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Photos of Cockroaches Found In B & J’s Restaurant –


The Edgar County Health Department has provided their report, including photos, on their inspection of B & J Restaurant in Paris, Illinois.

We previously reported on this (B & J’s Restaurant: Customer Complained About Cockroaches, Got Banned From Restaurant) and said we would update it with the actual report of the inspection once it was obtained from the Health Department.

As it turns out, there were 4 complaints between June and July of this year. First was a complaint about proper use of gloves, then live roaches, then gnats and flies, and finally roaches again.

Several people commented on our previous article questioning the truth of the facts presented, and after receiving the Health Department’s inspection report, everything previously reported is proven to be correct, and there are now pictures from the inspection to prove it.

The Health Department did close the restaurant, and the inspection involved more than simply “thermometers and books” as the owner might lead people to believe.

We understand the restaurant has taken steps to fix the problems, which included improper temperatures, freezer burned food, and insects. the last Health Department inspected did not find the same problems – so it is obvious they are trying to fix it and keep it fixed.

The complete 22 page report obtained from the Edgar County Health Department is below:

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  1. I have been eating here Band J or also known as the TRack Shack for at least 30 years. The old saying was “if you can beat the roaches to the food” it was quite good

  2. unfortunately, a restaurant rarely recovers from this damage. Restaurants and women’s clothing have the highest rate of business failure, sans cockroaches.

    • And the cockroaches in the political business appear to have the highest rate of success…and even when they fail and become damaged they seem to generally recover.

        • I think you missed the sarcasm presented. Cockroaches may cause a business to fail but that never seems to happen in the political arena.

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