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April 12, 2024

Cumberland Jr. Football made us feel at home in Greenup –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On October 8, 2017

Photo from Casey-Westfield


After arriving at the Cumberland County School District 77 High School (just outside Greenup)  football field this afternoon, I said “Hello” (or something like that) to their friendly photographer, Peggy Kuhn.

Here was her response – including very nice language on a football field with children present:

Just kidding…

What happened was, while working on a “School Teachers and Cheer Coaches Bully 11-year-old Cheerleader Story” (will be published later) I was met with a photographer who appeared to be more concerned about standing in front of my camera, than actually taking photos of the football game in progress.

I had moved several times, and noticed she always made it back in front of the camera, so I moved it again leaving her partially in the frame just to see what would happen – Just as I thought, she turned around far enough to figure out that I moved the camera again, and moved herself in front of the camera…again.

This is what followed:

The above happened in the second half.

Prior to the game starting, someone connected to the Cumberland JFL, at least he said he was, tried to convince me that I could not stand on the running track (even though a photographer was), but instead had to film from behind the chain link fence. That didn’t turn out very well for him, as I invited him to call the Police Department if he did not like where I was standing (which was out of the way of everything) – while at the same time allowing a photographer to use the running track.

View that exchange of ideas here:


Now I am thinking about changing the name of the article to “School Teachers and Cheer Coaches Bully 11-year-old Cheerleader, while Football Coach and Team Photographer Bully News Gathering Videographer” story.

While people in Mattoon, Illinois are picketing and protesting to STOP bullying, these people appear to be trying to collectively perfect it.

We were working this story ourselves, when WAND News took up the cause and published their story on television news: (Controversy over cheerleader’s dismissal from JFL cheer team). There is more to this controversy, and we will reveal it in a future article.



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  • josh
    Posted at 20:53h, 08 October

    Watchdogs are absolutely correct. There is more to this story than what is being told. Why don’t the “watchdogs” offer full disclosure of the whole events instead of a snippet of footage from hours of film.. conveniently edited to try to paint the picture that they want to be seen instead of the whole picture of bullying and harassment of one parent towards and entire team of cheerleaders including her own daughter. What they aren’t showing you is the constant badgering by the parent towards the cheer board members and the girls from 5th to 8th grade that is full of language not to be repeated here.. (kids do use the internet) the threats of physical violence towards board members.. the round the clock harassment of individuals. The simple fact that the parent of the child removed from the squad was simply asked to pay for extras (2 dessert pizzas ordered for her daughters birthday by the parent) at a team dinner at a restaurant in a nearby town before a game. When asked to pay for this the parent then went “off the rails” became irate and then violated the code of conduct that all the parents signed before the season started. Not because she asked for the Financials records of the board but the manner in which she went about it and her reaction to being told the process she needed to go about it that is entailed in the bylaws. Her “bullying” of a group of talented young girls and a cheer coach to the point other parents and the board did not want their kids cheering today at the 7th and 8th grade championship game because parents feared for their kids personal safety. She failed to inform wand tv of exactly why her daughter was removed from the squad. This entire story has been only told from one side with partial truths and full lies. The watchdogs are not interested in the whole story or complete disclosure of all facts involved…in responsible journalism.. they are only interested in what will get them the most hits on their story.. the most views on their videos.. they will say and print the most unethical statements or stories just to cause the greatest division of public possible to further their own agenda of trying to get as many people as possible to read and react to theirs “stories”. Only interested in themselves and not in the truth.

    • jmkraft
      Posted at 20:59h, 08 October

      Thanks for your “opinion” – but just like others, you claim some type of “fear for the children’s safety” when you know all along there is no reason to fear. The “board” of this alleged cheer organization is free to contact us any time they want to sit down and talk. But like WAND tried, they most likely will not.

      The complete video from start to finish will be in the next article.

      • josh
        Posted at 21:09h, 08 October

        That would be fantastic.. by my count he was on site filming nonstop for about 1.5 hours.. including a whole lot of a particular group of cheerleaders trying to simply enjoy the game from the stands.

        • jmkraft
          Posted at 21:13h, 08 October

          That was me on-site. I got there about 12:30 and left when the game was over. Total time the camera was on the stands was about 2 minutes. It was also on the stands on the other side of the field.

    • Visitor
      Posted at 21:58h, 08 October

      Story would be more appropriate if your wife would just tell her side now wouldn’t it….josh

      Lying to cops and making false reports….oh and lying under oath …hmmm whos gonna believe her now….

    • Truth Martini
      Posted at 23:14h, 08 October

      This all could’ve been avoided if you idiots would’ve just come forward with your side of the story.

      Instead, you boot a kid off of your squad and then act sketchy as fuck about it? And is you’re trying to make this board out to be victims? Get outta here with that hot garbage.

