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July 20, 2024

FIPHD Grant Manipulation – Are some people going to Jail?

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On May 17, 2014

In yet another shocking discovery (not really!), it’s clear Doug Corbett, disgraced former Ford-Iroquois Public Health Department Administrator (FIPHD) and his team of manipulators are once again in a position that place them on the wrong side of the law.
After a review of the SBG Grant Document that outlines what was required for compliance of the grant, it’s clear once again these people either can’t read or have intentionally manipulated things for their own gain, and by all indications it’s the latter.  Personal gain appears to have included not only employees of the FIPHD but their spouses, family, and other private businesses.
From the first page of the SBG Grant Document: (Click here for SBG Grant Cover Page)

 “Property Owner will be responsible for obtaining three bids”.

“The SBG Assessment worker/Supervisor will submit all bids to the FIPHD Administrator”

Is there ANYONE that does not understand who is responsible for getting the bids?  Anyone?  Can we ALL agree that the bids are the responsibility of the property owner?  Please tell me you all agree with that!  Who were all the bids to go to?  Yes, Doug Corbett, The FIPHD Administrator.
Now we have to look at the work of Doug Corbett, the Master Manipulator and his team of co-conspirators:

  • “Only One bid needed for work to be done”
  • “Do not let the client know how much everything costs..”
  • “Client cannot have a copy of the estimates or know how much we paid”
  • “Fill out a bid for them”
  • “Do not tell the client the process of the bid….let the client know we will call them.”
  • “Landlord does not need to know this so don’t give them the information”
  • “If on the copy of the bills the client gives the caseworkers it is marked paid, the caseworker needs to mark that out before turning in a bid”

(Click here for Copy of Team Minutes that these quotes were plucked from)
Considering the expenditure of all money by a public body is subject to the Freedom of Information Act, as well as the grant documents themselves, I think we are now starting to see why Mr. Corbett and his team lied and covered up so much of what we were demanding in our FOIA requests early on.
The effort that was taken by Mr. Corbett to divert any and all attention from his illegal acts is now much easier to understand.  We asked for certain records, they claimed they were missing.  Ask for others and we only got what they wanted us to have.  A previous article after the forensic audit proved that as it relates to the criminal solar panel scandal. (Click here  for that article)
It wasn’t enough for Mr. Corbett to break the law and spend taxpayer money in another state in an attempt to expand his empire.  No, he had to make sure he padded his own pocket, but recently obtained documents point to an intentional cover up.
Amy Corbett, the wife of Doug Corbett, received vouchers for at least $750 dollars, however, it’s the name on the voucher that points directly to fraud and a cover up.  When you get married and take on the name of your husband you can’t jump back and forth with which last name you’re going to use.
Mr. Corbett signed the very vouchers in question turned in by his wife!  Amy Corbett turned in these vouchers under the name Amy Barnett, which at the time was not her last name.  Doug Corbett knew this, yet allowed this to go through.  Why?  Puts money in his own pocket and tends not to raise any flags with the state or the feds during the approval process.  (Click here for copy of vouchers signed by Corbett)
What is clear, documents under the control of the Feds reflect that there was a distinct policy in place when it came to employees and family members who file a claim.  Clearly Mr. Corbett failed to follow that policy as well.
The FIPHD Grant Administrator, Ellen McCullough might begin thinking about turning herself in and coming clean because by all indications she is chest deep in this.  We covered what we were led to believe was just under $800,000.00 worth of business being shuffled to her husband’s business.  Turns out they lied to us with those documents as well. (Click here for article on the self serving)
The real number was just under $1,000,000.00 and no prevailing wage was ever paid as was required by state law and the grant assurance documents.  I find it hard to believe that a Grant Administrator pushing that much business to her husband didn’t know there was a problem.  Especially when the team notes kept pointing to keeping the bids in house and not letting the residents know the bids etc.
Those team minutes may well be yet another nail in the coffin for these people.   It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the manipulation, and I suspect when this information is presented to the  Federal Grand Jury they too will see the crimes for what they are.  The taxpayers have been robbed and the people deserve justice!
I once again urge each and every person involved in these clearly criminal acts to pick up the phone and call the State’s Attorney and come clean.  Come clean on everything to include the exposure of the continued self serving from within the FIPHD, which we intend on exposing more of shortly.  You wont believe what else we have found!
And for all those that received benefits from that Grant even though you had no damage, don’t think for a second you’re off the hook either.  This would include some law enforcement people and probation officers.  Might think about a new job as Moral Turpitude comes into play for you folks!
And lastly, if anyone knows the current occupation for Mr. Corbett in Leander, TX., I would appreciate knowing as I would like to FOIA his application for that job and see if he lied to them just as he did on his application in Iroquois County.
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  • Kirk Allen
    Posted at 08:19h, 18 May Reply

    The power of the Internet! Thank you special tipster for the information requested! Considering the coordinated effort to defraud the public what better position to have than Program Event Coordinator, as we know he can coordinate! Sad to see a medical facility not doing its background checks.

  • Ebon Brown
    Posted at 19:02h, 18 May Reply

    Since criminality has been found…it is the Ford County Board and the idiots who would not listen who are also culpable. Also the old Iroquois board (pre Copas). These two boards sat, mesmerized by slight of hand and did NO oversight as they are elected to do. And we are lead to believe these rino gop stooges know enough to run our government? ? ? ? ? ? ? That’s the biggest joke since Chamberlain said “Peace in our time.” The pure evil coming from our elected boards is enough to make one puke. Wasn’t it Eleanor Stagan of Ford County who refused to even look at documented evidence when it was handed to her during a health board meeting. What a dope. She needs to go back to Chicago and work for Cook county where her crimes of ignorance can be covered up. We don’t need her or anyone that stupid down here.

  • Kirk Allen
    Posted at 21:34h, 19 May Reply

    Yes, it was Eleanor Stagen who retracted her question once the answer was not what she expected. They board members in charge during this time frame should all be held accountable for allowing it to happen.
    We see the same thing with school boards. Superintendents think they are GOD and they basically tell the board what to do and when instead of the other way around!
    Its high time good people step up and start running for these offices and putting their foot down!

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