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June 18, 2024

John Norton’s Frivolous Lawsuit Dismissed With Prejudice, His Laughable Attempt At OP Against The Press Stricken –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On July 31, 2020

Will Co., IL. (ECWd) –

In Will County Court this morning, John Norton appeared in person and was immediately drilled by the Court for attending in person. Norton responded by saying he doesn’t have electronic access to attend Court electronically, neither by computer nor by smartphone.

This case was filed last fall, where Norton complained of people standing in front of him at a meeting (read it here).

Norton apparently attempted to, or did, file for an Emergency Order of Protection against Kirk and I, being press/media – the Motion was Stricken.

Norton’s Motion for Contempt against the defendant’s attorney DENIED.

Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss, filed by Attorney Rob Hanlon, and taken under advisement by the Court during a previous Hearing, was GRANTED and the case Dismissed with Prejudice – which means it cannot be brought back or refiled/amended.

From the Docket (here):

AB – Dismissed with prejudice
Plaintiff present pro se. Defendant, Leonard McCubbin Jr., present by Attorney, Meghan Preston. Defendant’s, Connie Forsythe, Cynthia L. Brzana, Kirk Allen, and Becky Becker, present by Attorney, Robert Hanlon. Cause comes on for status, Plaintiff’s Emergency Motion for Order of Protection, Plaintiff’s Motion for Order of Contempt, and Defendant’s enjoined Motion to Dismiss. Matter is taken under advisement. **Later** Plaintiff’s Motion for Order of Protection is stricken. Plaintiff’s Motion for Order of Contempt is DENIED. Defendant’s Motion’s to Dismiss are GRANTED. Cause dismissed with prejudice. Clerk to mail copies of order to all parties.




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