      • Pronto Pup
        Posted at 13:55h, 09 October

        Ill have two more truth martinis please!

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 00:20h, 09 October

    You gotta love people who are constantly seeking their 15 minutes of fame.

  • Christal
    Posted at 09:40h, 09 October

    May I ask when we can expect this updated article?

  • Angela Hernandez
    Posted at 09:49h, 09 October

    To me, ANYONE who writes an article should be a reporter or have some such credentials. No by-line means cowardice. No credentials means editorial, not article.
    Therefore you are a SPECTATOR, and as such follow the rules that spectators should.
    Good lords. Adults are now going to children’s games to say “look at me, I’m so self important!”
    No wonder people have trouble identifying bullying, when you use bullying as an excuse to bully. We as humans should be better than this.

    • jmkraft
      Posted at 09:55h, 09 October

      Please go read the First Amendment. Please also go back to the first grade and learn how to read – There is a by-line, which clearly indicates the author of the article.

      • Angela Hernandez
        Posted at 10:10h, 09 October

        Nope- looked again. No clear by-line. Thanks for the comments about my reading- just proves my point that you will result immediately to bullying. Go you!

        • Angela Hernandez
          Posted at 10:14h, 09 October

          Oh my gosh. So AFTER I call you out you add a by-line. But it’s not a human name. You still hide behind an address.

          • jmkraft
            Posted at 10:23h, 09 October

            Quit lying. It is not healthy.

        • Angela Hernandez
          Posted at 10:18h, 09 October

          I do notice now you have ADDED a sort of by-line, but hide behind an address, not a real name.

          • jmkraft
            Posted at 10:22h, 09 October

            Nobody ADDED anything – it has always been there, each and every article includes it – and you can go to the “Contact Us” page to read about us.

        • jmkraft
          Posted at 10:25h, 09 October

          So you complain about bullying, when your initial post was trying to bully others by wrongly claiming no credentials, wrongly claiming no by-line, wrongly claiming cowardice. You are starting to look like a fool.

          • Angela Hernandez
            Posted at 13:33h, 09 October

            I have a screenshot of the article as posted-no by-line. It was added AFTER I said something. Also, I question your credentials-not bullying, just asking if you are allowed to claim press status, or just think you can go where you want because you are the Batman of news. A true reporter puts their name proudly. No initials or a ecw link that is a dead end. If I bullied you by wrongfully asking your credentials, then you have no problem posting them. What press gives you status and right to go where other spectators cannot?

          • jmkraft
            Posted at 13:40h, 09 October

            Please send us a picture of that alleged screenshot you have without a by-line. One Adam Twelve will take a look at it, might even get assistance from Telly Savalas.

  • Andrea
    Posted at 12:48h, 09 October

    If a good reporter does their job both sides of the story would be told and not ran until BOTH sides were heard , unfortunately this reporter decided to run with just one side and enjoy the drama it is causing .

    • jmkraft
      Posted at 13:00h, 09 October

      Unfortunately, both sides don’t want to talk about it, so other methods have to be used.

      • Andrea
        Posted at 13:23h, 09 October

        Methods??…. So your going with one side instead of waiting to see what the other side has to say , just because they don’t answer you in your time frame you think your guilty ? Honestly that’s more like gossiping then news !

        • Andrea
          Posted at 13:25h, 09 October

          “Their” not your

        • jmkraft
          Posted at 13:27h, 09 October

          Who said they were guilty. We haven’t even wrote the article yet.

          • Andrea
            Posted at 13:31h, 09 October

            I would hope you don’t run a article until you have both sides

          • jmkraft
            Posted at 13:33h, 09 October

            We need and want to talk to both sides, but without someone willing to talk, we have to get information in other ways.

          • Andrea
            Posted at 13:38h, 09 October

            Unless your information is coming from the cheerleading board , it is considered gossip , so I’m assuming you will wait until you have actual FACTS!

          • jmkraft
            Posted at 13:41h, 09 October

            That is who we want to talk to .

  • Anom
    Posted at 13:55h, 09 October

    Wow great article… if you were a five year old. Instead of telling us about the event you cried and cried about something that literally doesn’t matter.

  • Jennifer Odell
    Posted at 20:16h, 07 December

    Many updates soon to follow please be sure to check back or open a newspaper. Because the truth shall prevail. I didn’t give up on this investigation as many would have expected I have facts evidence and federal documentations that now support all allegations. Time to give the
    “board” to lay out more false numbers and comments. I am my daughters voice and she deserves to be treated equal and its my job to make that happen. Hope everyone will be sitting down for whats to come…..This is JUSTICE my friends Justice for Allison and her hard work her courage and most of to give her back her hope that people aren’t allowed to treat others this way and get away with it…..