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May 19, 2024

Cumberland JFL Cheer Team Part 2: Dine & Dash? + Protective Order

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On October 18, 2017

Cumberland Co., IL. (ECWd) –

The Dine and Dash – LOL

Bottom line is: This was no “dine and dash” as has been portrayed on social media sites. Previous stories include harassment at the football game (here) and exposing this illegitimate organization (here).

On September 23, 2017, dinner at Pizza Hut and Sep 24th, Facebook messages: there was an event held at Pizza Hut, which also included a birthday pizza for Jennifer’s daughter. A coach paid for that pizza prior to Jennifer showing up. According to the Facebook messages, it appears to have been something misunderstood either by the pizza staff or by the coach. From Amy Baker’s response, it starts to appear that it was her call to pay and her call to get more than one “birthday pizza cake” because she felt Pizza Hut didn’t give away enough for all the girls… 

The case of the payment was never brought to Jennifer’s attention while she was at the restaurant – which prompted Amy to later say she won’t argue about it. Jennifer then said she would give Amy the money spent. In that same message, she asked to look at the (financial) books to see how the cheer team money was being spent.

Then, Scarlett McBride, “president” of the cheer team board, chimed in with some apparently angry language and saying they should talk on “GroupMe” instead of Facebook (even though Jennifer was first contacted on Facebook and not GroupMe). She continued to berate and bully, blaming everything on Jennifer. McBride later told Jennifer she would get the money information to her after the board meeting that night, and that the board meeting was closed to parents.

The First Letter Sent

On September 24th, instead of McBride providing the money information to Jennifer as earlier promised, the “board” sent her a letter (click here) telling her how to go about reviewing the financial records and saying they have 30 days to get back with her:

  • Put request in writing
  • Put request in the mail with stamped return envelope
  • Board has 30 days to respond (even though the signed rules state 24 hours)
  • Parent must pay for all copying fees, etc.

This letter also complained about the Pizza Hut money, and the manner in which Jennifer “approached” a coach and board member – yes, the “board” is starting to appear they are hiding things and trying to drum up reasons to get rid of the “problem” – which is actually them and not the parent.

The Second Letter Sent

On September 26th, Scarlett McBride did something extremely unprofessional and notified Jennifer thru a Facebook message that her daughter had been kicked off the team forever. Traci Castle Becker jumped in on it thru Facebook also (see page 3).

Also on September 26th, Jennifer received another letter, this one purporting to eject her daughter from the Cheer Team, and asking the Jennifer not to attend any more cheer functions. Forever (Click here).

This letter had completely different reasons than the first letter had, but nevertheless, ejected her from the team in violation of their own rules (here) which do not provide for this type of punishment, rather their own ejection letter shows punishment is one-game suspension, and “if the problem continues” – meaning the same problem – then they can be removed with a 2/3 vote of the “board.”

Apparently, the board voted with a 2/3 vote, however, sometime prior to the board meeting, two new members (not on the board at the beginning of the season) took seats on the board, which enabled them to have a 2/3 vote.

WAND Airs Story

On September 28th, WAND did a story on the situation (click here to watch) which involved knocking on Board President Scarlett McBride’s door to ask why the girl was kicked off the team, in which McBride never answered the door, but apparently, her husband did.

McBride filed No Contact / Order of Protection – Judge Dismisses It

On September 29th, McBride decided to file an action in Cumberland County Circuit Court seeking an Order of Protection / No Stalking against Jennifer O’Dell (Click here), presumably for the action occurring the night before when WAND was there to video Jennifer trying to get answers for the letter she had received.

The OP complained of “Amy” asking for people to come to the private meeting (to be held by the cheer board) and get justice for the party whom she believed to have been treated wrongly. They canceled the meeting “for fear” of what could happen. They changed the location of the meeting, but were found out and scheduled a board member only meeting in a different town.

She complained about a news crew showing up, along with other people and were banging on her door. Complained because they stayed past midnight in a church parking lot across the street and said she felt afraid.

The Court decided that all parties needed notification so that all parties could appear. McBride declined to pursue the issue any further. The case was dismissed.

More to follow…


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  • Truth Martini
    Posted at 08:07h, 19 October

    Sounds like this McBride is a real piece of sh…I’ll keep it PG, a real piece of work!

  • Frank Drabin
    Posted at 12:49h, 19 October

    Nothing to See Here

  • MdStine
    Posted at 15:46h, 19 October

    The “JFL Cheer Team” entire leadership are shining examples of advancements in women’s equality. It’s 2017 and they have completely replaced the former all male troupe of Keystone Cops …… Rah Rah ladies!!