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May 25, 2024

Attorney LIES to ICOM Board and the Public!

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On June 18, 2014


John Kelly with Ottosen, Britz, Kelly,Cooper, Gilbert & DiNolfo Ltd attended a recent ICOM/ETSB meeting which we covered in a previous article. (Click here for previous article)

Quote below taken from the audio file. (about the 19 second mark)

“I represent Will County 911 Board as appointed special Assistant State’s Attorney “

For starters, there is no such position as “special” Assistant State’s Attorney.  It may sound important when he spews his lies but no such position exists.  A simple search in the County Code proves that.

His claim that he was a Special Assistant State’s Attorney for Will County 911 Board is a bold face lie if the information I received today is true, which I suspect it is considering the date on the letter. What makes this letter so intriguing is the fact that the public body of Will County not only responded to my FOIA very quickly but they actually went a step beyond and actually generated a new document that they did not need to do in order to respond.  That is public service!
The document proves that John Kelly with Ottosen, Britz, Kelly,Cooper, Gilbert & DiNolfo Ltd. IS NOT an appointed Assistant State’s Attorney for that Will County 911 Board, contrary to his claim, which means he lied to the ICOM and ETSB Board and the public that attended.  (Click Here to Download the letter)
[gview file=”” save=”1″]
As to ensure we didn’t miss anything, we also asked for the names of all the Assistant State’s Attorneys in Will County.  Guess what?  John Kelley’s name does not, I repeat, DOES NOT appear anywhere on their list of appointed State’s Attorneys.  We also asked several other counties for the same information and are still waiting on their response but we suspect the result will be the same. (Click Here to download the list of Assistant States Attorney’s)
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 What other issues are now raised with this lie told to the public? 

  Sec. 17-2. False personation; solicitation. – (2.5) A person commits a false personation when he or she knowingly and falsely represents himself or herself to be: (B) a representative of an actual person or organization and does an act in such false capacity with intent to obtain a benefit or to injure or defraud another. (Click Here for the False personation statute)
I suspect part of the reason the ICOM/ETSB board called their special meeting was because of this article.  They had to do damage control!  They brought in their attorney and he pretty much ran the meeting.

  • Did this attorney represent himself to be a representative of an organization?  YES – Will County Assistant State’s Attorney – That was a lie!
  • Did this attorney perform an act in such false capacity with intent to obtain a benefit? Yes – The act was “speaking” and his lies helped to build up his so called “expert” status and the benefit obtained by committing those lies would be to keep his employment with the ICOM/ETSB because he had to build a defense for them hiring him! 

I wonder what the Disciplinary Board for Attorney’s will have to say about a Lawyer who holds himself out to be a representative of County Government when he is not?

Oh the Web they Weave!



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