Illinois State Rep. Lilly filed legislation discriminating against diesel powered vehicle owners – may violate 14th Amendment

Springfield (ECWd) –

Just when we thought the Illinois Legislature has nothing better to do as exposed in this article, it gets worse.

As a diesel-powered vehicle owner, why should I not receive the same benefit as those driving gas-powered vehicles?

Illinois State Representative Camille Lilly filed House Bill 4571: 

The bill appears to have discriminatory and equal rights unintended consequences.

Creates the Gas Station Attendant Act. Provides that no gas may be pumped at a gas station in this State unless it is pumped by a gas station attendant employed at the gas station. Effective January 1, 2021.”

Why is gas being targeted in this bill and diesel ignored?

Are dieselpowered vehicle owners less worthy of such legislative protections from having to pump their diesel fuel?

Why should I have to get out in the cold and pump my own diesel fuel while the vehicle next to me getting gas enjoys the luxury of staying in their warm vehicle while their gas is pumped for them?

I anticipate a large number of lawsuits coming from diesel-powered vehicle owners for being treated differently and excluded from the laws that protect gas-powered vehicle owners.

Yep, this law was clearly thought out………NOT!

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  1. I guess I am going to miss out for I will need a phone number to call for someone to come out to the farm and fill up my tractors. I want to remain right, not “left” out. Wait, everyone who mows their lawns will be left out, wait, the lawn service will left out, wait construction sites will be left out filling up their equipment, wait, what about a boat?

  2. Pointless ridiculous law that is pure selfishness driven. She’s selfish. For those that really need help, the help option is already there exists. It’s called push the “call attendant” button on the gas pump. U have no right to micromanage my choices in life that are of no harm to others. Get lost.

  3. That’s what you get when you have a state run entirely by Democrats – insane ideas like this one. Be careful how you vote!

  4. Below is the email I sent Ms. Lilly.

    Ms. Lilly

    HB 4571 is simply another example of Government creating laws that statistically speaking, have no merit. There are an estimated 5,000 gas station fires annually in the entire United States. Each day approximately 37 MILLION people use a gas station. (Ref 1). Clearly, the odds of a fire in a gas station are astronomically small, in comparison to use. The odds of being killed in a gas station fire is “2 in tens of billions”. (Ref 2) . Do you realize you have greater odd of being struck by lightning? (Ref 3)

    On the other hand, there are extremely high odds that requiring gas stations to hire staff to pump gas will cause gas prices to increase. The money to pay for those new employees will have to come from the consumer and will result in one more way to increase the price of gas for your Illinois constituents. There is one other state that requires gas station attendant, New Jersey. You know what they have in common with Illinois? They are both in the bottom 5 of States in the worst financial health. (Ref 4)

    Please, cancel HB 4571 and focus on something that could actually help Illinois. Here are some suggestions:

    Pension reform
    End Salary Spiking
    End Red Light Cameras
    Mandatory enforcement of the law when guns are used in a crime
    Campaign reform (Limit spending)
    End Patronage jobs

    Ref 1 https://www.marketplace.org/2016/01/29/startup-wants-save-you-trip-gas-station/
    Ref 2 https://www.pennlive.com/midstate/2010/03/gas-pump_fire_that_killed_cumb.html
    Ref 3 https://www.nationalgeographic.com/news/2005/6/flash-facts-about-lightning/
    Ref 4 https://www.mercatus.org/publications/urban-economics/state-fiscal-rankings

    • I’m an Oregonian & we’re allowed to pump our own diesel but not gasoline with the exception mentioned in another article.

  5. Apparently Illinois State Rep. Lilly doesn’t seem to or be very concerned about our safety. As it is gas station employees have to sit behind 2″ of bullet proof glass in fear of their life and State Rep. Lilly now wants to put us ( our kids-wives & husbands) out in the direct line of fire exposing us to the wack jobs to pump there gas. What’s wrong with this ? Where is her concern and our safety, sure isn’t on us but I’m would imagine it’s making a name for her.

  6. Considering my vehicles run on Gasoline, and “gas” is just a slang shortening of the word, only LPG or LNG fueled vehicles would be affected. She must be a CPS graduate.

  7. This is crazy!
    My 87 year old mom pumps her own gas! I have a gas app on my phone to find the cheapest gas.
    This bill will definitely make stations raise the price of gas to cover the cost of hiring additional people.
    If this passes, I definitely would look into purchasing an electric car!

    • You might want to look at some of the higher registration fees that are now being implemented on electric cars. Local and state governments are figuring out that electric cars are not paying gas taxes like the fuel burning cars. Since the electric cars aren’t paying that gas tax there has been talk of raising the registration fees considerably to get that gas tax out of the electric car owner! They are going to get you one way or another. I’m just glad I don’t live in the mismanaged state of Illinois.

  8. I’ve been pumping my own gas for 45 years. Gas prices and taxes make it very expensive. I usually go to Sam’s Club where they have 16 pumps and there is always lines. So just think of how many people you would have to hire and the amount of increase to the prices. We already have the highest real estate taxes in the country. What are you trying to do to us??

  9. Is it full service. I can leave my car, go into gas station and get my coffee or tea, grab a Donut, sandwich, ect., while they fill up my vehicle, wash my windows (that’s what I do) will they check my oil, tires, radiator, fill up my gas cans. How would I pay (cash, debit card). No way would I want to give them my card. What about change back, what about receipt?

