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April 22, 2024

Lawyer Lied again?

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On June 20, 2014

Wendy Davis, author of, “Attorney explains 9-1-1, ETSB Stance“, that appeared in the Times-Republic made the following claim regarding John Kelly, attorney hired by ICOM/ETSB.
Kelley is an Assistant State’s Attorney representing Kane, Will, Boone, and Kankakee Counties in 911 matters.  State’s Attorney offices, he said” (John Kelley) “don’t have the manpower to represent something as specific as ETSB
Either Wendy Davis got it wrong again or the Attorney lied, not sure which.  I submitted a FOIA to Boone County and yet again, the facts do not reflect what was reported by Wendy Davis.  I reference her because the only audio I have of John Kelley making a claim that he is representing multiple counties makes no mention of Boone.  Since Ms. Davis reported that he was an Assistant State’s Attorney for that county, I have to assume Mr. Kelley made that claim during the meeting or some part of any questions she might have asked.  (Click here for Wendy Davis report – first page last paragraph where she reports Boone County as one being represented)
As the world can see from the document below that came directly from Boone County State’s Attorney, Mr. Kelley IS NOT an Assistant State’s Attorney in Boone County.  So what is the truth in this matter?  John Kelley lied again or is this a case of clear pathetic reporting on behalf of the Times-Republic?
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Now she does quote Mr. Kelley with a statement that the State’s Attorney office doesn’t have the manpower to represent something as specific as ETSB.  That is a very strange quote, but since she is quoting him let’s look at how stupid that statement is.
What on earth does the manpower of an office have to do with representing something specific?  Normally, something that is truly a specific area of practice, which ETSB is not, knowledge would dictate the need for specialized representation, not manpower.  Besides, manpower in a State’s Attorney’s office is controlled by the county board and if they felt they didn’t have the manpower they can increase it accordingly.
My guess is this comment was yet another fluff comment by the lawyer to establish self importance and justification for his job.

I don’t think it’s going to work!



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1 Comment
  • Informed Voter
    Posted at 11:57h, 28 June

    I told you in an earlier post … the Iroquois County (Watseka) media does NOT do its job. This only validates my earlier statement. No investigating … no reporting the facts .. only a biased political agenda – that is finally backfiring on them.