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February 24, 2024

College of DuPage – Trustee McGuire, Cry me a river!

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On July 23, 2015

DuPage Co. (ECWd)-
After reviewing the video again from the Higher Learning Commission it is ever so clear Trustee Diane McGuire should take the advice of the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board and resign.

  • I need some truth, I need honesty, I dont want misrepresentations.    (40:30 of the video)
  • I want the truth, that’s what I want, I am tired of dealing in falsehoods, misrepresentations. (41:09 of the video)

She wants truth? 

Ms. McGuire, you can’t handle the truth!

Let’s take a look at some of the untruthful, false, and misrepresentations made by  Trustee McGuire during the HLC Meeting.

“I want honesty”

  • 41:52 of the video “I don’t believe you’re going to find corruption at this college”

The very woman that is tired of misrepresentations and wants truth and honesty has the nerve to grandstand before the HLC and do the very thing she implies others are doing.
Ms. McGuire, may we direct your attention to the DuPage County State’s Attorney indictment of your former radio engineer for theft and forgery?  Is that not corruption?  (Tribune Coverage here)
May we direct your attention to President Breuder using public funds for his private hunt club that has been confirmed WAS NOT part of his compensation package and WAS NOT reported on his W-2 as a benefit?  Is that not corruption?
Or Erin Birt approving the payments for those private hunt club without board approval.  Is that not corruption?  (Brueder & Birt article on those events here)
While we are on a roll, what about COD accepting grant money in violation of the Community College Act, Glaser signing a contract without legal authority, and money changing hands with not one shred of a work product to show for it. Is that not Corruption?  (Glaser O’Rourke malfeasance article)

Former trustee Savage virtually admits in a press release that she had the college review her personal campaign material before mailing it out.  Is that not corruption?  (Article here)
The college signing no bid contracts with a foundation board member that claims she is an Architect when in fact she is not.  A violation of law that the Illinois authorities recognized it for what it was and turned it over for prosecution months ago. Is that not corruption? (Article on Illegal use of the term Architect by COD Foundation Board member on COD Contracts)
To keep it short, how about her own refusal to follow the law and “enforce” board policy being violated that she admits were being violated for months?  Is that not Corruption? (Article on McGuire corruption here)

“I want honesty”

  • “I don’t believe anyone is going to go to jail”

I don’t know what this woman believes, but to make that statement when a person was arrested for stealing over $400,000.00 from the college and has a felony conviction for doing basically the same thing from another college most would agree it is more than likely he WILL go to jail.  Is her statement honest?

“I’m tired of dealing in falsehoods and misrepresentations”

McGuire’s rant included complaints about not knowing how much the college has spent on legal bills.

(41:38 of the 7/21/2015 video)  – “how much money we are spending on legal, I have no idea”

That is a falsehood by Ms. McGuire. A falsehood because if the money was spent it was approved by the board. Now she may not know how much has been incurred since the last bill but that is not what she said.  She said she has no idea how much money we are “spending” on legal.

Her next comment disproves her own position, all in less than 10 seconds.  Pretty amazing how a person can claim one thing in one sentence and then something completely opposite in another.

(41:44 of the 7/21/2015 video) “Hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent to defend this college for issues that were largely political.”

Literally in the same breath she quotes they have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal bills defending the college yet before that she has no idea how much they are spending.

So is her claim she doesn’t know what they are spending a falsehood or misrepresentation?  Based on her claim it has  been hundreds of thousands of dollars, most would agree her first statement is at a minimum a misrepresentation.

“I want honesty”

The new board has not even been in place for 90 days and McGuire takes the position that she believes you won’t find corruption at this college, no one is going to jail, and amazingly it is all based on a whopping three months of internal investigations.

(42:02 of the 7/21/2015 video) – “Nothing has surfaced yet and it’s three months since the election”

If that is not a total misrepresentation of the facts I don’t know what is.  Did she miss the FACT the President and two top administrators have been put on Administrative Leave?  Why?  Because things “surfaced” that justified the action.  Action like the M.R. Bauer Grant that Thomas Glaser signed a contract without any legal authority. Nothing has surfaced yet?

