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April 23, 2024

Watchdogs in Springfield – Sandra Pihos Missing…

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On January 8, 2015


We made a trip to Springfield this morning to visit the Illinois State Capitol and to say “Thank You for a job well done” to State Representative Brad Halbrook (R) 110th on what may be his last day in Springfield as State Representative.

While there, on the day Gov Quinn called an “emergency session” to push HB4576 in the last days of his term, one thing we noticed was that State Representative Sandra Pihos was not in Springfield for this special session.

State Representative Sandra Pihos

Missing from Session

In addition, she did not resign early so Peter Breen could be sworn in early to attend today’s session, as did 3 others who were not re-elected and not in attendance, thus ensuring representation of their constituents, whom they work for. Some constituents of Pihos felt they were disenfranchised and went unrepresented in today’s session of the House. This begs the question of whether or not Pihos would make a good board member at the College of DuPage, an office she is currently seeking? Would she attend meetings or not? I do not know. She was a no show today and she still is a State Representative until her term ends next week. This is the same class act that claims to support transparency in her run for COD Board trustee yet voted to stifle transparency.  (Click here for that article) 


Finally, to Gov Rauner, please shut down this monument of everything wrong with Illinois’ financial woes – the People of the State of Illinois are not an ATM.



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