairman at large, which Ford County does not.

In order to have a legal special meeting, several things are required to take place and we now have the proof that only 1 of the requirements took place, and that action was not supported by the prerequisite action, so even the one thing done, was done in violation of the statute.

      • Special meetings of the board shall be held only when requested by at least one-third of the members of the board.
      • Request shall be in writing addressed to the Clerk of the Board
      • Upon reception of which the clerk shall immediately transmit notice, in writing, of such meeting to each of the members of the board.
      • The clerk shall also cause notice of such meeting to be published in some newspaper printed cause notice of such meeting to be published in some newspaper printed in the county.


1.  Rick Bowen, County Board Chairman made a phone call to request the meeting – Violation of Statute

2.  Request was not in writing addressed to the Clerk of the Board by one third of the board – Violation of Statute

3.  Clerk never received such written request so any action she took was without legal standing – Violation of Statute

4. Nothing was printed in the newspaper, nor should it have been since there was not a proper request.  The excuse they used was because the paper is only printed weekly, but that issue is not outlined as an authorized excuse for not publishing in the paper.

Special Meeting statute for County Boards

Response to my FOIA from the County clerk in which I sought copies of the documents required for holding such a special meeting.

Now with all the facts laid out, it’s time for the Ford County State’s Attorney to advice his clients, the Ford County Board, that they did in fact violate the statute for special meetings and the action taken as a result of that meeting is null and void, so they need to do it all over and do so in compliance with the law.

We will forward a letter to Mr. Fitton letting him know we intend on pursuing appropriate legal measures to force compliance in the event they are not willing to do the right thing and fix it themselves.  If they prefer the path of litigation, that expense will be on the back of the Ford County Taxpayers, and for that we are sorry but you must realize, your elected officials have brought this action on themselves.  It is Mr. Bowen that should be held responsible for this whole mess as his inability to accept facts is what has lead this county to the place it’s at today.

We encourage you to contact your County State’s Attorney and demand he do the right thing and hold this board accountable to the law.

He can be contacted at the numbers and e-mail listed below:

Matthew Fitton
200 W. State Room 204
Paxton, IL 60957

Phone: 217 379-9460
Fax: 217 379-9464
Office Hours: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

October Ford County 2013 article

Effingham Board of Health Terminates Administrator…


 In seperate votes of the Effingham Board of Health on Oct 7, 2013, two important items were voted on.,

1. Vote to accept the resignation of Administrator Kim Esker, effective October 27, 2013, failed.

2. Vote to immediately terminate the employment of Administrator Kim Esker, effective immediately, passed.

 Below is the Press Release from the Effingham Board of Health.



To:  All Media

Contact:  Jeff Bloemker, 217-347-7179 ext 1016

Date:  7 October 2013

Re:  Effingham County Health Department

Leadership Change At County Health Department

Dot Behrns, president of the Effingham County Board of Health, announced today that Effingham Public Health Administrator, Kim Esker, is no longer employed by the Effingham County Health Department.

“We want to thank Kim for her years of service to the health department as well as to the citizens of Effingham County,” stated Behrns.  “An interim management team has been installed at the health department and an executive search will start immediately.  We want to assure the public that no health department services will be affected by this change.”

Esker was installed as the Effingham County Public Health Administrator in August of 2000.


 Here is the audio portion of the resignation and termination votes:


Cary Hagen’s Future?

Ford-Iroquois Co. – (ECWd) –

Cary Hagen may have a future after all in spite of all the exposure of her failings as a public employee which we covered briefly in this article.  Now before you get to confused, I didn’t say a future as a public employee as I think she has pretty well blown those opportunities out of the water, unless of course the Sheriff, her brother, hires her to work in his office.  Could he be that stupid?  I digress!

According to her resume, Ms. Hagen “Implements governing body directives and organizational policies and procedures“!

If she implements policies and procedures, do we need to look any further than her to determine the person responsible for the crumbling of this health department?

Seriously, if she so proudly takes claim on her resume then shouldn’t she be held accountable for her total failure?  Do we need to list all the policies and procedures that have been violated by certain employees?  The laundry list is huge as most of our readers are aware, so again, why isn’t the person in charge of implementing organizational policies and procedures being held accountable for her total failure?


That’s what comes to mind when it comes to words, compared to action.  For example, her own Facebook page reflects she Graduated Trinity College, but we all know that is not true.  More Lies

With the overwhelming feedback from those working in the FIPHD, it’s clear Cary Hagen has for some time taken on the role of bully.  She has to be in charge and loves to boss people around………………..yet she has this on her Facebook?

