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April 21, 2024

What is Happening In Coles County?

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On March 22, 2024

Coles Co. (ECWd) –

Our recent article at this link on convicted former Assistant State’s Attorney Brady Allen generated numerous requests for us to post more information on the matter. While we did post the 4th amended complaint for everyone to read, we did not include the exhibits to that complaint.

We believe the exhibits, which are mostly public records, police reports, affidavits, etc, paint a picture that appears to support the allegations made against Coles County public officials, primarily those within the Office of State’s Attorney.

The defendants named in the complaint have yet to file an answer to the 4th amended complaint.  It will be very interesting to read if and when they do provide the other side of the story.  As it stands, what has been filed and verified with a lot of public records should trouble everyone regarding the actions of public sector employees and elected officials.

A copy of the complaint and all exhibits are linked below. If you care about your government, you might want to read this information so that you are better informed.


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