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May 25, 2024

Illinois Citizen Gun Rights More Restrictive Than Those Of The Taliban

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On August 23, 2021

Illinois (ECWd) –

What may go down as the biggest failure of any President in US History, our enemy is now armed with our own weapons of war and we did not bat an eye. In fact, we appeared to have tucked tail and ran in the dark of night only to leave machine guns, grenade launchers, armored vehicles, helicopters, and even drones in the hands of terrorists, all while forgetting we need to get our own people and allies out of the country.

What does this have to do with Illinois?  We published this article back in March of this year.  Representative Maura Hirschauer sponsored BH3222, an assault weapons registry.

Let this sink in.

While President Biden and his administration abandon our own citizens and allies in Afghanistan, his actions resulted in the Taliban, a known terrorist organization, obtaining massive stockpiles of weapons of war.

So here in the land of the free, we have elected officials that want to force registration of weapons yet our own government is basically handing them over to known terrorists in Afghanistan.

If it’s ok for known terrorists to obtain weapons of war from our own government, why on earth should law-abiding citizens in Illinois have to have a Firearms Owner Identification or have to register legally obtained weapons?

I asked Representative Hirschauer for comment but have not heard back at the time of publication.  If she responds we will update in a separate article.

Our rights should never be more restrictive than those we impose on our enemies.






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  • John Manspeaker
    Posted at 11:45h, 23 August Reply

    Don’t hold your breath on that Hirschauer response.

    • Kirk Allen
      Posted at 19:00h, 23 August Reply

      That article is linked in our article.

  • Greg G
    Posted at 17:12h, 23 August Reply

    How long before some of these gun show up in Chicago?

    Then Larry Lightfoot and JB can blame Biden!

    • HT
      Posted at 11:15h, 25 August Reply

      Blame that old puppet fool? What world do you think this is?
      They’ll blame Trump, white supremacy and its agent such as Larry Elder.

    Posted at 09:25h, 25 August Reply

    Remember that recently, in a smart-a** remark to 2nd Amendment advocates, Biden said, “If you wanted or if you think you need to have weapons to take on the government, you need F-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons.” So, none for us but plenty of stuff left for the taking in Afghanistan. Hopefully no nukes or F-15s.

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