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April 20, 2024

Village of Alorton 3 years delinquent on filing Comptroller reports –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On April 9, 2019


According to the Illinois Comptroller’s website, the Village of Alorton, Illinois, under the “leadership” of its Mayor, Jo Ann Reed, has failed to file the required TIF Reports for the past three years and failed to file its Annual Financial Report for the past two years to the Illinois Comptroller.

This should be cause for alarm to the Comptroller and the State’s Attorney. Alorton attempted to file its 2017 Annual Financial Reports, but it was rejected twice by the Comptroller for irregularities. No record exists of Alorton filing its 2018 report.

The Village of Alorton is operated by some not-so-savory characters in a position of authority.

Alorton Mayor Joan Reed is a formerly convicted criminal and was ousted from office the last time she was Mayor, now she is facing several criminal charges ranging from vote buying to illegally operating a Police Vehicle, felony official misconduct, and indictments by a grand jury.

The City Administrator/Purchasing Agent, La Mar Gentry, was convicted last year for his part in providing false information to federal authorities in the Southern Illinois Public Corruption Task Force who was investigating the use of a Village vehicle in a drive-by shooting in St. Louis.

Reed is the third Alorton Mayor since 2000 to be removed from office after conviction. In 2000 Mayor Mobly plead guilty to filing false income tax returns, in 2012 Mayor McCallum plead guilty intent to distribute cocaine, and in 2013 Mayor Reed plead guilty to bringing contraband into the village jail.

Now we find out the village has failed, each year Mayor Reed has been back in office, to provide the required annual financial reports and annual TIF reports to the Illinois Comptroller’s office.

Yes, this should be cause for immediate action by the Comptroller.

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  • John Pogue
    Posted at 09:57h, 09 April

    Googled Alorton and was shocked. Sounds like Mexico or Columbia not U.S. Where are our Congress reps? Who covers that area? Thanks again guys.

    • TJ
      Posted at 10:34h, 09 December

      when the three related articles are time they mayor has been arrested should show all you need to know about the average Illinois officials. they need to get rid of them all and start fresh.