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May 18, 2024

Clark County Park District – Leases Lots For Less Than Campsite Rental –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On December 7, 2016


The Clark County Park District held a special meeting last night, the same night as Township Caucuses, most likely in hopes nobody would notice they were about to lease out residential lots for less than the cost of an annual campsite.

An amazingly ignorant decision.

Sources tell us that in the 2+ years this has been advertised on their website, only one person has attempted to enter into a contract, and that person only did so because of threats from the Park District of denial of a dock permit on the property she already owns unless she “pays da man” more money – by way of a lot lease on an adjacent lot.

Pretty sad when the district has to threaten to withhold favorable action unless the property owners lease a lot they do not even want to lease (sounds eerily familiar to the textbook definition of criminal intimidation by a public official).

The vote was three in favor of stealing your property, and two against it. Joe Ewing (the election cheat and abuser of public trust and helped the Ethics Commission commit criminal acts and FOIA Requester Attacker) did not show up for this important vote even though he had previously publicly intimidated and badgered a fellow board member for skipping meetings. Commissioner Pine attended his Township Caucus as he had previously committed to.

Kuehnel, Stone, and Stepp voted to give away (for very little money) the very thing this district is charged to protect. Its real estate for the recreational use of the taxpayers in the district.

Video is below. Remember this when deciding who to put your trust in the next time you vote.



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