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June 25, 2024

Rare 100-Year Injunction Issued Against Ironworkers Local Union 395 –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On May 25, 2022


A federal Judge issued an extremely rare injunction against a union labor organization in the Northern District of Indiana.

In finding that the Norris-LaGuardia Act does not prohibit this injunction, Judge Simon issued the following Injunction in this civil case:

Pursuant to the stipulated agreement between the Plaintiffs and Local 395, Local 395, its officers, agents and employees are hereby enjoined for 100 years from appearing on jobsites or where D5 Iron Works, Inc., and its employees are present, for purposes of interacting with D5 Iron Works, Inc. or its employees, and will not visit any of the homes of the named Plaintiffs”

Previously, we wrote about two Ironworkers Local 395 officials, Tom Williamson Sr. and Jeffery Veach, who were sentenced to 54 and 42 months in federal prison (also here), after both of them entered a plea of guilty in criminal trials following their indictment.

This injunction prohibits Ironworkers Local Union 395 from interfering, appearing on jobsites or interacting, in any way, with D5 Iron Works, Inc., jobsites, employees or officers, or homes of plaintiffs.

This case took more than 6 years and 4 months to complete – longer than winning World War II.

Since it is part of a stipulated agreement the injunction cannot be appealed.

Attorneys for D5 Ironworks were Rob Hanlon and Michael Avakian.

100 Year Injunction


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  • Johnathan Galt
    Posted at 10:10h, 27 May Reply

    The correct move? Outlaw all labor unions.

    Unions provide zero additional value to any product or service – they are purely parasitical. At the very best, they don’t add too much cost. At worst, they act as legalized extortion gangs.

    I was a steel mill Union member in 1977 in that vicinity. The only clear recollection I have of a Union official was him to browbeat me for working hard. “You’ll make the others look bad.”

    End them.

    • Anne Esrkine
      Posted at 11:37h, 27 May Reply

      Agree with you 100% and that includes ending the Teachers’ Unions, the federal workers unions, and Affirmative Action, which is also a UNION that is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Also end tax-payers paying for public workers’ retirements, which is the law in many states! Why the hell are private workers paying for public workers’ retirement?
      UNIONS ARE extortion gangs that discourage working and destroy incentive and are corrupt.

    • Hank Reardon's Ghost
      Posted at 12:11h, 27 May Reply

      You could do that, if you also outlaw usury and shareholders, who are equally parasitical and often perform no labor whatsoever. Supposedly, what they do is allocate capital optimally. It is far from clear this actually occurs, but regardless the compensation for capital allocation doesn’t need to be hundreds of times as much as the compensation for building bridges or putting out fires, as it currently is in America. Heck, even people who fail disastrously at being shareholders or CEOs walk away in okay personal financial shape, whereas people who fail at mopping floors walk may away to sleep under a bridge. Objectivism makes a core philosophical appeal to objective moral truth about economic justice, but too often it doesn’t mind obviously unjust outcomes.

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