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July 20, 2024

Denise WIlliams Can’t Keep Her False Stories Straight; No, She Was Never Appointed As VAC Secretary –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On October 18, 2022

Veterans Assistance Commission of Will County (ECWd) –

So desperate to vote on Veterans Assistance Commission business, Denise Williams came up with another false statement on how she can continue voting during the October 14, 2022, meeting.

This time, she claims she was “appointed as secretary by the commission president in October of 2020 and given voting rights.” See VIDEO of claim.

Has she not figured out we will fact-check her statements?

The October 2020 meeting was declared null and void by the president (read this letter). No other meeting minutes we reviewed reflect any such appointment of Denise Williams – we suspect it is because she was still claiming to be a Delegate.

The October 2020 election of officers was redone during the November 2020 meeting, and Denise was never appointed during this meeting either (see meeting minutes).

During the May 2022 meeting, Williams claimed to be the Delegate for the American Gold Star Mothers (a claim she has since abandoned because that organization has never been eligible to appoint delegates to the commission) See the 20:40 mark of this video.

In June or July of this year, after we spoke about her ineligibility during public comment, Williams came up with a Delegate form from the AGSM and continued to claim she was appointed as a Delegate.

Now her story has changed again and is false again. Even if she was appointed (which she was not) – the bylaws state the president must give 30 day-notice to the commission, he suggests the appointment, the executive board votes, and the commission votes in favor – none of which happened according to any meeting minutes we could find.

Finally, the only persons eligible to tender votes on the Commission are those appointed as Delegates or Alternates from a legitimate Veteran Service Organization as that term is defined in Section 11 of the Military Veterans Assistance Act.

We suggest Denise Williams finally throw in the towel and never appear at another VAC meeting except as a member of the public.



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1 Comment
  • Robert O. Bogue
    Posted at 20:28h, 18 October Reply

    Denise remains a convincing, self serving, opinionated, liar without any legal basis to be voting on VAC matters. She’s either ignorant of state law, VAC bylaws, and VAC voting eligibility requirements or determined to ignore them. Nothing more than a third world clown hoping the show she’s been putting on never collides with the truth.

    Take note. The truth just arrived. Denise and her side kick need to take their circus road show down the road and disappear from the VAC. Delegates and alternates need to speak up and throw both of them out, for the good of the VAC and for all veterans.

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