More Lies #2

Cary, do you hear yourself?

In an effort to try to grasp a perspective one must look deep into peoples lives to better understand what they’re really made of, which brings us to this Facebook post which has “Unconditional Friendship” typed above it.

More LIes 3

May I suggest, “Friends won’t grow apart if they don’t talk every day, nor will they be your friends when they find out about their stepdad’s relationship”.

Now this post I can believe!  The real Cary Hagen comes out!

More Lies 4

With posts crossing the entire spectrum from God, to wine pouring faucets, it would appear we have a person seeking something but they don’t know what yet.

May I suggest you take some tips from your Ford County appointed board member Elynor Stagen.  As it appears with all her activities and busy public official life, she still has manged to fill her time with her own personal search to fill that void.

Elynor has found what works for her and it appears to be Looking for Love in Dwindling Farm Country.


AP reported it first here!   (picture’s number 5 & 6).

More Lies 5

If Ms. Stagen can find love at her point in life, then I am willing to say so to can Cary Hagen, in spite of all her failings.  She just needs some coaching and who better to provide it than the one Cary loves to speak with.

What ever her future path may be, I wish her well but first we simply ask that she leave and let the healing begin for all the Quality employees at the FIPHD!

Effingham County Public Health Department – ECPHD –


Below is the audio from the Effingham County Board of Health meeting held on September 23, 2013.

During that meeting there was considerable discussion among the board members and citizens in reference to the reduction of hours with certain employees. One in particular was to be cut to 28 hours per week – 2 hour short of what is needed to obtain health and prescription coverage leaving her with potentially having to pay out more for medicine in a month than she would make working her job. She has been working for the ECPHD for more than 20 years if I remember correctly.

There was also discussion in reference to relatives and friends being hired instead of using county assets, the process used to determine which department reduced hours for workers, a survey the county board implemented with the health department employees, and other items.

The complete meeting is in the audio except for the executive session.



FIPHD Flood Grant Drowning In Corruption…


Joe Rorem, father of Brook Willms, the Flood Grant Assessor, appears to have received some perks as it relates to the Flood Grant that clearly by his own admission he should not have received.   An interesting tid-bit in this case, is the home Mr. Rorem lives in has a clear life long history of water in the basement…so was this just a chance to fleece the taxpayers?  We may never know, but what we do know, he received items he should have never received and considering his daughter had a key position as the Flood Grant Assessor it raises more concern for the operations at the FIPHD.

This interview document clearly reflects under item #4 that “Client stated no problems with washer”.

So why on earth when the client, Joe Rorem, states there are no problems with his washer would the FIPHD authorize a new washer?  This is the list of items he received and as you can see, the tax payers spent $414.00 for an item that the person stated there were no problems with.

Can it get any worse?

Item #6 in that same interview document reflects the “Client reported no increase in mileage or gas getting to work”.

Well of course there was no increase in mileage or gas getting to work.  The guy is retired and doesn’t work anymore! 

That being the case, why did we the tax payer have to provide the father of Brooke Willms, FIPHD employee, a $75.00 gas card from Casey’s?

What part of no increase in mileage or gas did they not understand? 

Having received even more documentation a few days ago on all the insider dealings, it’s clear the problem is much larger than we ever imagined.  I understand many people were impacted by the flood and my heart goes out to you folks for what you had to go through.  However, that will never justify the insider deals that have clearly taken place that put money directly into the pockets of a few people, all at the expense of the taxpayer. It’s wrong and someone needs to be charged accordingly!

Citizens of Iroquois County, stand up and be counted!  Make your voice heard and demand prosecutions to those involved in this giant fleecing of our tax dollars.  From Solar panels, to private Kiwanis memberships for Julie Clark, and basically exclusive construction contracts for Custom Builders, the list is truly overwhelming!

I pray that someone in law enforcement has the courage to stand up and take our work and build a case to hold them accountable.  Either local or Federal, something must be done!

Take-Down Demands and Unreasonable Attorneys…


So here we are, just posting public records we get through the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA), and along comes an attorney that thinks he is the “all knowing”. For the record, I do not harbor any resentment toward attorneys, I believed they perform a much needed service. I just think that some of them need to read before sending out demands where they have absolutely no standing………again!

Such is the case with Mr. Ron Boyer, from Watseka, IL., and since he refuses to state who he is representing, we cannot state as fact that Doug Corbett is the one on whose behalf the letter was sent. What should have been a simple request, and a simple response from us granting said request, has instead become a point of contention between Ron and I.  This was his first piece of brilliant work from back in March of this year.  At least he is consistent.

