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July 20, 2024

Amanda Koch Sits Silent While Denise Williams Spreads False Information About Koch’s Receipt Of State’s Attorney Letter

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On October 20, 2022

Will Co. VAC – (ECWd)-

During the last Veterans Assistance Commission (“VAC”) meeting, the secretary that was never actually appointed as secretary, article here, attempted to provide cover for Amanda Koch and her conflict of interest of being both a county board member and a VAC member.  Williams claimed Koch received a letter from the State’s Attorney on Monday, which was October 10th, 2022.  Upon hearing that claim, we filed a Freedom of Information Act request to the State’s Attorney regarding the distribution of his letter to Koch as the letter was dated October 7, 2022, and we found it hard to believe it was not given to Koch until the 10th as claimed by Williams.

We fact-checked Williams’s words, and once again, the public record points to something other than what she claimed. More importantly, Koch sat silent during Williams’s explanation regarding Koch’s receipt of the letter and actions after its receipt.  We shared Koch’s past failure to set the record straight when lies were told in this article and it appears the truth is elusive when it comes to Koch.

The email we received from the State’s Attorney shows that it went to Amanda Koch and attorney Paul O’Grady on October 7th, 2022, at 4:53 pm.

Why does this matter?

Koch did not correct Williams on the date she received the letter from the State’s Attorney.  She sat silent and allowed more misinformation to be spewed by Williams.  Of importance to the members of the VAC, this potential board president of the VAC has a well-documented history of not doing the right thing.  In this case, she waited 4 days to resign from her conflicted position and sat silent once again while a person sitting right next to her spread false information.  In fact, she waited until after going on national radio where she spewed more false information, and only after that, did she resign. Such behavior is not worthy of being a VAC Board President.

A copy of the email can be downloaded at this link or viewed below.

The video of William’s comments is below and note Koch sat silent while the misinformation was spewed by Williams.

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