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May 29, 2024

Local Gadfly Fails At Preventing Press From Attending Court Hearings

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On July 31, 2020

Will Co., IL. (ECWd) –

Local gadfly John Norton, filed for an Emergency Order of Protection this morning demanding that the ECWd, Kraft and Allen, be prohibited from attending court hearings unless we were named in the case.

The Court pronounced the Motion was STRICKEN from the record.

Of course, Norton misrepresented the Truth to the Court again, by making statements in this Motion and signing his name, under penalty of perjury, that everything was true.

In his Motion for Emergency Protective Order, Norton claimed the following:

  • that Allen was a co-founder of the ECWd,
  • that Kraft was a co-founder of the ECWd,
  • that Leonard is a Defendant in this case,
  • that Norton would file a Motion to include Kraft as a defendant,
  • that Allen, Kraft, and Leonard “engaged in actions to harass, intimidate and provoke a response from him on occasions while he was attempting to leave the Courthouse” – never happened, except for in his mind
  • he also whines about us writing about him – but we find it interesting he never contested the truthfulness of what we wrote
  • he asked the Court to prohibit us from attending certain Court Hearings

Apparently Norton is confused as to what he sees going on around him.

There was no attempt made to “harass, intimidate or provoke” a response or anything else. We are simply the Press attending a Court Hearing in which we are interested in writing about. It is always interesting to write about people who continually misrepresent the truth to the Court, change their stories and statements from one court case to the next, and file frivolous lawsuits and motions. The public has a right to know, and we have a right and responsibility to report.

One final item needs to be mentioned here:

In an unrelated court case, Norton claimed a certain Facebook page was his intellectual property. Well, we snipped a post and compared it to photos of him leaving the courthouse this week.

Click on the pic to enlarge it (the text at the bottom talks about winning a Darwin award and removing themselves from the gene pool):



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1 Comment
  • Robert O. Bogue
    Posted at 11:43h, 01 August Reply

    Given the facts, Norton appears to be off his rocker and delusional. Without a doubt: his well known behavior demonstrates he may not be fit to represent himself in any court or to abuse the legal system any further.
    Could one conclude, he’s a danger to himself and others? I think so.

    All of his craziness is public information, so, why hasn’t the judge ordered a mental fitness exam for Norton? There would seem to be enough information our there,,that a decision on that matter could or should be on the table. .

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