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April 21, 2024

Convicted Former Coles County Assistant State’s Attorney No Longer Has Law License – Still Named in Federal Lawsuit

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On March 20, 2024

Coles Co. (ECWd) –

The Former Coles County Assistant State’s Attorney Brady Allen filed a motion to have his name stricken from the roll of attorneys according to the recently published Illinois Supreme Court Announcement.    The ARDC docket entry is at this link.

There are several concerning points on this matter that the public should be aware of.  Note that the convict, Brady Allen, is the one who filed the motion to remove himself from the role of Attorneys in Illinois.  We were unable to locate any ARDC complaint filed against him by his former employer, the Coles County State’s Attorney.  One would think after a conviction that stripped him of his law license as part of the penalty for his actions there would be some form of official action to the ARDC by the courts or his employer but by all indications, no action was taken other than the convict’s own action.

The Illinois ARDC record indicates he was registered with Brendan Davis & Associates, 6 Cardinal Way, Suite 900, St Louis, Missouri 63102-2807.  We contacted that law firm to find out if he was still employed with them but have not received any response at the time of publication.  We will update this article if we get a response from them.

“Mr. Allen, who was licensed in 2017, was disbarred on consent. He pled guilty to two counts of attempt official misconduct for incidents that occurred while he was an Assistant State1s Attorney in Coles County. He solicited sexual acts from two criminal defendants by telling them that they would receive preferential treatment in their cases in exchange for the sexual acts.” (ARDC Doc)

While he is unable to practice law, in Illinois, any longer, it’s quite possible he could be reinstated in three years provided the provisions outlined in the ARDC Doc are met.

“The disbarred lawyer is not authorized to practice law during the period of the disbarment on consent and may not return to the practice of law unless and until the lawyer has demonstrated his or her  rehabilitation, good character, and current knowledge of the law in a subsequent reinstatement case, which may not be filed until three years after the effective date of the disbarment on consent.”

The Federal Lawsuit against Coles County officials (Case#: 2:23-cv-02086-CSB-EIL), is still active and while former Mattoon Police Chief Jason Taylor was removed as a defendant on the Plaintiff’s motion, Coles County State’s Attorney employee Rhonda Parker has been added as a defendant according to the current Federal Court docket.  A copy of the 4th Amendment Complaint can be downloaded at this link.  It’s quite a read!

As the Federal case tied to Brady Allen’s actions moves through the system we will update accordingly.



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  • Jack Tarleton
    Posted at 16:18h, 20 March Reply

    There is a joke that the crooked lawyers give the other 10 percent a bad name. Part of Mr. Allen’s plea agreement in the Coles County Circuit Court was that he would take the necessary steps to cause his law license to be stricken, which he did. He filed a petition to strike his name from the roll of attorneys. The ARDC did a statement of charges detailing his criminal plea and all of the dirty stuff he did, which he admitted to as part of his petition for disbarment on consent. That was actually a quicker route than filing a formal complaint with the ARDC and letting that process work out. While you are technically correct that he could petition to be reinstated, the likelihood of that happening, given the misconduct that he admitted to, is very slim for a very, very long time. Also, most states practice reciprocal discipline, meaning that if he is disbarred in one state, any other state in which he is admitted will also disbar him.

  • Debra Baird
    Posted at 04:36h, 21 March Reply

    I know a former Illinois lawyer that was going to plead guilty of sexual misconduct with a minor. The minor was a family member. He voluntarily submitted a request to the ARDC to have his law license suspended and his name removed from the roll. He is sitting in prison.

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