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July 20, 2024

Village of Bolingbrook candidate Maripat Oliver provides false information in support of petition objections

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On January 4, 2019

Will Co. (ECWd) –

Maripat Oliver, a current trustee for DuPage Township and candidate running for the Village of Bolingbrook trustee, has filed petition objections in the Village of Bolingbrook against “First Party of Bolingbrook” candidates.   However certain claims she made in a published article are flat-out false and a gross misrepresentation of the law.

Her False Statements:

  • According to the Candidates Handbook (section C, Paragraph 4 on page 4) no party can take even part of an established parties name.
  • Nor according to established case law can any new party have more than five similar words as an established party.

What does the actual guide she points to say? (See page 4 of Candidate Guide

  • Moreover, such party shall not bear the same name as, or include the name of any established party.
  • The new party name may not contain more than five words

What does the case law say that she pointed to in support of her claim?


Just to make this crystal clear, there is nothing in the candidate’s guide that states no party can take even part of an established parties name.  It only says it shall not bear the “same” name.  Her stating otherwise reflects on her lack of understanding of our 1st Amendment Rights.

Additionally, the case law she cited as pointing to a new party not being allowed to have more than five similar words, a review of both of the laws she cited, here and here, produced nothing regarding a limitation on similar words as she claimed.

Oliver’s published claims are yet another example of why some people should not run for office.  There appears to be two possible explanations for such a gross misrepresentation of the truth. Either she is unable to comprehend plain English or she intentionally misrepresented the facts to influence an election.  Either way, it is a clear indicator she has no business being in charge of the public’s affairs.

And in the event someone takes the position her published words were drafted for her by someone else, it further strengthens the position she has no business in public office.  Any person that would allow such false statements to be published as if it was their own before fact-checking it has no place in charge of the public’s affairs.

We urge Maripat Oliver to withdraw her objections, withdraw her candidacy, and resign from DuPage Township trustee position.

For those wondering why we believe she should resign, let’s use her own words and questions from the same published article referenced above and provide the applicable response. Note that her published questions did not contain question marks. We added them for clarity.

“Do we really want candidates running for the Village of Bolingbrook who will play fast and loose with election laws?”

No, we do not, any more than we want those who totally misrepresent those election laws as you have done Ms. Oliver.

“Shouldn’t we expect candidates to have more integrity in how they present themselves?”

Yes, the type of integrity that does not lie about what the law and case law says. 

“A candidate should be held accountable to the citizens and also the rule of law.”

We totally agree!  With all the laws violated in DuPage Township, who do you suggest be held accountable? 

“They need to do the right thing and step down from this election.”

Yep, pretty much what we said, Oliver should do the right thing and step down from this election and take it one step further, resign from trustee at DuPage Township. 

“I, Maripat Oliver, am running as a candidate for Trustee as a member of the Bolingbrook First Party. I will be asking for your vote and I assure you I will be running my campaign with integrity. “

Considering this very article has used her own published words to show the lack of integrity, we again suggest she pull the plug on any future in politics. 



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  • Confused
    Posted at 01:16h, 05 January Reply

    So Maripat will be running her campaign with integrity but she won’t speak out about the stuff that Bill Mayer is doing. The same Bill Mayer that she despised for years. The same Bill Mayer that insulted her physical looks when she ran for state representative. The same Bill Mayer that didn’t want her to run for re-election on the township board. She was speaking out at first, then she stopped. Did he make her an offer she couldn’t refuse so she sits silently because she is upset that she wasn’t chosen for the village board sooner? Integrity means – the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. Public officials that have integrity don’t attack local charities, by threatening to take their funding over something that has nothing to do with the township. It was recorded on your video at their October meeting. Public officials don’t give self-righteous speeches and then email that charity an affidavit to sign after threatening their funding. That is similar to extortion right? Public officials don’t violate FOIA laws by not turning over the incriminating email. She should say she will run her campaign with self-interest and no-integrity, just like the self serving press release you tore apart. Great job using her own words against her and explaining the truth about the law. She knows how those organizations, employees and residents are treated at the township but she turns a blind eye and joins forces with the same people that attacked her for years while she was on that board. Shame on her. Heck I think she had something to do with the township firing an employee because she was mad at his wife. The township probably hired the husband to run her off the board. The wife called her out for cheating at a walk or 5k or something. Who cheats at a race? Oh yea, people with integrity do. I wonder if she is still trying to turn everyone against Denise or if they made up too. Too many stories to remember. Keep watching, Watchdogs….there are some interesting days ahead in this town.

  • Justice Seeker
    Posted at 14:24h, 06 January Reply

    Kirk, I saw that a lawyer said your article is inflammatory. You only quoted the law and Maripot’s own words. There is a a whole webpage in that area that writes libel and slanderous stories and that attorney isn’t offended by any of that? And she said you were trying to mask it as a legal opinion. Really? The things people do to support those that intentionally misrepresent. She is mad that you called out someone for misrepresenting the law and she is a lawyer? I’m so confused

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