Records disclosed recently prove former Board Chairman Carlin and Birt were providing authorizations for public funds to be spent on private hunt clubs without board approval.  Nothing has surfaced yet?

Waterleaf investigations now point to a loss of $3,000,000.00 ($3 Million), which is far more than the public was told prior to the beginning of this whopping three month investigation. Nothing has surfaced yet?

Breuder brings a firearm into an establishment on campus that serves intoxicating beverages, which under Illinois law is a felony act.  That came to the surface in the last few weeks, which falls into this magical three month window McGuire references.  (Article on the Illinois Gun law violations)

Ms. McGuire, your own internal investigation on the Radio Engineer that was turned over to the County Prosecutor took 13 or 14 months before the public was informed.  Criminal investigations take time and to insinuate that since nothing, in your blind mind, has surfaced in three whole months is clearly a misrepresenation to the facts.

“I want truth, I want honesty”

Ms. McGuire, You can’t handle the truth!

(1:51:19 of the 7/21/2015) McGuire continued her misrepresentations to the HLC with more deceptive rants about myself and our organization, as well as others but I will speak to her clear falsehood and misrepresentation pertaining to our organization.

“Tremendous critics of the college and the board”

Ms McGuire, your claim is an outright LIE! You continue, in spite of numerous articles outlining otherwise, to spew falsehoods and misrepresent our organization.  We have never been a critic of the college and began doing what we do, as it relates to COD, in defense of the college faculty and staff who came to us for help.  Our criticism has been and continues to be focused on those violating the law and/or ignoring it, which you quite frankly are leading the charge.  You flat out lied to the HLC with your comment on this and if that bothers some, then call it a misrepresentation. Either way, your actions depict the very thing you claims you are against.

“I want honesty”

(1:52:16 of the 7/21/2015 video)  – “Dan Kinsella was seen visiting with John Kraft and Kirk Allen of the Edgar County Watchdogs during a break during the board’s June 25th meeting.  I walked up to the three of them.  They were very very interested in what Dan Kinsella had to say.”

Ms. McGuire, you once again have flat out lied about the situation you presented to the HLC. 

I wrote about that very incident in this article.  You reported to the HLC that John and I were VERY VERY interested in what Dan Kinsella had to say.  You not only have no clue what was said by anyone during that meeting but you also have no clue who was the one that had something to say. More importantly, how on earth can you claim any knowledge pertaining to our level of interest in a conversation you have no knowledge of?

I sought out Mr. Kinsella because he was the person handling the internal investigation.  I was the one speaking to him and explaining key documents that pointed to illegal acts by Thomas Glaser regarding the M.R. Bauer grant.  I was the one doing the talking so before you go off claiming that John Kraft and myself were VERY VERY interested in what someone had to say you might want to get your facts straight.

What is more amazing with this out of touch trustee is the fact she felt it was OK to rudely interrupted MY meeting with this investigator so SHE could talk to me.  Let’s assume Dan Kinsella was talking to me.  Why is it NOT OK for me to listen to him yet she feels its OK to interrupt a private meeting and demand I listen to her?  Does she now dictate who a person can or cannot listen to?

Was there any indication this “meeting” was trying to be hidden from view? No! It was in the open, at the first table closest to the meeting room, in plain sight for everyone and their brother to witness.

The pattern is clear with this woman.  Dating all the way back to December, she has taken the position that any criticism of her or the board is somehow wrong and even insinuated ties to the Nazi behavior found in our history.  (Coverage in this article)

The above information is just a snapshot of how out of control this drama queen is.  Her presentations continue to be filled with falsehoods, misrepresentations, and outright lies.  Yet she spews from her bully pulpit with no time limit how she is the one wanting truth and honesty and does so by being dishonest.

She needs a civics lesson.  Can’t handle being a public official and face the citizens who exercise their 1st amendment right?, then get out of office.

Trustee McGuire, You cant handle the truth!


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  • M
    Posted at 20:35h, 23 July

    Good work as always. Her rant, while entertaining, was also bizarre and inappropriate. The Board was supposed to be protecting the school from losing accreditation, not complaining about the loss of reimbursements for mileage.