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May 23, 2024

“People I Want Dead” – Student’s Hit List –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On October 21, 2022

HUME, IL. (ECWd) –

A concerned parent sent us what is alleged to be a photo (click here) of the actual “hit list” – turns out the school district did not inform the parents of what the list actually contained.

From the school district: “. . when we became aware a student had created a list with names of students he wanted to harm because he felt they were being unkind to him . .”

The actual [alleged] note: “People I Want Dead” is in an entirely different universe than what the school district told the parents: “people he wanted to hurt” – it makes a difference.

This is why people, especially parents, do not trust their school boards and school administrators – because they did not tell the truth and refuse to answer a simple yes or no question. This leaves parents and media wondering: what else are they willing to skirt around the truth about?

We contacted the Shiloh CUSD1 with several emails, but they refused to provide an answer as to whether the words “People I Want Dead” were actually on the paper and above the list of names. See below:

Re_ _Hit List_ Media Question_Redacted


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  • No thank you.
    Posted at 14:06h, 21 October

    They probably haven’t said anything because the child could have an iep, and it’s not a topic of discussion between the class. It’s between the parents and the school.

  • No thank you.
    Posted at 14:10h, 21 October

    They probably haven’t said anything because the child could have an iep, and it’s not a topic of discussion between the class. It’s between the parents and the school.

    It’s also a child, so keep in mind that when writing this. A child can say “I hate my life, I hate you, I hope I die.” And indeed be having a bad day.

    Let’s do better.

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 15:40h, 21 October

    I appreciate the information you have provided regarding these matters, however since there are minors involved on all sides of this, I have to ask; did you get permission from the parents of the children on this list before posting it in its entirety? Or atleast consult with them?
    I only ask because this is a sensitive situation for these parents who are already going through enough before having their child’s name on a list plastered for the public to see. I understand that one parent may have provided the list, but there are multiple children involved.

  • An IEP mom of a bullied kid
    Posted at 06:44h, 22 October

    The thing is this kid will be in trouble for this list. The kids on the list are now “victims” will no one address the bullying that pushed this child to write the list of “victims”?

    People need to look at the root cause. Parents are outraged but they refuse to look at why? Little Timmy and Mary simply can’t be mean!

    I’d what to know what my kid did if they are on the list.

    The one who wrote probably does have or need an IEP. But kids will make fun of special needs kids always. Sometimes the principal will tell you the parent that the athletic kid has alot to lose by lying and my child in special Ed is probably the one lying.

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 04:28h, 23 October

    I am a parent to one of the children listed on this kill list, and I will start off by saying that I did talk with the mother of this child and we discussed what may or may not have been said between her child and mine. The accusations were nothing that warranted wanting to kill someone but I did have a discussion with my child and she said she did not remember saying those things but if she did she was sorry and would apologize.
    Many of these grudges this student is holding goes back to pre k and there now in jr high. But it also needs to be noted that this student is not innocent he has said and done his fair share over the years…….it doesn’t make it right and we need to make peace of the situation and learn to leave one another alone of we have nothing nice to say and just move on……..and remember your children learn how to treat people by the example us parents set at home