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May 29, 2024

Iranian Plot Targeted US Based Journalist -5 Named in Superseding Indictment

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On July 14, 2021

U.S. (ECWd) –

We routinely see news stories across major media filled with opening language such as an “anonymous source”, or “a source familiar with“, then they give their understanding of the story.  Rather than providing disclaimers to their story, we have always wondered why they don’t just publish the documents that tell the real story, with no spin.

Below is the opening paragraph of the Superseding Indictment dealing with an Iranian plot to target dissidents.


1. The charges in this Indictment arise out of a scheme by the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran to target dissidents who oppose the regime’s violations of human rights, suppression of democratic participation and freedom of expression, and corruption. The regime has targeted such individuals for harassment, intimidation, and incarceration, among other tactics. In recent years, the regime has also targeted its perceived opponents residing outside Iran for kidnapping and capture. As described more fully below, in at least the last two years, Iranian intelligence services have lured Iranian expatriates lawfully residing in other countries to travel to locations where they could be captured, imprisoned in Iran, and executed.”

The indictment is a positive example of the FBI doing its job and protecting a US-based Journalist from being kidnapped and taken back to Iran.

You can read the entire 43-page indictment below or download it from this link.





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