    • State Rep Lilly apparently doesn’t care about us, ( our husbands – wives – kids ) who would be the people pumping your gas, as it is now, employees have to sit behind 2″ of bullet proof glass in fear of their life, Now she wants to put people ( US ) out in the direct line of fire. Is she going to be held responsible and accountable to the families when someone gets shot or killed ? and how many stations will close because there not going to hire enough people, small stations with 2 or 3 pumps maybe but what about stations with 4 – 5 – 6 islands with 4 to 6 pumps each. People aren’t going to sit and wait for someone to pump their gas.

  10. Would love to see this work at truck stops, QT, CircleK, Moto mart and any other station that has 20+ pumps!!!!!!!
    What is the state going to do “MANDATE” a station to hire enough attendants to man all those pumps???????
    It will never work! No way somebody will wait in line to get their gas pumped, NO WAY IN HE77!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I dont live in Illinois. Would not, with their anti second amendment laws. Is the attendant going to check my oil, wash the windshield clean the mirrors also? That’s what I do when I fill up. People behind me going to be pissed.

  12. Around here, people unable to pump gas can push button to speak to attendant to come help them. Why make all people pay higher costs if they want to use self serve?
    If this same law Applies to truckers,as it should to avoid discrimination, they will buy fuel in neighboring states and reduce our tax income. Taxes on fuel were just doubled a month ago. They will have to keep raising taxes because of lower sales volume!
    The law should be left alone otherwise people will just use our roads but, not buy gas here to contribute anything to there upkeep. Thus unfairly increasing tax burden on Illinois citizens!

  13. Fedup? You are so on the trail here. This is all part of agenda 21 and they intend to take it ALL away. There will be no gas nor any private vehicles to put gas into when they get done.

  14. I am 68 years old, I grew up with gas attendants. I prefer to pump my own gas and keep the gas prices from going higher. Illinois has the highest gas taxes and very poor roads. So what prompted Rep Lily with this ignorant idea? Does she not realize we live in the 21st Century?

    • I seriously think its bull**** that their trying to ban pumping your own gas,,i don’t want to end up waiting in line to get gas, its much faster to pump yourself gas,,,my opinion if people are afraid to pump gas in the cold then they shouldn’t be driving then,except for the handicap&the the elderly people.. all it is the government just finding stupid ideas to make money just to put in their pockets more.i heard a lot of people r fed up with this Illinois laws their making that r just plain stupid.

  15. This means there will be long lung lines waiting for attendant. How will they determine whose next. A disaster waiting to happen. The first time I have to wait in line I will cross the border for gas. It will be mayhem

  16. first of all it is not true that diesel gas needs to be pump by gas attendant i was truck driver and had diesel vehicle just simply NOT TRUE !! you pump your own gas regardless where u go in ILLINOIS so before you try to change something you really do not know maybe you should get your facts first and where is progress in this ? do you want gas prices to go up as well as property taxes and increase of state exoduss of population like it is with current situation don’t forget more taxes means more people leave like it is for last year left more then 50,000 people in one year aren’t we all for better things in illinois or you just trying to make harder life for people here in illinois and that reason is so unintelligent don’t you have better things to do? no wonder that people are going to quit democrats you don’t have better thing to do then make it harder for people shame on you !!

  17. And I thought a brain was necessary to hold a political office. everyday when I see an article like this, I realize I was wrong. I think I’ll throw my hat in. At least I can admit when I am wrong.

  18. Yep. The flash point of gas is much lower than diesel, yet the Illinois motor fuel tax rate for diesel is much higher than gas.

  19. Not very original, the state of Oregon is/was like that. We shouldn’t be surprised considering the number of carpet baggers posing as concerned legislators. Lazy lazy lazy legislators. Same old hash being re-served in a different state.

  20. Don’t they have something better to do. Is it so slow they have to come up with something like not being able to pump your own gas. This will probably make gas prices rise so they can pay people to pump our gas something people are very capable of doing. It’s ridiculous to make it illegal to pump your own gas.

  21. I completely understand your argument regarding diesel vehicle owners. The part I’m still stuck on is this: why are they proposing this at all? We pump our own fuel. We like it that way. What is this really about?

  22. It occurs to me that we used to have this practice about everywhere after the advent of labor organization. We called them platform workers. They were another class of unionized employee that had a negotiated contract, and when they would not work because of a strike, the customer had no recourse other than pumping his or her own fuel. There is always an angle to exploit when it comes to progressives, it’s just the angle that benefits their ideology. If you have any power, they aim to relieve you of it. Organized labor preys on people who lack the capacity to stand up for themselves, at the expense of the business. This is exactly why you can no longer buy a new Studebaker.

    • Wow. What a stupid/mindless idea. And a real ‘make work’ proposal and at a minimum wage rate of $15 per hour in a few years. Let’s hope they don’t unionize it and then go on strike.

      • They aim to organize every sector of labor, to enrich themselves ahead of automation. Labor is dying. It’s antiquated and fruitless by the standards of the consuming classes. What they overlook is, labor created the industrial revolution, and all of the conveniences they worship. When we lose our ties to labor, and only live in our minds, we can then become prisoners in our own bodies, and become batteries for a bloated overreaching state. The Lord said, “A man that won’t work, wont eat.”