In his most recent letter dated September 27, 2013, Mr. Boyer “Ron” sent us a letter demanding that we take an entire post down because he believed there was some private information of Corbett’s posted. But that’s not all, he also accused us of “irresponsibly” revealing the personal information (and other personal information), and that the post was one of many “libelous writings” that we had “recklessly made” about Corbett.

Now I may be missing something but for an attorney to tell a documented journalist to remove an entire post may well be stepping on our First Amendment rights! More on that in another article!

“Our Response To Letter”

We responded via email on September 30, 2013 with this:


Mr. Boyer,
I am in receipt of your letter dated September 27th, 2013.
I will not, at this time, change anything that we have published, based on the accusations contained in that letter.
As you know, or should know, we are under no obligation to redact anything obtained from a public body through FOIA. We will, however, be glad to remove Mr. Corbett’s SSN from said document provided that we receive a request to do so, without the accusations of “irresponsibly revealed”, “other personal information”, “one of many libelous writings”, “recklessly made”, “offending disclosure”, or any demand to take down the entire post.
Also, please advise us on whose behalf you wrote the letter. Is Mr. Corbett a client of yours?
Can you please elaborate on who “we” is?
Upon the receipt of a letter asking that the SSN be redacted from the public document it is on, without all of the other accusations, we will gladly comply with your request. Until then, any action on our part would certainly be construed as agreeing with whatever was written in the letter dated September 27, 2013.

I await your response.


“The Email”

In the interest of cooperation, I sent an email asking that his demand letter be re-worded so as to not give the impression that we agreed with the terminology used in said letter.

Thinking we would get a reply without all of the accusations and libelous claims, we were quite surprised when we received this response via email today:

“Boyer’s Response To Our Email”


From: Ronald E. Boyer
Sent: Thursday, October 03, 2013 3:19 PM
To: John Kraft
Cc: Kirk Allen
Subject: Re: Letter

Please look at 5 ILCS 179/10(a) which says “…no person…may do any of the following: (1) Publically post or publicly display in any manner an individual’s social security number.” 5 ILCS 179/50 provides that what you are doing is a class B misdemeanor.

This post must be removed immediately. If any identity theft occurs because of this irresponsible posting, you will held responsible for all damages suffered by Mr. Corbett. Now stop playing games.

Ron Boyer


“Second Email”

The statute that he accused us of violating is the Identity Protection Act, and stating the claim that it applied to us, and even going so far as to state that we were committing a class B misdemeanor and telling us to quit playing games…HOGWASH!

The Identity Protect Act applies to public bodies and their employees/officers – NOT to people that receive their information thru FOIA requests. Instead of rehashing what I responded with, I will post the response to his offensive, incorrect response to our initial request for clarification:


From: John Kraft 
Sent: Thursday, October 03, 2013 9:38 PM
To: Ron Boyer
Subject: Letter

Mr. Boyer,

I would think that a person of your supposed intelligence could read and comprehend any email I sent requesting clarification(s).

I will try and re-state what my original email asked:

  1. Who is your client? Whom do you represent? On whose behalf did you send the letter dated September 27, 2013?
  1. Would you please send a request to remove what you believe should not be shown, without including all of the accusations and demands of removing the entire post?

Additionally, I will remind you that you have taken 5 ILCS 179/10(a) out of context. Surely a brilliant legal mind such as yours should be able to first define the term “person” as it relates to the Identity Protection Act.

Just to put both of us on the same sheet of music, I will copy and paste that definition for you to read:

(7 ILCS 179/5) Definitions. In this Act:

"Person" means any individual in the employ of a State agency or local government agency.

Since I am not in the employ of a State agency or local government agency as it relates to the posted information, the term “person” does not apply to me in relation to this Act.

(5 ILCS 179/50) was also taken out of context by you. Did you even read it before hitting the “send” button for your email? Paragraph 50 is specifically for “Home Rule” public bodies, which I am not.

Finally, I am asking that you formulate a response, asking that the specific information be redacted from whatever document or post it is displayed. This can be accomplished without accusations of “irresponsible posting”, stating I am committing a “class B misdemeanor” when I am not, and without insinuating that I am “playing games”. I assure you that I am not playing games, and I firmly believe that should I remove what you desire, without clarifications, that it could be construed as agreeing with the remaining portions of your emails and/or letters.

Please respond appropriately, and you will receive appropriate action.

Thanks for your cooperation in this matter,

John Kraft


So there you have it….for now.

I have asked again for an appropriate response from him…we will see.