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May 25, 2024

Attorney John Kelly Lies to Iroquois County ETSB Again –

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On July 12, 2014


We have now confirmed with Cook County that John Kelly, self proclaimed 911 expert and purported Assistant State’s Attorney for numerous county Emergency Telephone System Boards (ETSB) has mislead the public again based on the most recent response received.

As outlined in previous articles, Mr. Kelley’s claim to have been an appointed State’s Attorney for several counties was a claim that had more holes in it than we have megabytes.

As a reminder, listen for yourself to the claims of who this man represents.

According to Cook County Clerk there is no such John Kelly acting as the Assistant State’s Attorney representing ETSB:

“I can inform you that the CCSAO does not employ an Assistant State’s Attorney named John Kelly. In addition, we have no documents to show that: (a) a court has appointed a John Kelly as a Special State’s Attorney or (b) that the CCSAO has retained a John Kelly as a Special Assistant State’s Attorney.” (Click here for letter from Cook County and see highlighted quote on page 2)

What is so exciting about this particular response is not just that it proves Mr. Kelley lied by claiming to be an Assistant State’s Attorney in Cook County, but the fact the Cook County understands the process of appointing  private counsel, which only a court can do.

So in closing to the matters of John Kelly, and what county ETSBs he represents, I think we can say with confidence based on all the FOIA responses, he is not an appointed Assistant State”s Attorney for 5 of the 6 counties he claimed.

The sixth county would be where all this started, Iroquois County!  That’s correct, Iroquois county has NEVER appointed this guy as an Assistant State’s Attorney to represent the ETSB, nor have the courts.  In fact, during last weeks County Board meeting the Chairman made it real clear that this guy is not the legal council for ETSB or ICOM.  Considering the real State’s Attorney, Jim Divine, was sitting right there during those claims by the chairman and did not dispute them, it’s pretty clear he does not represent Iroquois ETSB either!

So, even if this group tries to pull more lies out of their hat it wont work.  The lie we suspect coming next is that the State’s Attorney told them they could hire this guy.  The reason I suspect that’s coming next is because that’s exactly what the Health Department said when we exposed they had hired council outside the boundaries of the law, which was a lie!  Note that Jim Divine stepped in and put a stop to that situation.

If the State’s Attorney confirms he told them they could hire this guy, then two concerns rise to the top of the pile!

  1. Allowing such an action violates state law and if the top law enforcer of the county disregards the law and is allowed to get away with it then all bets are off for future accountability in that county.
  2. If such permission was given, his silence during the County Board meeting creates a huge conflict!

You see you can’t sit and listen to a claim made by a County Chairman and stay silent if you had given permission for this guy to be hired.  Failure to dispute the claim made by Mr. Copas points to the truth, which is no such permission was ever granted, nor was this guy ever appointed.

We have here yet another ETSB board running its little kingdom the way they want with no regard to the law.  They should be removed from office, as once again, those in charge have bankrupted themselves by doing things their own way instead of the legal way!

Now is the time Iroquois County needs to claw back the $30,000.00 that was paid to John Kelly.  Those funds are in fact recoverable and if the state’s attorney refuses to do so one can only wonder what is really going on in that office?

Iroquois County, it is your money, go after it!

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  • David Swaine
    Posted at 21:53h, 12 July Reply

    Time for yet another bar complaint (professional regulators complaint). obviously impersonating a state official is a serious offense isn’t it?

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